Product Comparison: Shimano Chronarch MGL (CHMGL150XG) vs Shimano Curado K (CU200HGK)

General Specifications
About the Product
Weighing in at only 6.5 oz. and packed with Shimano’s most advanced technology, the new Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reel delivers the top level performance tournament and enthusiast anglers require.
Built tournament tough, Curado is the benchmark for reliability and durability. Generations of anglers have looked to Curado as their trusted partner. Shimano gives you more than ever with the new Curado K series reels. Now featuring the latest in Shimano technology, such as super smooth, efficient, durable MicroModule gearing, and offered in multiple gear ratios up to 8.5:1, Curado builds on its legacy as the 'go to' baitcasting reel for both fresh and saltwater action.
Chronarch MGL (CHMGL150XG)
Curado K (CU200HGK)
Key Specs
Braid Line Capacity
150/20, 135/30, 105/40
190/30, 120/50, 80/65
8 + 1
6 + 1
Mono Line Capacity
120/10, 110/12, 90/14
180/8, 155/10, 110/14
Reel Size
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Shimano Chronarch MGL (CHMGL150XG) Baitcasting Fishing Reel
  • Excellent reel ! Like how smooth the retreve is. Can cast a long ways with little effort.
  • As always Shimano reels are the best, needed a reel to pitch the SR-5 wt. 12lb. this did the trick. Had a 7' Med H. fast tip Boyd D.
  • Casting distance smooth super light easy to palm
  • Wow! This thing bombed the lighter bait twice as far as anything I have ever has. One overrun as dialed in the cast control and that was it for the day.
  • Can fire weightless senkos unbelievably far and can handle lures up to full size Whopper Plopper.
Shimano Curado K (CU200HGK) LowProfile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel
  • I was fighting a sheepshead and it was pulling some line off the reel. The line did not jerk and put unnecessary strain on my leader.
  • It casted very smoothly and it’s easy to adjust.
  • I have 2 Curado reels and they are Awesome. I fish a lot and they are quality reels.
  • Love this Reel for the price, little heavy at 7.5oz but makes up for it with all of the other great features big time!
  • If your spool is tightened and you unclasp the plate it will not clasp back unless you untighten the spool.
Size & Weight
6 in.
5.2 in.
6.5 oz.
7.6 oz.
4 in.
6 in.
4 in.
4.5 in.
Max Drag
10 lb.
11 lb.
Drag Adjustment
Drag Type
Front Drag
Drag Material
What customers say about "Drag"
Shimano Chronarch MGL (CHMGL150XG) Baitcasting Fishing Reel
  • Not the most expensive but the best. Casting=Dream Retrieve=Butter I set 2 brakes on, set dial at 3 out of the box 30lb braid and i could not backlash this thing.
  • Incredibly smooth drag and the micro gearing is buttery smooth.
  • Casts light lures, breaks are easy to adjust and the retrieve and drag are butter smooth.
  • The retrieve is buttery smooth, so smooth and powerful I had to get used to the feeling. Drag is smooth as can be. Even looks cool
  • I was able to cast far with little effort and with no birdsnests. Reeling in was smooth.
Shimano Curado K (CU200HGK) LowProfile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel
  • Very smooth drag, easily the thing that stood out the most.
  • Very smooth drag, easily the thing that stood out the most.
  • I was fishing with barbless hooks, so a smooth drag was a necessity. The reel was flawless to the point that my guide said as we departed "Are you going to take that reel with you".
  • It's a good reel, it can cast far and feel nice in my hand.
  • Worst reel I’ve ever owned. Lasted a few months, bearings rusted and now useless.
Gear Ratio
8.1 : 1
7.4 : 1
Retrieve Rate
34 in.
31 in.
Type Of Crank
Reel Handle Position
MicroModule gearing, X-Ship, MGL Spool, SVS Infinity, Freshwater Only
Super Stopper Anti Reverse roller bearing, MicroModule gearing, Stainless steel bearings, X-Ship and HGN Gearing, Stable Spool, CI4+
Anti-Reverse Feature
What customers say about "Features"
Shimano Chronarch MGL (CHMGL150XG) Baitcasting Fishing Reel
  • Everything great about the Ci4 but with a lighter spool and micro module gearing. I have both and the mgl is definitely slightly better.
  • All I have to say is this thing is SMOOTH . Feels quality and handles saltwater well as long as you do basic maintenance.
  • The chronarch MGL is on a whole other level...not 1 flaw ....baitcasting perfection....only 1 reel even comes close and the metanium is 420.00
  • Brass Micro module gearing is smooth and stable due to the dual bearing supported pinion.
  • The Magnesium spool is certainly an improvement for cast-ability. Great reel that competes with my Metaniums.
Shimano Curado K (CU200HGK) LowProfile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel
  • Smooth casting easy to adjust.
  • Just what I wanted. Works great! Excellent price!
  • Casts like a champ and incredibly smooth. The only downside is adjusting the magnet brakes.
  • Love this reel! Best curado yet been using them since 1998.
  • Micro module gears does make for a smoother retrieve but ended up returning mines because there was alot of play in the handle which ruined it for me.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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