Best Electric Blankets

Forget about falling asleep in the cold and leave a cold bed in the past! An electric blanket was designed to care of your warmth and comfort on chilly nights. Choose the right kind of a heated blanket and always climb in a warm and cozy bed! 

Best Wool Blankets

If you feel cold and have no power heater nearby, whether at home or in the open air you can use a wool blanket. As the name suggests it is a blanket made of different sorts of natural wool, synthetic fibers or their blend. We've selected 5 best models and compared them in our review.

Best Throw Blankets

Whether you want to give a complete look to your bed, add style to your living room or simply snuggle in warmth while lying on the coach or sitting in the armchair, a throw blanket will fit all those cravings. Our review will help you select the one to suit your budget, climate and home design.