Camping & Hiking

Camping Stoves
Best Camping Stoves

If you are a fan of camping, fishing, and active leisure in general, a camping stove is an absolutely must-have item. With the help of this appliance, you will be able to cook tasty dishes easily even in bad weather conditions. We have made a shortlist of 5 best camping stoves on the market!

Best Headlamps for All Your Activities

Do you need to light up your trail, find something in your basement or go camping? A headlamp will be useful in any unpredictable situation. Before making a purchase, look at our new best headlamp review.

Sleeping Bag
Best Sleeping Bags

Are you looking for the right camping gear? With tents and pads packed, your outdoor overnight experience can be very unpleasant without a proper sleeping bag. We're reviewing the best sleeping bags to help you enjoy camping, no matter how tricky the weather is.

LED Flashlights
Best LED Flashlights
LED flashlights are the best source of light today! They are lighter, smaller, and brighter than conventional flashlights, plus they can last up to ten times longer! So, choose the one to never lose your bearing in case of power outage or night car accident.
Travel Mugs
Best Travel Mugs

Take your favorite drink with you wherever you go and enjoy it just as hot (or cold) as you love it! These wonderful travel mugs will retain temperature and prevent beverage from spilling. Choose the one that suits you most!

Swiss Army Knife
Best Swiss Army Knives
Are you looking for a high-quality all-in-one tool to cope with multiple tasks from descaling fish on the go or opening a can when camping to cutting off a tag on your new walking shoes? Go for a Swiss army knife. It will come in handy both for multiple outdoor activities and for daily use.
Hydration Pack
Best Hydration Packs
Do you like riding a bike? If your answer is yes, this review of the best hydration packs will surely come in handy. A hydration backpack will help you carry a large amount water and drink it right during the ride!
Camping Tents
Best Camping Tents for Outdoor Leisure
Camping with family or friends is an exciting pastime and a real adventure for many of us. No camper arsenal is complete without a good camping tent. Our review will help you find the best shelter to use during your camping tours!
Hand Warmer
Best Hand Warmers to Feel Comfortable in the Cold
When it’s cold outside and wearing gloves doesn’t help, a hand warmer can become your ideal solution! Small and portable like they are, hand warmers can be used anywhere, giving you the feel of comfort and warmth. We've compared several types of hand warmers to let you choose the one that would fit your needs best.
Trekking Poles
Best Trekking Poles for Comfortable Hiking
The less your legs are exhausted, the longer you can enjoy your hike. The trekking poles dramatically reduce the impact on your hips, knees, and ankles when you're going uphill or downhill. They can also improve your balance and help you keep the body stable, ensuring the safety of your hiking trips. Give them a try and feel the difference from the very first step.
Hiking Backpacks
Best Hiking Backpacks for Adventure Seekers
Are you an outdoor enthusiast or just new to hiking? No matter what your goals are, a quality backpack is a must-have on the trail! A hiking pack is more than just a comfortable way to carry your gear, it’s also a secure means to do it. And to make your treks easier and safer, get a professional-grade backpack from our fresh survey!
Best Carabiners for All Occasions
Are you a professional mountaineer? Or maybe you like hiking and active outdoor activities? If you want to keep your gear available at your disposal anytime, to put up a tent or string a hammock in your backyard, a strong carabiner is a must for you. For this review, we've selected five best carabiners for different applications.