How to Use a Nutribullet

Last update February 15, 2019
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Immersion blenders, hand blenders, and countertop blenders are all designed for emulsifying, pureeing, and blending foods to take the strain off out of the cooking process and make your culinary tasks times easier. In this article, however, we are going to focus on the Nutribullet, one of the most popular variations of the best countertop blenders available today. The key benefit of this type of blender is that it not simply blends fresh ingredients into a homogeneous emulsion but blasts ingredients into their most absorbable state releasing all essential nutrients contained in them.

Why Nutribullet: Let’s Disclose All the Benefits

Being part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating continues picking up the pace. More and more people either have already changed the way they eat or try to put their menus on a healthier footing. The main principle of a healthy diet is a complex approach based on consumption of freshly cooked nutritious foods and adherence to a proper eating regimen, all of this making our bodies work like a charm and reducing the risk of different disorders and diseases to the maximum. Yet, in a rush of modern life, drastically lacking time, we are inclined to look for quick meal solutions. And while some would choose fast food and pre-cooked meals stuffed with refined sugars, trans fats, sweeteners, flavor intensifiers, and excess calories leading to obesity, diabetes, and increasing the risk of cancer, others go for healthy protein bars, home-made yoghurts, fresh salads, and smoothies, with the latter recently becoming extremely popular. Smoothies offer an easy, quick, and amazingly delicious way to consume nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are vital for our body and are contained in fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and other superfoods. And this is where the Nutribullet really excels, in smoothie making.

You wonder what is so special about the Nutribullet? It’s the mechanism this blender uses to break down ingredients. Initially created for healthy lifestyle followers, the Nutribullet uses extraction instead of blending. A forceful motor with a cyclonic action delivers immense power to liquidize the toughest ingredients into the smoothest consistency. Meanwhile, the patented blade design easily grinds fibrous plants and solid seeds shredding through the cell walls to extract all the precious nutrients sealed inside and offer you the most nutritious food. And what is not less important is that the whole process takes mere minutes. All of this makes Nutribullet one of the best smoothie makers.

How a Nutribullet Works: Basic Nutribullet Instructions for Use

The Nutribullet is a pretty simple and easy to use blender. The package comes complete with a power base, 2 cups, 2 blades, one for making drinks and emulsions and another for grinding dry ingredients into powders, and 2 lids. To operate the Nutribullet correctly and achieve the smoothest and finest ever blending and grinding results, follow several easy steps.

  1. Choose an extraction or grinding blade depending on the task at hand.
  2. Fill a tall or short cup with ingredients under the recipe you’ve chosen. The recommendation here is to avoid filling above the maximum mark since some ingredients might remain poorly shredded. To get the desired consistency, you can add some liquid of your choice up to the mark.
  3. Twist the blade onto the cup and tighten to make sure it is attached seamlessly and securely.
  4. Turn the cup upside down and press the blade onto the power base.
  5. Once the unit is assembled, plug it in.
  6. To start the extraction, simply push the cup down and twist. Extract within a minute and then let the base cool for another minute. You can extract as many times as you need to get the consistency you expect, just remember to do it in intervals to prevent the motor overheat.
  7. To turn the blender off, twist the cup the opposite direction and release it.
  8. After use, unplug the unit, disassemble itt, clean the cup and the blade under the running water and stow it away to keep out of reach of kids since the blades are ultra sharp.
  9. If you do not finish your drink, you can close the cup with an airtight lid and keep the drink in the fridge for up to 2 days.  

How a Nutribullet Works: Some Tips on Techniques

Fitted with an impressively powerful motor, the Nutribullet turns ingredients into a silky-smooth emulsion almost in a blink of an eye. Yet, if you want to make some chunky foods or chop ingredients it is necessary to apply a pulse technique. Instead of blending by continuously pressing the cup down and twisting it in one direction, quickly press the cup for a couple of seconds and immediately release it until the blades stop. Hold the power base with the other hand for better stability and repeat the actions until you get the desired result.

