Go On a Date With a Check-Mate App

Last update July 12, 2018

The Check-Mate is a Kickstarter project for the dating app that can bring more trust in your potential partner and help you find the perfect match.

Safe Dating App

The idea of dating apps is not new. However, the concept behind the Check-Mate app is that it will not only find the potential candidates for you, based on your preferences and location. The twist is that the app will also allow you to look through their official medical record for any STD and STI cases with the last time the person has checked for them. Additionally, if the record contains the data on any sex-related charges, you will see it as well.

It is not uncommon that people request the STD tests from each other before a date. What’s more, such inquiry can also mean that they do not exclude a scenario of having sex with you in the nearest future. So, the access to partners medical information allows you to quickly skip this stage without having an awkward conversation about it later.

Building Trust Through Verification

Obviously, the access to a person’s medical history is strictly regulated by the law, such as the HIPAA in the US. Therefore, the option to view it will only be available after the said person’s approval.

The public profile will show your general info like interests, hobbies, as well as the photos and links to the Instagram and Facebook accounts to ensure the information authenticity and the fair app use. Only the matches will be able to take a look at the partner’s medical records. Furthermore, the provided information will be related only to the sex-related records and the last time of the tests and doctor’s examinations. Hence, any other private records will be safely hidden and won’t come to the light under any circumstances.

What If?

Note, most of the known STDs are treatable. Therefore, even if a person’s last records mention them, this should also mean that they are aware of it as well. Then, you can be upfront and just ask about it directly to clear out and prevent any possible risks and simply enjoy each other's company.

Although having such records exposed may make people feel vulnerable, being open about the genuine risks to your partner should be the norm. Also, this may even help strengthen their intention of meeting you.

Campaign Goals and Objectives

The Kickstarter campaign for the Check-Mate app has started only recently with the current funding goal at $100,000. This sum includes the cost for both app development and managing the legal aspects of the access to health records. Of course, the app does not guarantee 100% protection against STDs. However, the Check-Mate is aimed, among other prospects, at reducing the risks associated with meeting and dating a new person.

If you liked the idea, you might want to check out and subscribe to the Check-Mate official Facebook page as well.