Outdoor Games & Activities

Trampolines for Kids
Best Kids' Trampolines

Kids are really active! They run and play all the time and it's a part of their development. They learn how to walk and run but jumping is what they like the most. Thus, we've selected and tested the best kids' trampolines, so choose the one for your kid!

Pogo Sticks
Best Pogo Sticks to Jump off the Ground in the Air
Want to experience the thrill of doing something absolutely new and exciting? A pogo stick can give you that and even more! Don't be afraid to look childish jumping on it; a pogo stick is a type of device that deservedly holds its place among effective sports gear. Make your kids happy and encourage them to do some sports together with you with one of the products we've selected for you.
Squash Racquets
Best Squash Racquets for Victorious Games
Proper gear can make a big difference in sports, squash included, and with a current offer of squash racquets on the market, making a choice is a challenge. We've narrowed down the selection to 5 most popular models to help you choose your personal favorite.


Badminton Rackets
Best Badminton Rackets

Badminton is an active and exciting recreation activity admired by adults and kids. And to play badminton you only need rackets and a shuttlecock. Our review will help you select the best racket to turn badminton into your favorite entertainment!


Tennis Racquets
Best Tennis Racquets

To own a racquet is better than to rent one. It will be yours and yours only. And with our review, you will easily pick the very tennis racquet for your style of play. Have the best and most comfortable game of tennis possible!

Table Tennis Tables
Best Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis is more than just a sport or recreational activity. For many people, it's an active lifestyle and the way of communication with friends. For others, it's a great opportunity to relax and have some fun. Feel frustrated and suppressed? Let's ping pong!


Basketball Hoops
Best Basketball Hoops

Get some rest from a computer screen and go play a game of basketball right there at home. Outside or inside, near the pool, in front of the garage, in a room or office. Now you can play it just about anywhere with a suitable hoop. Select a basketball goal with our review and enjoy the game!


Soccer Shoes
Best Soccer Shoes

Throughout soccer history, famous players believed that their soccer shoes would bring them success in the game. Would you like to perform incredible tricks on the field, succeed in scoring goals, and express your personality? Read our review and choose the best pair of soccer shoes!


Golf Shoes
Best Golf Shoes

The choice of the right golf shoes pair is an important aspect that determines how efficient and comfortable your golf play will be. Inconvenient shoes not only rub, but also distract a golfer from the game, making it clumsy. We offer you to choose from 5 best pairs of golf shoes!

Golf Balls
Best Golf Balls

No matter whether you've just discovered the world of golf or have been playing it for quite a while, at some stage you'd need to buy a golf ball. We'd like to help you pick the best one among the diverse variety on the market so that you can turn from amateur to pro without a hitch.

Golf Bags
Best Golf Bags

It is nice to have all the necessary stuff at hand when you are on the golf course. You will enjoy the precise shot even more if you can fetch the club in seconds. We have selected 5 best golf bags and some tips, and you are the one to call the shots!

Golf Putters
Best Golf Putters

If you love playing golf, a proper club is just what you need. Especially the one that will help you hit the hole! Stop putting off, choose the best golf putter right away!

Golf GPS
Best Golf GPS Devices
The better you know the golf course the higher the chances of your victory are; GPS trackers are created for the very purpose of helping you navigate the field. We’ve picked 5 models to assist you in achieving the best results every time you’re on the course.
Pitching Machines
Best Pitching Machines for All Leagues
Whether you want to improve your baseball techniques or you just play it for fun, pitching machines can help enhance your training and improve your confidence and strength. With one of the pitching machines we've selected for you, you'll be able to schedule your exercises yourself and practice the game both alone and with your team.

Water Sports

Dive Watches
Best Dive Watches

Are you a fan of diving? If so, probably you have already purchased a mask, fins, a suit, an Octopus and BCD. Now it is time to look for your own dive watch. It is not only a fashionable accessory, but a mandatory item for everyone fond of scuba diving, snorkeling or just active leisure on water.

Best Surfboards

A good surfboard can make surfing fun and simple! For this reason, we have surfed through tons of surfboards and chosen 5 best models available on the market. Read our review and make your choice! 


Baseball Gloves
Best Baseball Gloves
Buying a baseball glove is a pretty challenging task since there are so many features to consider: size, material, your playing position, etc. To help you in this tedious task we've reviewed 5 best gloves available on the market. So, pick out the right one!
Baseball Bat
Best Baseball Bats for Youth
Though very little equipment is required for baseball, a good baseball bat plays a vital role in every aspect of this game. The importance of bats cannot be underestimated whether you are a hitter, pitcher, or fielder. Today, you can find a large selection of baseball bats, so it can be hard to make a decision. If you are on the fence about choosing the right bat, check out our best picks!


Football Helmets
Best Football Helmets for Your Safe Football Experience
Helmets are an essential safety gear in football. How much can helmets help? If you cannot prevent an impact, a helmet can minimize the risk of traumatic brain injuries as a result of forceful collisions in an uncontrolled environment. Would you like to get bigger, faster, stronger, and safer? Then take look at our 5 best football helmets and make your pick!