14 Simple but Genius Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Last update September 5, 2019
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Discover these 14 small but absolutely amazing appliances you will wish you found sooner!

Apple Peeler

Apple Peeler
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An apple peeler is a cool kitchen device that will peel apples as well as remove the core of the apple for you. It usually consists of a sturdy metal base, a shaft with a handle and prongs at the end, and a peeler blade. As a rule, a good apple peeler comes with a slicer as well, so with just a few swift motions you can get your fruit peeled, cored, and cut into slices—all ready for whatever you wish to do with it next. The slices can be used in pies, sauces, snacks, etc.

Apple Corer/Slicer

Apple Corer
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There is also a separate appliance for coring and slicing an apple. It has a much simpler construction, but it is also easier to clean and store. The device is intended for coring and slicing an apple in just one motion. You put the corer/slicer on top of your fruit, push it through, and get eight equal apple slices. This gadget will come in handy for those who like to use apples as a snack. Not only will it cut your fruit faster, but you will also trick your mind into thinking you are getting more food—not just one apple but eight slices!

Garlic Press

Garlic press
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Crush those garlic cloves with ease! Modern presses have a cool, innovative design that makes the process quicker and more convenient. They move in a smooth, rocking motion, turning a clove of any shape and size into a homogeneous mass. The appliance is extremely convenient as the minced garlic stays on the surface of the press, and you can simply scrape it off straight into your dish without using an extra bowl. With this gadget, the garlic is not actually crushed, it is finely cut, which means more flavor and aroma is preserved. And after you feel how comfortable its handle is, you will not want to go back to crushing garlic the regular way.

Steamer with Extendable Handle

Steamer with extendable handle
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This is a truly genius product! With its help, you can turn any pot you have at home into a fully functional steamer! It is basically a stainless steel basket with holes in it, feet on the bottom, and a handle for comfortable use. You can cook vegetables, seafood, meat, grains, or anything else you like in this handy little steamer. It expands and collapses to fit any pot size and can be easily operated with the help of a handle, so you do not have to worry about burning your hand with steam or hot water.

Food Chopper

Food chopper
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Chopping fruit and vegetables can be a tedious task, and cutting onions with tears streaming down your cheeks is a downright torture! But what if you could do all these things in a heartbeat barely using a muscle? You can! It is possible with a handheld food chopper (or a special onion chopper). You can use it to chop nuts and herbs, cut veggies for a salad, make salsa and other sauces, etc. All you need to do is place the ingredients into the bowl, close the lid, and pull on the cord a few times. Voilà! Such a chopper is quite easy in usage and maintenance, plus it does not require much space for storage. There are no endless components that fall out of every kitchen drawer—just one bowl with a blade inside.

Orange Juicer

Orange juicer
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It is a simple built but functional device that will allow you to squeeze fresh juice from all kinds of citrus fruit. The appliance does not require any assembling—it is just a cup with a reamer. The process of making juice is exceptionally easy and will only take a few minutes, and this is including clean up. The juicer is equipped with a filter that separates your juice from heavy pulp and seeds. It is small, handy, and safe to use. Starting your day with a glass of fresh juice has never been easier!

Sink Faucet Sponge Holder

Sink faucet sponge holder
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We know how quickly a kitchen can get cluttered with all kinds of everyday items. That is why it is nice to be able to organize all the knick-knacks in a neat and tidy way. This is exactly what a stainless steel sponge holder does. You attach it to the faucet with the help of a mechanism that keeps it secure and store your sponges, dish soap, brushes, or other kitchen tools. The holder is designed in such a way that all water is drained into the sink, leaving your supplies clean and helping them dry. It saves space in your sink and makes it look nicer. You can also use it in the bathroom.

UV Toothbrush Holder

UV Toothbrush holder
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Even the cleanest bathroom can be a home to germs. And we are not only talking about the toilet seat, but also something as innocent as a toothbrush. To avoid bacteria build-up on the surface of your brush, you can use a holder with a built-in UV light. It is an appliance that stores your toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as sanitizes them between uses. All you have to do is place your toothbrush inside the chamber and close the lid. The device will use UV light to clear the bacteria and keep the air flowing inside the box to reduce multiplication of germs. The holder is suitable for electric toothbrushes as well. It easy to install and use, it keeps your bathroom organized, and it cares for your health! How could we have lived without such amazing gadgets before?

Pet Grooming Gloves

Pet grooming gloves
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If you are tired of picking up your pet’s hair all over your home, this cool gadget is an amazing find for you! It is a polyester glove with a ribbed silicon palm designed for perfect grooming of your cat or dog. The gloves will also create a barrier between you and pet hair in case you are allergic. With the help of this appliance, you can effectively groom your furry friend, get rid of fur balls, remove dirt, as well as give the pet a nice massage! The silicone tips are soft and will not scratch your buddy’s skin. For cleaning up pet hair that has already ended up on your floor and sofa, use a specialized vacuum.

Mop Holder

Mop holder
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It sounds bizarre, but cleaning supplies are often the source of clutter in our home. When we are done mopping the floor, we put the mop in the corner of the bathroom or leave it leaning against the wall in the laundry room. That does not look very pretty, but it can all change with a mop holder! It is a plastic appliance that can be mounted to the wall and used to hold your mop, broom, or any other similar object as long as it fits. The device is also suitable for umbrellas, pots and pans, some sports equipment, etc. It will help you save space in your home and make it look tidier.

Dish Drying Rack

Dish drying rack
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This simple but ingenious invention will spare you the headache of finding extra space on the counter, which is almost never possible. It is a stainless steel rack that you can place over your sink and use to dry dishes, fruit or vegetables. The device can fit any sink thanks to its adjustable length. If you are in the process of finding your perfect rack, check out our expert rating of best drying racks available.

Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable slicer
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Once you see this awesome kitchen tool, all you’ll be able to think about is getting it as soon as possible! It is an all-in-one product that will cover all your slicing and cutting needs. This universal instrument has five different blades for various cases: slicer blade, wavy blade, grater, shredder, coarse shredder. The usage range of this device is immense: you can prepare the ingredients for vegetable and fruit salads, create cheese plates, cut veggies for further baking or sautéing, slice onions or potatoes, etc. Moreover, you can always adjust the thickness of your slices. Find your ideal mandoline slicer with the help of this detailed review.

Toothbrush Travel Container

Toothbrush travel container
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If you are a frequent traveler, you will find this product quite helpful. Whether you go on a short business trip or a long vacation, you will need a place to put your toothbrush, toothpaste, and maybe even some other essentials. With a travel container, you will safely transport your toiletries and not worry about them staying clean. Choose an item that can fit both your toothbrush and toothpaste. Also, make sure the container is made of safe material.

Bubble Pet Backpack

Bubble pet backpack
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Every pet owner faces the issue of transporting their furry friend at some point. With a cool bubble backpack, it has never been easier for you and more enjoyable for the pet! Its capsule design allows your dog or cat to have a nice view while you carry them. Large holes in the front provide good air circulation, and a special lock helps keep the pet inside the whole time. Moreover, the bag is light and very cute—you will undoubtedly attract attention wearing it.

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, time is our main resource and treasure. Make sure you use yours wisely and simplify your everyday life with helpful modern gadgets.