Product Comparison: Intex Mariner 4 vs Intex Excursion 5

General Specifications
About the Product
The Intex Mariner 4 inflatable boat is constructed for supreme strength and durability with SUPER TOUGH™ PVC. This material is comprised of three separate layers - two outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement.
This 5-Person Capacity Boat is perfect for a day on the lake, whether you are fishing, camping, or just cruising! Lightweight and compact, this inflatable boat is a snap to assemble and can be ready for water in no time. This summer take the fun of boating wherever you go!
Mariner 4
Excursion 5
Key Specs
Age Grading
Person Capacity
Load Capacity
1100 lbs.
1320 lbs.
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Intex Mariner 4 Inflatable Raft River/Lake Dinghy Boat Set & Motor Mount Kit
  • This boat is awesome! Very robust, very versatile and just well made and thought out. My family and I have been out in it many times and have a great time every time.
  • These boat is bigger than I expected but just prefect. Inflats fast, very strong and a solid bottom. Very impressed.
  • This was a hit on my boyfriends last fishing trip!! It was durable, can fit at least two children and two adults, and with the motor gets you all over the lake!!
  • If you are wondering if you get this biat you should , the sevylor boat cant hold a caandle to this one.
  • It can hold 3 adults and gear (up to 880 lb) though mine is a bit less because of the weight of the hardwood flooring!
Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Rafting and Fishing Boat with Oars + Motor Mount
  • Bigger than expected, well build, and three air chambers are keeping the boat stable enough in the lake
  • The intex 5 is amaxing! It has a lot of space, it is sturdy and so fun! We just purchased a trolling motor and can't wait to get it in the water.
  • Awesome raft. Easy to modify. Will hold the rated 1300lbs.
  • It is absolutely not a 5 person raft though, 2 people and some gear and your good, we took 1 family size cooler and 1 storage container with snacks life vests.
  • I love it very spacious...i'm a 300lb guy and I was very comfortable in it. I am going to build a floor for it so I can stand in it but over all it is great.
Size & Weight
19 in.
17 in.
129 in.
144 in.
57 in.
66 in.
86.9 lbs.
57.4 lbs.
Number Of Shambers
Engine Capacity
3 HP
1.5 HP
Tube Material
Floor Material
Heavy-duty extruded plastic
Heavy-duty extruded plastic
Three inflatable
Four inflatable
What customers say about "Construction"
Intex Mariner 4 Inflatable Raft River/Lake Dinghy Boat Set & Motor Mount Kit
  • Boat is nice and sturdy and plenty big for what I wanted.
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble. It's easy to carry without a motor, but add motor and battery and it's very heavy.
  • The quality of this unit is much better than expected, and worked out perfectly out on the river.
  • The materials appear to be very strong and "heavy duty," while taking into account the low cost. I do agree with many other reviews with respect to the weight, however, you need to expect additional weight will be added to an inflatable boat made from good quality material.
  • My only complaint is that the bottom of the boat could have been made of stronger material.
Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Rafting and Fishing Boat with Oars + Motor Mount
  • Sturdy and just what I wanted!!! Perfect!! Hope to have lots of fun (and fish) this summer on Lake Champlain in Vermont!!!
  • The product is awesome and is working fine for now. Have to see if it retains its durability long enough.
  • Very good quality material by intex. Looks durable and thick.
  • The material is vulnerable to punctures and the original repair kit may not be as good as the professional patching kit
  • BUYERS BEWARE, the motor mount is made for up to 3HP motors but the boat is only rated for a 1.5HP motor.
Number Of Air Valves
Grab handles
All Around Grab Line
Number Of Fishing Rod Holders
Oar Locks
Oar Holders
Accessories Included
Hi-Output Manual Hand Pump, Gear pouch, Battery pouch, Repair patch, 2x 54 in. Deluxe Aluminum Oars, Intex Motor Mount Kit
2x 54 in. Deluxe Aluminum Oars, Carry bag, Hi-Output Manual Hand Pump, Repair patch, Intex Motor Mount Kit
Motor mount fittings, Welded-on rotational oar locks, 2 Boston valves on main hull, Grab handle on both ends, Keel rock guard
2 Boston valves on main hull, Motor mount fittings, Grab handle on both ends
What customers say about "Features"
Intex Mariner 4 Inflatable Raft River/Lake Dinghy Boat Set & Motor Mount Kit
  • Inflation/deflation works well with the large volume pump that comes with it. I highly recommend it and would buy again!
  • The new seat design is good and it prevents them from squeaking like the old ones could.
  • Everything was great when I first inflated it. The Keil is leaking and won't hold air for very long. The four chambers leak as well.
  • There are only two issues i have with this boat, one would be the inflatable seats it comes with, they sit a bit low for my tastes but are more than serviceable.
  • The removable hard floor is slippery and will scootch away and fold up if you try to get your footing on it.
Intex Excursion 5 Inflatable Rafting and Fishing Boat with Oars + Motor Mount
  • Easy to assemble and take down; great for fishing with a trolling motor attached to the back.
  • Although the manual pump works great, it's recommended to go for an electric powered air pump which can inflate and deflate as well.
  • It was a little difficult to maneuver with just the oars so we bought a little trolling motor and had a blast!
  • It took us today 2.5 hours to inflate the boat. The included manual pump broke in first 10 minutes of inflating.
Warranty / Certifications
CE, NMMA Certified, TUV approved
NMMA Certified, TUV approved, CE
Manufacturer warranty
0.25 year
0.25 year
Other Information
299.99 $
149.99 $

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