Best Manual and Automatic Wine Bottle Openers for Easy Cork Popout

Review & Comparison, Last Update June 5, 2024
Being a must-have wine accessory for any bar or restaurant, a wine bottle opener is an essential tool for home use too. It will help you extract the cork from the bottle in mere seconds. With a vast variety of uncorker types and designs available, we’ve picked 5 most appealing models, among which you can easily choose the one that suits you best. ...Read more ...Read less
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BEST 2024

Strong and durable, this bottle opener is made of premium quality stainless steel alloy and will serve you for years. A replaceable corkscrew also adds to its long-lasting use.  


Due to a bit bulky design, storage of the tool will require some space. 


With the Freegoing Rabbit wine opener, uncorking a bottle of your favorite wine is a breeze. It will take you only 6 simple steps and several seconds to take out the cork. Extremely easy to use, this model will catch the fancy of both wine buffs and those who drink wine on occasions. 

detailed parameters

Manual lever style opener


Ergonomic handle, Foil cutter, Extra screw pull, Gift box


Stainless steel alloy


6.3"x 5.1"

Weight: 12.3 oz


1 year 


Equipped with a charging base and an integrated foil cutter, this model will perform the task of opening wine bottles in a blink of an eye. A full charge takes 6 to 8 hours and is enough to uncork up to 30 bottles.


The charging base requires the availability of a power socket nearby.


Owing to a sophisticated style and sleek design, the Oster bottle opener will perfectly blend with any modern kitchen interior. Offering an almost effortless way of uncorking a bottle, it's an excellent option for those who have weak hands or a poor grip, due to arthritis. 

detailed parameters

Electric cordless corkscrew


Simple push-button operation, Charging LED Lights, Soft Grip, Foil cutter, Recharging base, Plug


Plastic body, Metal corkscrew


Opener:  2.25"x 10.75"

With a base: 5.5"x 15"x 5.3"

Weight: 16 oz


1-year limited warranty 


A precision-cut groove along the worm makes it easier to drill into a cork without breaking it. A double-hinged fulcrum will allow a smooth pulling out of the longest corks. 


A metal support arm may damage a bottle neck. 


This compact yet efficient waiter's style corkscrew will perfectly work with both wooden and synthetic corks. A built-in serrated foil cutter and a standard beer bottle opener contribute to the usability and versatility of the HiCoup manual corkscrew. Besides, you can choose between Ebony wood and Rosewood handles.

detailed parameters

Waiter's friend 


Double-hinged fulcrum, Comfort-grip wood handle, Integrated bottle opener and foil cutter


420 Stainless Steel 


4.5"x 0.5"x 1.2"

Weight: 3.2 oz


Lifetime warranty 


An attractive satin finished stainless steel sheath securely protects the prongs and adds to the user's safety of use. Meanwhile, a rugged metal gift box can be used for storing the corkscrew in the future.  


You'll need certain skills to use this corkscrew. 


The Agog wine bottle opener is ideal for vintage wine buffs and wine makers. It ensures a careful and smooth cork extraction and significantly reduces the risk of brittle corks damaging or shredding. Polished stainless steel prongs ensure a faultless operation and long-lasting service life. 

detailed parameters

Ah-So bottle opener


Integrated bottle opener, Sheath, Storage/gift box


Stainless steel 


4.6"x 3.4"x 0.9"

Weight: 0.8 oz


Amazon's 30-day return policy


Ergonomic non-slip handles provide a comfortable grip for a quick and no-hassle wine corks extraction. The reverse side of the corkscrew doubles as a bottle opener. 


The worm might damage a cork preventing its reuse. 


A wing corkscrew is a simple yet highly efficient bottle opener that will make a great addition to any kitchen arsenal. It is one of the most common models for a domestic use. Besides, the set is complete with an extra stopper that is a stylish and useful accessory.  

detailed parameters

Wing corkscrew


Ergonomic handles, Integrated bottle opener, Wine Stopper, Gift box


Stainless steel 


9.5"x 5.6"x 2.1" 

Weight: 19.2 oz


Lifetime warranty 


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Freegoing Rabbit

Only Several simple Steps to Open a Bottle

The Freegoing Rabbit wine opener stands out for its unmatched functionality and ease of use. No special skills are required! You can uncork a bottle in just six simple steps. See for yourself! 

  1. Remove the foil with a handy foil cutter included in the set.
  2. Hold the bottle opener and lift the handle to pull out the worm completely. 
  3. Grip the bottleneck with the grip handles firmly yet carefully to prevent breaking it.  
  4. Press the lift handle down until the drill fully screws into the cork. 
  5. Lift the lever up to extract the cork. 
  6. Remove the corkscrew by loosening the grip handles and detach the cork from the worm. 

Simple as that! Now, you can enjoy your favorite wine with a rich aroma and unforgettable taste.

Review of Freegoing Rabbit

“Rabbit Ears” for Handy Grip

After taking a look at this model, you will surely notice its fancy design. Two grip handles coming together over the top of a wine bottle resemble rabbit ears. That was the reason for naming the device a rabbit design wine opener. 

Speaking of the tool operation, it is based on the lever principle that greatly facilitates and reduces efforts for uncorking a bottle. So, another name for this type of bottle opener is a lever style corkscrew. 

