Shave Harbor: The Engineered Solution to Keep Your Razors Sharp

Last update January 29, 2018

The Shave Harbor project creators believe that moisture has the most significant impact on the razor blade dullness. However, they have a solution that will make your razors last up to 4 times longer.

Conspiracy Theory or Daring Truth

The whole idea of metal becoming dull quickly because of the moisture may be taken with a grain of salt by some people. However, not all of the razor blades are made of stainless steel or rust-proof metal alloys. The accumulated dirt between the blades - shaved hair and skin particles - can further speed up the oxidation process. And it doesn’t take much to dull the super-sharp edges of the razor's blades.

Furthermore, such flaw in razor’s design might have been deliberately created or left unresolved in order to make more money. One shouldn't forget that some companies successfully used similar strategies in the past. The famous example of such phenomenon is from the 1950s when the toothpaste manufacturers made a bigger opening in the tubes. That way, people started involuntarily squeezing more paste out of it, which led to the 40% sales increase. Similarly, the corporates may manufacture other products, so that they would either be spent faster, decay quickly or require other supplementary product in large quantities. Considering all this, such setup doesn’t sound so impossible because the razor blades are used by both men and women globally and make their manufacturers billions of dollars.

Regardless the actual reasons why the blades become dull faster, the US veteran - Christoffer Swatty from Scottsdale - has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the patent-pending solution, named "Shave Harbor". 

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Basically, the Shave Harbor is a special container with a unique design that quickly dries the blades when you put them inside after the shave and close the lid. As stated by the author, this prolongs the service life of the razors up to 4 times and can help you save hundreds of dollars each year by spending less on razor blades and cartridges.

On closer look, the Shave Harbor resembles a humidor box - a container for keeping cigars. Yet, unlike humidors, that are used for maintaining a certain humidity level, the Shave Harbor employs several technologies to remove the moisture from the blades altogether. By sending an electrical current through the silica - the grainy material they put inside the shoes and toys - the razor blade dries off almost momentarily. The air inside the container is also circulated by a small built-in fan to prevent the water accumulation.

From Idea to Reality

Currently, the Shave Harbor prototypes show the overall look and shape of the device. It’s worth mentioning that the author also promises that the product manufacturing would create jobs for veterans in the USA. Overall, if this device and technology prove efficient, it will surely make the owners happier by allowing them to have a smooth shave and less skin irritation with the same razor several times more.

In the meantime, you can support the author's project on the Kickstarter. Also, check out the Shave Harbor official website to find more about the project and the author.