Product Comparison: Daiwa BG 3000 (0001-4132) vs Penn Battle II 3000 (1338218)

General Specifications
About the Product
The next generation of our ever popular BG spinning reel series just got leaner and meaner. This complete series ranges from ultralight freshwater actions to heavy big game saltwater models.
The PENN Battle II offers attractive cosmetics, durable design, and silky smooth HT-100 drag as just a few of the many reasons why so many anglers fish this reel. The Full Metal Body construction allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment. With the Superline Spool™, no backing is needed because of the rubber gasket that keeps superlines from slipping. A great value for the price point.
BG 3000 (0001-4132)
Battle II 3000 (1338218)
Key Specs
Braid Line Capacity
280/15, 240/20, 190/30
250/15, 180/20, 130/30
Reel Size
6 + 1
Mono Line Capacity
240/8, 200/10, 170/12
200/8, 165/10, 120/12
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Daiwa BG 3000 (0001-4132) Spinning Reels
  • This reel has the same bearings as the ultra premium reels , and feels ultra smooth.
  • his is an outstanding reel, it has a rubber gasket around the spool to make it easy to spool braid without any hassle or need for a monofilament backing.
  • This is an awesome, high quality reel. 3000 size is perfect for bass, inshore fishing, and even salmon
  • Fantastic reel, oversized spool and super smooth! Really love the machined aluminum.
  • Loaded it with 30 lb test Suffix 832 Advanced braid and just used it for 4 weeks in Florida. Very impressed with this reel.
Penn Battle II 3000 (1338218) Spinning Fishing Reel
  • A little heavier than most reels of the same size, but I like it very well so far.
  • Nice size, weight. Feelss great. Meets expectations.
  • I have several different sizes of the Battle II's now and am happy with all of them.
  • I really like the size of the reel. Very smooth and a nice steady drag.
  • I have 4 sizes now and the all perform great. All have braid line on them with a mono leader.
Size & Weight
5.4 in.
5 in.
10.8 oz.
12.3 oz.
5.3 in.
4 in.
3.7 in.
3 in.
Max Drag
15.4 lb.
15 lb.
Drag Type
Front Drag
Front Drag
Drag Adjustment
Drag Material
What customers say about "Drag"
Daiwa BG 3000 (0001-4132) Spinning Reels
  • The same, identical to the number Japanese bearings that the Saltiga and Shimano Stella reels use. Same top tier Daiwa lubricant is also used.
  • It's built like a tank and it is easy to adjust the drag.
  • Smooth. Great drag. Casts well. Braid ready. Looks great. Hard to beat at this price point.
  • Very smooth,very adjustable drag. Mostly used for light saltwater kayaking with 15lb braid.
  • The drag is buttery smooth and it can hammer down when needed to.
Penn Battle II 3000 (1338218) Spinning Fishing Reel
  • I used it regularly for one season and it served me well: the drag was smooth and I landed many fish with it.
  • The drag on all of my Battle II reels is fantastic and as the cheapest reel that has the HT-100 drag system, it’s a solid entry into the Penn family.
  • I think I've caught close to 50 fish with it already, and the drag has always been smooth. Great for fluorocarbon line!
  • Casts nicely and drag feels clean.
  • Works perfect for all your Midwest fishing needs. Even muskie if you set the drag right!
Gear Ratio
5.6 : 1
6.2 : 1
Retrieve Rate
37.4 in.
35 in.
Anti-Reverse Feature
Type Of Crank
Reel Handle Position
Left / Right
Left / Right
Infinite anti-reverse, Carbon ATD, Air Rotor, ABS SPOOL, Machined Aluminum Housing
Instant Anti-Reverse, Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, Superline Spool, Line Capacity Rings
What customers say about "Features"
Daiwa BG 3000 (0001-4132) Spinning Reels
  • They have many high end features found on reels five times their price, such as NMB bearings, anodized coating, and a silky smooth drag system.
  • They are sealed very well too and hold up in the salt.
  • The BG 3000 is a small reel, the action is very good and smooth and with practice you can make it reel without even using the handle.
  • I like it. Smooth, durable and has a good seal all around. Paired with 15lb suffix camo braid.
  • Sizing is larger with line capacity when compared to Shimano Stradic or Symetre. Slower gear ratios. Better feel than Penn Battle 2.
Penn Battle II 3000 (1338218) Spinning Fishing Reel
  • No certain I the idea of an automatic anti-reverse, but knew going in that was a feature of the reel. Like the heavy duty construction. Should last a long time, even using in salt water!
  • This reel is a workhorse. The body is totally aluminum, which gives it some weight, but I have finesse fished quite a few aluminum reels.
  • The reel feels very solid when you turn the handle with very little play.
  • This is a great reel. I love the looks, durability, line capacity, braid ready spool, and drag.
  • The spool can be more sturdy, it flexes when line is under tension causing clicking sound/action when jigging, drastically reducing sensitivity and hard to detect a bite.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
109.95 $

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