If you somewhat overpacked the cup with ingredients or did not add enough liquid, the mixture might appear too dense and hard to circulate from the bottom to the top and backward. In this case, a shake technique will come to help. Take the cup and blade assembly from the base and shake it in hands like a cocktail shaker to redistribute ingredients inside and then install the cup back to the base to finish blending.

When grinding a dry mix or blending a mix of ingredients, some of them might get packed and cling to the sides of the cup. This is where a tap technique will be of great use. Remove the cup and blade assembly from the base and slightly tap the blade side of the cup on the counter to dislodge the ingredients. Avoid using too much force to prevent the unit damages.

What Does it Do: Nutribullet Top Uses

Nutribullet blenders are not only about smoothies, though they will give you an opportunity to make any type of smoothie you could possibly think of, from toxin cleansers, protein blasts, energy elixirs, digestives, and immune boosters to immaculate fruit and berry blends and unusual combinations of vegetables with numerous other ingredients. Yet, there is more to come.  Every nutribullet unit comes with a comprehensive recipe book that contains dozens if not hundreds of different recipes that include the following most popular dishes.


The most modern Nutribullet models feature a heated cycle allowing you to make a warm appetizing bowl of soup right in the cup. If the heating option is not available, you can simply puree all ingredients under the recipe and warm the soup up on the stove or in a microwave.


Right you are! The Nutribullet will let you make pancakes, too. When you crave for a fix of carbs and sweet pleasure, the Nutribullet can whip up a perfect pancake batter. And it will be healthy pancakes too, cooked without sugar and excess fats. Serve them with fruit if you are on a diet or add some chocolate sauce, honey, or maple syrup if you can afford some extra calories.

Homemade Instant Oats

Think instant oats are a type of quick meal you can but only from the stores? The Nutribullet will prove you the opposite. All you need is to grind regular oats in a tall cup with some other dry ingredients to your liking such as brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, or even some cocoa and then simply add some hot water to reconstitute. You a free to add to the ready-made oats any other flavorings of your choice, be it raisins, nuts, apple or banana chips, fresh fruit and berries.

Sauces, Dips, and Dressings

A whole range of flavor-packed spaghetti, meat, and fish sauces from tangy and spicy to creamy and delicate, all types of dips and spreads, from hummus paste o zesty guacamole and appetizingly bright salsa, and a variety of salad dressings, from classic vinaigrette to creamy mayonnaise and cheesy Dor Bleu. You can make all of these with the Nutribullet. No chemical flavorings, sweeteners,emulsifiers, and preservatives, only fresh ingredients, herbs, and natural spices.

Nut Dainties

Freshly made nut pastes and butters as well as delicious non-dairy milks including almond milk, hazelnut milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk will make a palatable and nutritious addition to your daily menu.

Dessert Treats

The Nutribullet will become a real find for a sweet tooth providing a bunch of scrumptious dessert recipes. You can choose from mousses, fudges, creams, ice-creams, puddings, sorbets, etc.

Nutribullet Milling Blade Use Options

A milling blade is one of two blades the Nutribullet comes packed with. It has 2 prongs and is specifically designed for milling dry ingredients. This blade will be of great use for grinding grains, nuts, and seeds to create your own protein mixes, milling spices to make customized spice blends for all sorts of foods and dishes, and chopping herbs for sauces, dips, and salads. Besides, if you need to grind Parmesan cheese for pasta or crush ice for cocktails and slushes, the Nutribullet can do it either.

An Alternative to a Juicer?

In addition to using the Nutribullet as a blender, you can also use it for juicing. The juice you’ll make with the NUtribullet will be pretty much similar to that squeezed by masticating juicers. It will have a pretty thick texture since the Nutribullet does not extract pulp but breaks it down to almost the juice consistency. When making fresh juice from juicy fruit, berries, and citrus, no water is needed. Yet, to dilute smoothie texture of thicker and denser mixes up to a drinkable consistency, you can add some water up to the mark.