Product Comparison: Western Digital My Passport vs Western Digital My Book

General Specifications
Western Digital
Western Digital
My Passport (WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN)
About the Product
The My Passport portable hard drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love. Available in an array of vibrant, fun colors, the sleek style fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, so you can easily take your treasured content everywhere you go.
The My Book desktop hard drive is designed to complement your personal style with a massive amount of space to store your photos, videos, music and documents.
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Key Specs
Storage Drive Type
HDD 2.5"
4000 GB
8000 GB
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Western Digital My Passport Portable External Hard Drive (USB 3.0)
  • This generation has 4TB, 3TB, 2TB, and 1TB models. The 500GB sizes in previous versions has been dropped.
  • High Capacity Available - Up to 4TB (The older model when released had up to 3TB capacity, up until a 6/28/16 release of a short lived 4TB model)
  • It's cute! Lol I love the color and size (definitely portable), and overall design - clean and neat. It's easy to format and use (thanks, Google) and can be password protected if desired.
  • 1TB weight went a bit up from 0.34 lbs to 0.37 lbs, 2TB ,3TB & 4 TB weight went a bit up too from 0.50 lbs to 0.54 lbs
  • Drive is not upgradeable nor swappable due to internal circuit board
Western Digital My Book Desktop External Hard Drive (USB 3.0)
  • It's really fast. It's faster than my old seagate barracuda internal drive connected through Sata III. It has an average sequential read and write of 160 MB/s.
  • This model (I got the 6TB size) is available in sizes up to 8TB. A pretty massive amount of storage on a USB drive!
  • This generation has 8TB, 6TB, 4TB and 3TB single drive models. Dual drive 12TB and 16TB models are available too.
  • I love WD external hard drives, these large capacity ones in particular. This is my first 6 TB one, I have 12 other ones that are only 3 TB and 4 TB, I've only used this one for a little over a week, but so far so good. I expect it will be good just like all my other ones
  • I installed the drive and one week later, the disc became corrupt, preventing me from copying any new files onto the drive. I tried several different methods to fix the bad sectors, but was unsuccessful.
  • Was disappointed compared to previous products, did not set up correctly, had to download software to make it work. WD Tech told me I had to turn off drive if I reboot computer or computer would not boot up properly
Size & Weight
3.21 in.
5.5 in.
4.33 in.
1.9 in.
0.85 in.
6.7 in.
8.6 oz.
48 oz.
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Western Digital My Passport Portable External Hard Drive (USB 3.0)
  • Great little portable external hard drive.
  • This WD 4 TB external portable drive is not the first I have purchased, which should speak for itself. I like the WD portable drives, being reliable, and not excessively priced.
  • It's very portable, and just a case of simply plugging it in and it's available for use with Windows 10 - no external power supply needed of course, so ideal for transporting around in my laptop bag.
  • This hard drive is perfect for using with my Raspberry PI as a portable video library.
  • I loved the blue of it, and I loved the portability it offered.
Western Digital My Book Desktop External Hard Drive (USB 3.0)
  • A file backup hard drive made for desktops. Not made to be highly portable as in the smaller, pocket-sized versions; it's made as a book-sized appliance that sits next to your desktop computer.
  • There is only one plus, which is its big size.
  • I was surprised at the size and heaviness of it and. i
  • Great value, nice size. I am using this to back up my backup of family videos.
  • It should be very clearly stated the number and size of the drives inside, horrible packaging description and a huge waste of time.
OS Compatibility
Windows, Mac OS
Windows, Mac OS
USB 3.0
USB 3.0
Backup Function
Data Protection
WD Backup
WD Backup, 256-bit AES hardware encryption, Password protection with hardware encryption
Password protection with hardware encryption, Bold, vibrant design in wide range of beautiful colors
Password protection with hardware encryption, Easy to Use, Massive Capacity, WD Quality Inside and Out
What customers say about "Features"
Western Digital My Passport Portable External Hard Drive (USB 3.0)
  • This drive works fine with Windows, Linux or Mac out of the box. With Linux or Mac it performs best when reformatted with a native file system for the respective operating system.
  • This drive is faster than the last generation. Up to 10% faster in benchmarks, but just noticeable in practical use.
  • The early drives came with 2yr warranties, but NOW come with 3 years. Yeah!
  • Rubber "feet" on underside keep it in place
  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible
  • It comes with the same very short USB 3.0 cable as previous versions.
  • The redesign of the drive case is not a plus for me. Not much of a minus either as it's not why I selected this drive. The worst thing is going with pointy corners. From a handling perspective rounded corners are nicer.
Western Digital My Book Desktop External Hard Drive (USB 3.0)
  • Easy to set up. I just plugged it in and it was automatically detected by windows with no problems.
  • It comes with a 4ft USB 3.0 cable (much nicer than the very short My Passport cables!)
  • The drive is faster than I expected. It took about 1 day to copy 5.14 TB to it via USB 3. Those were mostly music files 3MB to 60mb plus some videos.
  • The top half of the hard drive uses the shiny black paint that gets covered in fingerprints as soon as you touch it.
  • The hard drive has no indicator light that shows it is on or receiving power. You can only tell by listening or if it's detected by your device / OS.
  • So far 1 star for absolutely horrible WD Backup software which doesn't work. The old WD Smartware worked great but this new drive is not recognized on WD Smartware so practically useless.
Additional Accessories
USB 3.0 cable, Quick start guide, WD Backup, WD Security and WD Drive Utilities software
USB 3.0 cable, AC adapter, Quick start guide
WD Backup and WD Security software
WD Backup and WD Security software
Power Supply
USB 5V/0.5A
AC adapter
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
3 year(s)
3 year(s)
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