Bug Zappers

Comparison of Bug Zapper Bulbs

Best Bug Zapper Bulbs

A bug zapper bulb is a really convenient device that combines a regular light bulb with a UV lamp and an electrified bug zapper grid. Sometimes referred to as fly zapper light bulb, it will be able to attract and neutralize flying insects without taking up any extra space.
Comparison of Outdoor Bug Zappers

Best Outdoor Bug Zappers

If you want to enjoy summer without being swarmed every time you go outdoors or when you open your windows, it's a good idea to buy an outdoor bug zapper. Highly-effective and chemical-free, this bug control system will let you keep your backyard and house free of unwelcomed flying and crawling insects. Read on for our five top bug zappers available!
Comparison of Indoor Bug Zappers

Best Indoor Bug Zappers

Insect bites may cause rashes, blisters, itchiness, swelling, and other unpleasant reactions. An indoor bug zapper offers a highly-effective and chemical-free alternative to insect repellents that prevents inflammatory responses and kills annoying insects. To make your search a bit faster, we have gathered the top indoor fly zapper models available today in our reviews.
Comparison of Bug Zappers

Best Bug Zappers

A bug zapper is a simple yet effective contraption that attracts and kills nasty pests by electrocuting them with high voltage. So if you're looking for an effective means to get rid of biting insects, a bug zapper is a way to go. Look through our reviews of the five most popular models and make your choice.
Comparison of Mosquito Killers

Best Mosquito Killers

A mosquito Killer is one of those things that, once you acquire one, it is difficult to imagine your life without it. The best mosquito killers neutralize any flying insect, effectively eliminating mosquitoes, moths, and flies from the proverbial race.
Comparison of Fly Killers

Best Fly Killers

A fly killer is any device, gadget, or instrument that will help you in a never-ending battle against flies and other bugs. The best fly killer will allow you to efficiently and effectively neutralize the threat and go on with your life without worrying about these annoying insects.
Comparison of Cordless Bug Zappers

Best Cordless Bug Zappers

When stationary bug traps are just too bulky for camping, a good cordless bug zapper can save your day and night from blood-sucking insects. We have picked the most popular battery-powered bug zapper models, so you will be able to choose the right one for you.
Comparison of Bug Zapper Rackets

Best Bug Zapper Rackets

A handheld bug zapper racket, mankind's most advanced bug-killing technology, can help you rid of pesky bugs in an instant. This type of bug zapper looks like a tennis racket but has an electrical surface to finish annoying pests off with one or two swings. Armed with this innovative weapon, you'll be able to kill thousands of nasty creatures in this holy war, that's for sure. And to help you make the right choice, we have rounded up the best bug zapper rackets here.