Make Your Day with MAKEASPLASH Swimsuit!

Last update July 12, 2018

May we ask an awkward question? How many swimsuits do you own? There are women out there who need at least one for each mood swing, making it up to ten per season or even more. We believe there is nothing wrong with it. But it can be a somewhat costly indulgence. That's why we find the story below quite interesting.

Once upon a time, there were 3 creative Italian girls who wanted to design something special every woman would like to have in her bathing suit wardrobe. They hit on the idea to create a perfect swimsuit that could be tied in different ways, and in spring 2016, the young “couturiers” have come up with the first prototype of their masterpiece - MAKEASPLASH!

It’s a very trendy, chic, and feminine swimsuit that you can wear in 15 different ways (you can find detailed information on the official website). Modest, seductive, elegant or family-appropriate? It’s up to you to decide! You can even wear it as a sexy bodysuit to combine with your favorite skirts or jeans all year round!

This multiway swimsuit is exclusively crafted from quality materials in Italy, it’s very high-end. Being offered in a variety of sizes (XS, S, M and L), these swimsuits will be a catch for different women, not just the so-called catwalk girls. Plus, the swimsuit will be produced in 6 fashionable mono and bi-color options. So, if you’re eager to shake-up your summer and fetch delighted glances, hurry up to support this idea of transformation on a Kickstarter!

For every pledge, you can get an exclusive reward, from getting bright postcards and having your pictures posted on a MAKEASPLASH supporter wall to receiving niceties like coloring bracelets, branded pochettes, and even MAKEASPLASH exclusive swimsuits as gifts!

MAKEASPLASH is now available on Facebook and Instagram. Follow up to receive the latest updates.