Elegear — Find Quality-Tested Throw Blankets and Tips on How to Use Them

Last update December 1, 2021
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As winter is approaching, more and more people start looking for additional coziness and warmth to snuggle up on a sofa. Some choose to pull on a sweater and a pair of socks, while others opt to lounge with a hot cup of tea. No matter which way you go, there’s no doubt that adding a throw blanket can heighten pleasure and make it easier for you to get through the coldest of days.

Further down, you’ll find some of the best throw blankets available on the market, along with an armful of useful tips on how and where to use it to update your living space in a flash. Read on to discover more.

How to Use Throw Blankets

A blue throw blanket laid flat on the floor in the tent

A seemingly simple piece, a throw blanket can do so much more than just keep you warm. You can use it all year round, in all seasons, at home, at school, for traveling, camping, picnicking, and many other use case scenarios. It’s a product that deftly combines comfort with practical features and is lightweight enough to easily carry with you. In fact, one of the best things about a throw blanket is that it looks incredibly homey yet stylish, making it an easy choice for decorating just about any space! All you need is to choose a throw blanket that pairs beautifully with your furniture, and you’ll be able to instantly give your place a stylish makeover.

Grab Elegear Throw Blankets at an Attractive Price and Use Them to Your Maximum Advantage

Putting a blue thick blanket into a washing machine

A case in point is Elegear’s throw blankets. Produced by a brand that knows that the practicality and comfort of the end product are tightly connected with the length and thickness of the fabric, these blankets offer you the best of both worlds. Want proof? Take a look at the composition. Each blanket is handmade, utilizing 100% Flannel With Japanese Heatwarm 2 ℃ Technology, which makes them not only nicely warm and cozy but also skin-friendly and safe for use even by your kids.

Aside from that, what distinguishes Elegear throw blankets is that they adopt patented tie-dyeing technology. This means they do not tend to fade or leach toxins after washing like many cheap blankets do and preserve their brand-new appearance for many years to come, regardless of whether you choose a neutral shade or a beautiful rainbow pattern.

It is also of note that these blankets are made of premium fleece fabric with the addition of moisture-absorbing and heating yarn. Not only does it give them the ability to quickly heat up to 2-5℃, but it also helps prevent pilling and shedding, as well as eliminates the annoying static electricity, which is inevitable with most regular throw blankets.

Finish it off with the fact that these throw blankets are machine washable, and you get yourself one of the most versatile products that can be used at home and everywhere else you may want to take a blanket with you. Of course, just like with any blanket, usual care is also required, such as avoiding keeping it under direct heating and washing it on a delicate cycle only. But other than that, the blanket’s upkeep is hassle-free.

Now, we’ve finally got into how and where a throw blanket can be used. Read on to find out how to incorporate the throw into your space and give it a special flair.

A Throw Blanket Over a Chair

A rainbow throw blanket cascaded over a chair

Want to add some vibrancy to your room? Go for the Elegear Rainbow Throw Blanket. It’s a unique tie-dye fleece blanket matched with bright rainbow colors that can add a modern flair to just about any interior. To create an inviting seating area, just drape it over the back of the chair. You can either throw it as-is or fold it in half to keep one of its ends from touching the ground, depending on what effect you’d like to achieve. Moreover, it can be used as an accent blanket if your furniture has neutral paint, which will instantly add visual interest to your room. To add to that, spreading a throw over the chair will let you modernize its outdated look and hide worn areas.

A Throw Blanket on a Bed

A blue faux fur throw blanket spread across the bed

If your throw is big enough, you can toss it across the bed. This will add a modern flair to your bedroom and create a beautiful contrast with your blankets and pillows. Just like in the case with a chair, you can let the blanket go loose, allowing one of its ends to glaze the ground, or fluff it in order to add a layer of coziness, casualness, and warmth to your space.

Another way of styling a throw blanket is by spreading it on the end of a bed. Opt for the Elegear faux fur Sherpa throw blanket in neutral shades if your bedroom is furnished in classy tones, or add a splash of color and vibrancy by choosing a model with a colorful pattern.

To get imperfectly perfect fluffing, pinch the center of the blanket about a foot above it so that both of its ends show off the tassels and add a throw pillow on top. It’s the easiest way to create a luxurious look in your bedroom. Besides, it is also very handy since if you get cold during the night, it will be right there for you!

Should you be looking for a different way of styling your blanket in a bedroom, try tucking it neatly in a woolen basket. Not only do these baskets look incredibly cozy and visually appealing, but they are also roomy enough, making them perfect for storing not only fleece blankets but many other bedding pieces as well. Put this basket near your bed for a well-care, homey look, and always have that oh-so-comfy blanket at your disposal.

