Product Comparison: Garmin GPSMAP 62 vs Garmin GPSMAP 64

General Specifications
About the Product
GPSMAP 62 features a 2.6" sunlight-readable 65K color screen that supports BirdsEye Satellite imagery (subscription required) and Custom Maps. Rugged and water resistant, GPSMAP 62 features a quad helix antenna for unparalleled reception and sleek new design.
GPSMAP 64 features a 2.6" sunlight-readable color screen that supports BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (subscription required) and Garmin Custom Maps. Rugged and water resistant, GPSMAP 64 uses a quad helix antenna for superior reception.
Key Specs
Type Of Tracking
Barometric altimeter, Compass
Barometric altimeter, Compass
2.6" TFT color display
2.6" TFT color display
SOS Button
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Garmin GPSMAP 62 Handheld GPS Navigator
  • As far as GPS goes, I can't imagine having a better unit.
  • This GPS unit has a very strong antenna, which allows you to maintain satellite reception even under heavy tree cover.
  • Gps functionality works well.
  • Nice and easy to create waypoints and routes in Basecamp and load them to GPS unit.
  • At around 3000m above sea level it started to completely freak out and show record my position at 0°N and 0°W.
Garmin GPSMAP 64 Worldwide with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver
  • It's a gps and if it has a signal, it can sort of tell you where you're located (fyi, my phone is more accurate).
  • This GPS seems to have no problem picking up a signal under the trees, though it is winter, so the foliage is a little thinner but not like in temperate climates.
  • The GPS showed the trail ! So I just followed.the highlighted trial on the GPS for the next 3 miles threw several more river crossings and no visible trail until it came out on a camping aria, also marked on the GPS.
  • This thing is nearly worthless. I needed it for a hike into a remote area with no cell signal and I wanted a secondary gps unit in case we were lost.
  • It lost the satellite signal so many times on the trail, that I ended up using my GPS in my phone.
Size & Weight
6.3 in.
6.3 in.
2.4 in.
2.4 in.
1.4 in.
1.4 in.
7.9 oz.
8.1 oz.
Map Features
Preloaded Maps
Map Coverage Area
Map Updates
SD Card
SD Card
3D-Map View
Other Functions
Waypoints/favorites/locations - 2000, Routes - 200, Track log - 10000 points, 200 saved tracks, Custom maps compatible
Waypoints/favorites/locations 5000, Routes - 200, Track log - 10000 points, 200 saved tracks, Custom maps compatible, Automatic routing
What customers say about "Map Features"
Garmin GPSMAP 62 Handheld GPS Navigator
  • You don't have to spend any money on maps, however I will probably spend about $60 on a good topographical map, just to take advantage of all the features this GPS has.
  • The 24k maps are great and I was happy to save the extra money.
  • For maps and outdoor navigation in extreme conditions, the GPSMap is probably the best Garmin unit for this purpose.
  • I downloaded a free map set with very little difficulty that seems to work well.
  • When moved to the GPS the aerial maps almost exceed the capacity of the unit, so the area of the map is very small if you want to get the most detailed images.
Garmin GPSMAP 64 Worldwide with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver
  • The apps uses very detailed 10 ft elevation change USGS maps overlayed over your position.
  • The built-in map is much more detailed than the one that comes with the 60CSx. When you are on a hike and you come to a road-- even a back-country dirt road, the 64st will likely be able to tell you the name of the road.
  • The topographical maps on GPS File Depot were better than the maps that Garmin had on their servers. My suggestion to Garmin is to turn down the Nirvana, MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice, look out your window and realize we are almost to 2020.
  • Love how quick it acquires signal. My only complaint is the topo map. GARMIN real gives you the finger with there top maps.
  • Downloading maps feels like it's stuck in 1995. I mean seriously, your application design looks like Bill Gates did it for Windows 95.
USB, NMEA 0183 compatible
USB, NMEA 0183 compatible
Battery Life
20 hours
16 hours
Internal Memory
1.7 GB
4 GB
Power Source
2 AA batteries
2 AA batteries
IPX-7 Waterproof
IPX-7 Waterproof
Accessories Included
Wrist strap, USB cable
USB cable, Lanyard
Area calculation, Automatic routing, Hunt/fish calendar, Sun and moon information, Picture viewer
Area calculation, Geocaching-friendly, Hunt/fish calendar, Sun and moon information, Picture viewer
What customers say about "Features"
Garmin GPSMAP 62 Handheld GPS Navigator
  • The screen reads clear under the sun.
  • Very accurate, easy to use, intuitive menus and logical button placement.
  • Using lithium batteries gives me at least 14 hours of use. Ni-Cad about 10.
  • Battery life is not 2 days, unless you use 'battery save' mode, which turns off the screen when idle.
  • The number of key presses to do many things related to waypoints is at least 50% larger. Deleting a waypoint requires much more work.
Garmin GPSMAP 64 Worldwide with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver
  • Only feature I haven't tested is the waterproof claim I'm sure it is it seems sealed up expect it to perform.
  • Overall, the unit has been very reliable, the battery use is really not that bad especially given the features of the unit. If I use the unit for 9 hours a day straight without turning it off only using two typical AA batteries I can easily get three to four days out of the batteries.
  • The battery lasted the entire 5 days and held up to the non-stop rain with no issues. Defently get one if you are a hiker !
  • The battery life is horrible. Even after setting the device for maximum battery life and turning it off overnight, I awaken to find what were brand new AA alkaline batteries, nearly dead.
  • Compared to previous models the battery life is rather short. This can be mitigated by turning off GLONASS and WAAS reception, as well as turning down the back lighting. Throw and extra set of AA's in your pack as a contingency.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year
1 year
Other Information
249.99 $

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