Product Comparison: Samsung 960 EVO (MZ-V6E500BW) vs Samsung 960 PRO

General Specifications
960 EVO Series (MZ-V6E500BW)
960 PRO Series (MZ-V6P512BW)
About the Product
Give your desktop PC or laptop a performance boost with the Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD. Featuring Samsung V-NAND technology and Dynamic Thermal Guard protection, the 960 EVO ensures the integrity of your data even under heavy workloads. Its NVMe interface and Polaris controller enable exceptionally fast read/write speeds. TurboWrite technology adds a performance boost, making the 960 EVO ideal for high-intensity tasks such as video editing, data analysis, and gaming. And it comes with Samsung's Magician software, which makes it easy to to manage, monitor and optimize drive performance.
Experience incredible performance designed for heavy workloads and demanding applications with the high-capacity, highly reliable Samsung 960 PRO SSD. Ideal for high-end PCs and workstations, the 960 PRO boasts a cutting-edge 48-layer Samsung V-NAND-based architecture that delivers next-generation performance in a compact M.2 form factor. Samsung's Magician software solution provides advanced functionality to manage, monitor and optimize drive performance.
Key Specs
500 GB
512 GB
Read Speed
3200 Mb/s
3500 Mb/s
Write Speed
1800 Mb/s
2100 Mb/s
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Samsung 960 EVO (MZ-V6E500BW) 500GB NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E500BW)
  • The load times for games and applications is insane. I have used SSD's for several years, but I'm still blown away with how well this drive performs. I can't recommend this enough.
  • This thing smokes every other SSD I have ever used. My motherboard takes 5x as long to post as this SSD takes to load Windows 10. I have never even seen the Windows loading screen.
  • The device meets all of the speeds it advertises and works well.
  • My computer basically boots in less than one second now. This product is fast and I would highly recommend going forward.
  • It is great and runs great. My notebook spin from samsung now boots in less than 10 seconds! Meets performance from school work to military assignments. I only regret not buying a bigger capacity.
  • Real-world performance not much different in comparison to SATA SSDs
Samsung 960 PRO 512GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6P512BW)
  • Drive has been working extremely well with an older H97 chipset with PCIe Gen 2x2 on the M2 slot. Read and write are bottlenecked by the older M2 slot to about 800MB/s in and out, still better than I would get with SATA 6.
  • This drive I installed so I could use as a boot up for Win 10 and it works just fine. Very fast-about 5 times faster than the SSD I was using to bootup. The price is a little high but you get what you pay for and so far, no problems with running hot.
  • Fantastic SSD speeds twice as fast. Game loading times instant. Great as single or in RAID. Also Low Temp.
  • Performed on par with expectations. Runnung in a Z170 machine on an ASUS Maximus VIII Formula. Above average read and write speeds. Don't hesitate to purchase. You wont be disappointed.
  • Best write speed I have seen from a single SSD to date (over 2000MB/s)
  • Full performance may be limited on some systems or require workarounds to achieve max performance
Size & Weight
0.09 in.
0.09 in.
3.15 in.
3.15 in.
0.87 in.
0.87 in.
0.32 oz.
0.32 oz.
Form Factor
NVMe M.2
NVMe M.2
PCIe 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.2
PCIe 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.2
Memory Chip Type
Encryption Algorithm
AES 256-bit, TCG Opal
AES 256-bit, TCG Opal
Auto Garbage Collection Algorithm, S.M.A.R.T. Support, Trim Support, Device Sleep Mode Support, Temperature proof, 1.5 Million Hours Reliability (MTBF)
Auto Garbage Collection Algorithm, S.M.A.R.T. Support, Device Sleep Mode Support, Temperature proof, 1.5 Million Hours Reliability (MTBF)
What customers say about "Features"
Samsung 960 EVO (MZ-V6E500BW) 500GB NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E500BW)
  • Installation was quick and easy, and the performance is better than any Drive I've ever personally used. Boot times around 6 seconds, it loads games and apps like nobody's business
  • Intel's NVME drives pale in comparison to this guy. The drives are no longer bottle necking your system. Probably overkill for most people.
  • The crazy small form-factor and the fact that it mounts directly to the motherboard means that I don't have to worry about running any cables or factoring in an SSD cage/spot in the back of my case.
  • Did not come with a screw to secure the drive (I'm just being picky)
  • Not all games utilize the ssd for faster boot time.
  • This may be nit-picking, but Samsung does not include a mounting screw to attach to the MB.
Samsung 960 PRO 512GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6P512BW)
  • Have been using for about 6 months now and have been very happy. Love the M2 design both for low-profile and ridiculous levels of speed.
  • Extremely durable and reliable drive
  • I like the fact that this makes my built looks a bit cleaner with less cables (1 or 2 cables more when using HDD or SSD Sata) because it connects directly into the Motherboard.
  • It's easy to install, connects and draws power from the motherboard (i.e. no cables), and is blazing fast.
  • Heat and power may be an issue for laptop systems
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
3 year(s)
5 year(s)
Other Information
229.99 $
329.99 $

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