A Throw Blanket on a Couch

A throw blanket that is positioned not right

The quickest way to give your living room a makeover is to learn how to display the throw on a couch the right way. Because, as weird as this may sound, if a blanket has been placed on a couch without much thought to it, not only can it detract from your couch’s look, but it can actually detract from the entire room’s interior, making it look tasteless. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few most stylish ways of positioning a throw blanket on your sofa.

First, though, make sure to get familiarized with these two biggest “dont’s”:

  • Don’t drape a blanket over the back of the sofa. Just don’t. Even though you might find it comforting to know that your blanket is always there for you, ready to give you a warm hug when you feel cold, positioning it that way can make even the best sofa look outdated.
  • Don’t place a bright throw on a bright couch. Rarely does this combination work, and if you want to lift the look of your room, it is best to create contrast by matching either an accent throw with classic tones or vice versa.

Now, when you know the two rookie mistakes, it’s time to learn how to incorporate a throw blanket into a living space to make it stylish.

Add Structure

A cozy brown Sherpa blanket

If the sofa is your family’s favorite piece of furniture, try folding the blanket into thirds by folding both of its ends into the middle. This technique prevents the blanket from losing its shape as well as allows it to add structure. Depending on your preferences, you can then either drape it over the arm of the couch or place it on the cushions for a welcoming look.

Create a Stylish Mess

Should you own a cable-knit blanket, you can toss it onto the couch. Blankets of this type look incredibly stylish when positioned hastily and can be displayed in many different, natural yet effortless and chic ways. 

Inject a Bit of Casualness

A blue throw blanket styled over the back of the sofa

If you are a fan of casual style, fold your throw into a half-length and then fold it in half again. Now, try draping it over the arm of your sofa. To further elevate the decoration style, you can match the blanket with a throw pillow by placing it on the part that is spread on the sofa.

An Oh-So-Comfy Look

The beauty about throw blankets is that they look awesome when both folded and unfolded. As proof of that, you can cascade Elegear unfolded fleece blanket over one of the corners of the sofa. Chunky and snug, it will create a comfy spot where all of your family would love to nestle in.

Positioning Done Right

A blanket styled on one of the corners of the couch

It is not only where, but also how you place a throw blanket that is important in order to make your sofa look stylish. With that in mind, you can either cascade your blanket down one of the sides of a sofa for a graceful and modern look, or fold it in one of the three options described earlier in the text.

If you like to keep your throw within easy reach, you may want to throw it over the arm of the sofa. For a more polished and neat look, fold one of its ends that is placed on the front into a knot. This will add sophistication and a personal touch to the decoration style.

Families that use a throw blanket quite often may want to drape it horizontally instead. This positioning requires very little hassle and allows for frequent moving. To prevent your blanket from hanging down the couch, you may want to first fold it into thirds and tuck it snugly in the corner.

A Throw Blanket Over a Ladder

A throw blanket used as a table runner

In addition to being practical and snugly, throw blankets are often used for decorating spaces and filling empty corners. If you’ve got such a corner in your room, a chunky throw blanket thrown casually over a laundry basket or blanket ladder will quickly make things right.

A Multipurpose Throw Blanket

If your blanket has a satin structure, you could go creative and use it as a table runner. Likewise, you could repurpose it and use it as a fashion piece by running it between lanterns, candles, bowls, cups, and glasses, or on the top of your coffee table. More to that, if your blanket is made of premium materials like the blankets from Elegear, it can also be used outside for camping, traveling, and picnics.

Instead of a conclusion, if you are looking for a multipurpose throw blanket that can keep you warm and cozy while also letting you elevate your living space, you can’t go wrong with Elegear throw blankets. Made of premium materials that do not tend to fade or lose shape over time, they are totally safe to use and can last you for a long while without tear and wear. On top of that, they are produced in a slew of color options so that everyone can find the perfect one to pair beautifully with any kind of home decor and interior.

As a cherry on the top, you can get these blankets at reduced prices! Until the end of the 30th, November 2022, you can get 10% off Elegear Sherpa throws using the discount code T2VRN6EH and 10% off Elegear Tie-Dye Rainbow Flannel Blanket using the discount code HGU2A6JD. Moreover, the codes can be applied together with the 20% and 15% coupons on the product pages!

So, don’t wait any longer. Follow the styling techniques described above and give your room a stylish makeover with multipurpose and skin-friendly Elegear throw blankets!