Product Comparison: Adam Audio F5 vs Equator D5

General Specifications
Adam Audio
About the Product
This specially priced package was designed by recording engineers to take your studio monitoring experience to the next level with a new, even more affordable entry line of studio monitors from ADAM Professional Audio.
Equator Audio EQD5 5.25 Inch Biamplified Coaxial Studio Monitor PairThe Equator Audio EQD5 5.25 Inch Biamplified Coaxial Studio Monitor Pair are the right choice for producers and musicians who are looking for a compact and accurate sounding.
Key Specs
Number Of Speakers
Output Power
70 W
50 W
Driver Configuration
5" woofer, 1.5" tweeter
5.25" woofer, 1" tweeter
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Adam Audio F5 5" Powered Studio Monitor Pair
  • These are excellent speakers and produce better sound then speakers twice this price.
  • The sound of the F5 should be recognized as one of the best among non-ADAM monitors of a similar form factor.
  • Adam looks and Adam sound quality done very well for the price.
  • The more costly Adam monitors have a slightly more 'grown up' sound to them.
  • My monitors make a quiet 'click' while going 'offline'. I know that 'clicking' is something that we sholud avoid when working with monitors.
Equator D5 DSP Coaxial Studio Monitors
  • I have used many monitors over 30 years as a semi-pro audio guy. These monitors are simply the best I've used.
  • If you are serious about your music, and don't want hype but honesty in your sound - these are the way to go!
  • These are some of the best monitors that I have heard, and this is compared to much more expensive brands.
  • These guys in equator are real professionals and have created a wonderful product for the really low price.
  • I had an issue with noise on one of the two monitors that I received.
Size & Weight
11.5 in.
9.75 in.
7.5 in.
7 in.
9 in.
8.5 in.
15 lbs.
18.4 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Adam Audio F5 5" Powered Studio Monitor Pair
  • For their compact size they add a bit of low end so cross check with headphones or alt monitors.
  • ADAM Audio F5 studio monitors are compact but extremely capable.
  • The F5s really do exceed expectations when taking into account their size and affordability.
  • They’re compact enough for smaller environments yet they’re reassuringly weighty.
  • Good heft, and the fit and finish are solid. I set them up at ear height and connected them to the Amek BC2 mixing board that I use to control my monitors.
Equator D5 DSP Coaxial Studio Monitors
  • For their size they sound very flat and can even get quite loud.
  • Great stereo imaging, decent mid range reproduction, decent bass frequency reproduction. Surely can recommend this product to professionals and lovers.
  • They are really small for the sound they do. I can take, and I really taking them with me to places.
  • Very nice sounds for the size and price point. Highly recommend to anyone.
  • The size is a little big if you want them for desktop speakers.
Min. Frequency Response
52 Hz
53 Hz
Max. Frequency Response
50 kHz
20 kHz
Input Impendance
40 kOhm
106 dB
103 dB
What customers say about "Audio"
Adam Audio F5 5" Powered Studio Monitor Pair
  • Sound is very clear and has great depth. The base is a little heavy for my taste out of the box, but this is easy to adjust.
  • I use these as my main reference monitors for a home studio. Sound is balanced and has good imaging.
  • F5 is at its very best as a near-field monitor. Impressive sound quality.
  • As far as the lows are concerned, although you can't expect huge levels of ultra-deep bass from a box this size, the bass produced by the F5s is still punchy and gratifyingly tight-sounding
  • Stereo imaging is stable, with a good phantom centre image.
Equator D5 DSP Coaxial Studio Monitors
  • The stereo imaging of the speakers is outstanding, very three dimensional.
  • The concentric design of these monitors is really great. The sound they giving are amazing.
  • They are balanced and give a fairly flat response. Good quality sound.
  • The bass lacks focus and definition in comparison to my other monitors. That makes it hard to judge the kick to bass relationship.
  • They could be a little louder, need just a little more representation in the lower frequency.
Enclosure Material
Painted aluminum
Painted aluminum
Cabinet Type
Magnetic Shielding
Input Sensitivity, High Shelf, Low Shelf, Power ON / OFF
Sensitivity, Boundary EQ, Power ON / OFF
Auto Standby Mode, Simple, stepless room acoustic adjustments, Spacious bass reflex ports, Output-current limiting
Pin-Point Accurate Pre-Set Voicing, Crossover compensation, Driver Protection
What customers say about "Features"
Adam Audio F5 5" Powered Studio Monitor Pair
  • Power-saving mode slow to power speakers up is very nice future.
  • The main advantage of ADAM F5 monitors is the sound at medium and high frequencies.
  • The speaker is front-ported, and the auto-bypass helped me to forget that the power switch is on the rear side.
  • Unhappily they're not magnetically shielded. Another one disappointment is slightly slow low bass response.
  • Very uncomfortable that power switch and volume control on the rear panel.
Equator D5 DSP Coaxial Studio Monitors
  • These monitors exceeded my expectations with the features they got, are inexpensive and sound with amazing clarity.
  • I was excited buyng them. But after all they are doing everything they are made up to be.
  • The bass with these speakers is perfect for my needs - big, open, clear - not mushy or bass heavy. Lots of detail.
  • After using them a lot over the course of a weekend they did seem to improve and get more natural sounding.
  • I was once again disappointed in the low end due to porting. The speaker has only 2 connectors.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
1 year(s)
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