Product Comparison: Delorme InReach (AG-008373-201) vs Garmin InReach Explorer+

General Specifications
About the Product
The DeLorme inReach for Android Smartphones is a one-of-a-kind communication lifeline that always keeps you inReach with exclusive two-way text messaging, delivery confirmation, and interactive SOS, plus remote tracking.
You may venture off the grid, but you can still stay in touch — as long as you’re carrying an inReach Explorer+. These handheld satellite communicators are designed for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to roam farther and experience more
InReach (AG-008373-201)
InReach Explorer+
Key Specs
Type Of Tracking
No Screen
2.31" TFT color display
SOS Button
Barometric altimeter, Compass
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Delorme InReach (AG-008373-201) Two-Way Satellite Communicator for Android OS
  • if you want two-way communication on a satellite network that covers the entire planet, then the inReach is really the only game in town.
  • It has global coverage unlike other consumer level products which is important to me as I use mine far out at sea.
  • For true two-way, global coverage I don't think you can beat the inReach/9602/Iridium system on quality and price.
  • Unit works well and has good reception.
  • Worked well in clear skies, private communication was excellent.
Garmin InReach Explorer+ Handheld Satellite Communicator with TOPO Maps and GPS Navigation
  • The best thing about the device, is you can actually use it a lot for non-emergancies which makes it so much more worth the expense.
  • Very reliable, and good for adventurer, especially for work on deep sea, easily keep in touch with family.
  • So far this has worked well in all kinds of conditions when I have been offshore fishing. Rainy, cloudy, sunny, foggy...I have still had great connection.
  • Love this thing. I use it for hunting, predicting weather, tracking my hike, maps, and the emergency SOS feature and the ability to summon help from anywhere.
  • This unit has been fantastic. GPS has been spot on, messaging has been reliable and response time is reasonable.
Size & Weight
4.78 in.
6.5 in.
2.94 in.
2.7 in.
2 in.
1.5 in.
8 oz.
7.5 oz.
Map Features
Preloaded Maps
Garmin Yarmouth North America
Map Coverage Area
USA, Canada
USA, Canada
Map Updates
Mobile phone
Mobile phone, Online Update
3D-Map View
Other Functions
500 Waypoints/favorites/locations, 20 Routes, Ability to add maps
What customers say about "Map Features"
Delorme InReach (AG-008373-201) Two-Way Satellite Communicator for Android OS
  • The maps are of high-quality and are quite detailed for the United States (24k).
  • Twice the battery life, doesn't use the GPS in the phone anymore so conserves phone battery also.
  • Another nice feature of the inReach is that it communicates with my Android phone, and I am able to download topo maps to my phone.
  • You can also get maps covering other regions of the world, but these maps are not nearly as detailed.
Garmin InReach Explorer+ Handheld Satellite Communicator with TOPO Maps and GPS Navigation
  • You can check the weather, send and receive messages, view your tracks, set waypoints, and so much more.
  • Worked flawless through Canada. The tracking feature is awesome. Highly recommend.
  • Even though the Inreach records a breadcrumb trail on a hike, you can't use that for a track back to retrace your steps.
  • Seamless integration with the smartphone app so you can use your smartphone screen to look at your map and do messaging.
  • The map is great - I've taken it into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It included the major trails and landmarks.
PC, Android, iOS
Bluetooth, USB
Battery Life
60 hours
100 hours
Power Source
2 AA batteries
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
IPX-7 Waterproof
IPX-7 Waterproof
Accessories Included
2 lithium batteries
USB cable, Carabiner clip
Message Delivery Confirmation, Remote Tracking
Weather Forecast Service, MapShare
Internal Memory
2 GB
What customers say about "Features"
Delorme InReach (AG-008373-201) Two-Way Satellite Communicator for Android OS
  • I have had no problems with my inReach (Android) and to date, everything about the system has meet my expectations
  • It pairs and connects with my Android phone just as it is supposed to. I am able to send text messages even when not in cell phone range.
  • The InReach does exactly what it is advertised to do, with the Android phone powered on and paired lets you receive a text message reply!
  • Cool stuff, especially if you go solo backpacking and canoe camping like I do - being able to stay in touch and send out an SOS is invaluable.
Garmin InReach Explorer+ Handheld Satellite Communicator with TOPO Maps and GPS Navigation
  • It works incredibly well. The auto tracking capability and text messaging from almost anywhere really help put my wife at ease.
  • OK about MapShare. This is Garmin’s approach to allowing you to be tracked by your loved one(s).
  • The web base services provide tracking, allow your lover to know where you are.
  • Long battery Life around 3 days after fully charged.
  • Easily paired with my smartphone for easier use, weather forecasts and family being able to track my trip were added bonuses.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year
1 year
Other Information
449.99 $

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