In this uncorker, the long and ergonomically shaped rabbit ear handles offer a comfortable grip. Besides, they ensure a firm and secure clamp to provide better stability and prevent a bottleneck from slipping out of your hands. 

The device made of premium quality polished stainless steel is not only solid and durable but also has a fashionable and beautiful design. It will add a touch of contemporary style to any bar and domestic kitchen or a bar stand. Coming in an elegant gift box, the Freegoing will also make a perfect gift for any professional bartender or wine enthusiast. 

The only disadvantage is that the corkscrew is a bit bulky and takes some extra space in your kitchen cabinet, drawer or on the countertop. 

Freegoing Rabbit in the use

Fallback Option

To prolong the service life of your lever style bottle opener and prevent its damage or malfunctions, we recommend using it carefully. Try to operate it smoothly, avoid jerks and do not apply too much strength. 

However, if the screw breaks on some occasion, you don’t have to worry! The Freegoing set comes complete with an extra worm. It’s another helpful option in favor of this model. The worm replacement procedure is very simple. You only need to unscrew the nut over the worm head, unmount the damaged or broken worm from the handler and insert the replacement worm. That’s it. Now your corkscrew looks brand new and will serve you for several more years.

Detailed review of Freegoing Rabbit

Optimal Wine Temperature

It’s common knowledge that wine serving temperatures greatly affect the wine taste. Hence, to highlight a wine’s unique bouquet and flavor profile, it is essential to serve each wine type at its optimal temperature. 

Aged red wine with a distinct flavor fully reveals its taste and aroma at the temperature of 64-68°F, while the perfect serving temperature for a lighter red wine is 57-61°F. The best way to enjoy white wine is to serve it cooled down to 54-57°F. To quickly cool your white or sparkling wine, you can place it in an ice bucket.

Freegoing Rabbit application
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Oster Cordless Electric

It Will do all the job for you

Though many manual corkscrews make bottle opening much easier, commonly, you still have to put some efforts to pop the cork. As distinct from such corkscrews, the Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener will do all the job for you. 

It offers an extremely easy touch-of-a-button operation. Simply place the tool on top of a wine bottle and press the lower part of a single control button. The screw will drill into the cork and gradually extract it from the bottle. To remove the cork from the screw, just press the upper part of the bottom. It’s worth saying that this model is compatible with all types of bottles, including the oddly-shaped or novelty ones, and works great with all cork types (wooden, plastic, rubber, etc.). 

Thanks to the effortless push-button operation, it’s an excellent fit for those who suffer from arthritis or have weak hands, as well as for those who need to open many bottles in a row.

Review of Oster Cordless Electric

Before use

This model is a cordless unit powered from a rechargeable battery and fitted with a charging base that doubles as a storage stand. Along with a bottle opener, the base holds a foil cutter that will come in handy to remove the foil seal from the cork. On a single charge (takes about 6-8 hours), the unit can work continuously for about 53 minutes and open up to 30 different wine bottles during the operation.  

Such efficiency can be used both for a family dinner or a friendly gathering, at various large-scale festal events and even in the bars, cafes, and restaurants. 

Oster Cordless Electric in the use

Stylish Helper

The Oster wine opener is an outstanding device not only for its functionality but also for a sophisticated, contemporary design rendered in silver and black. The sleek oblong tool ensures a comfortable grip and perfectly suits any palm size. For enhanced convenience and stability, it features soft non-slip rubberized inserts. A red light indicator adds to the overall corkscrew design and lets you know that the unit is charging.

This electric corkscrew from Oster looks gorgeous and will perfectly fit any modern kitchen interior. Besides, if you hunt for innovations, technologies, and style, this wine accessory definitely deserves your attention. 

Detailed review of Oster Cordless Electric

Matching Wine With Food

Do you have issues matching wine with food? We hope several tips below will help you find the best pair for your favorite wine. 

Traditionally, dry red wine makes a perfect match with all kinds of meat, whether it is a veal, beef, pork, lamb or venison. Some sorts also taste great with pasta, turkey, and duck. Meanwhile, dry white wine ideally pairs with chicken, fish, seafood and all types of cheese. Sweet and semi-sweet types of wine are usually served with desserts, ice-cream and a choice of fruit. 

If you plan to host a cocktail party or banquet, an electric food slicer will help you make ideal appetizers to go with a shimmering glass of wine. You can quickly cut ham, cheese, meat, and veggies into neat thin slices to impress your guests with delicious canapes and best-ever hors d'oeuvres.

Oster Cordless Electric application

Additional Info


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HiCoup Kitchenware Natural Rosewood

For a Real Sommelier

Good aged or vintage wines are prone to sedimentation. Hence, when you open a wine bottle with sediment on the bottom, it’s better to avoid shaking it. This is where a waiter's friend, sommelier knife, or wine key type of wine openers will come to help.

The HiCoup Kitchenware Natural Rosewood corkscrew is just in point. It will help you remove the cork quickly and efficiently without unwanted bottle stirring and shaking. It is possible, thanks to a unique design with a double-hinged fulcrum that provides extra leverage and smoother corks pulling out. In addition, a special grooved worm can be easily inserted in any natural or synthetic corks with no breakage.  The screw firmly grips the cork and reduces the drag to prevent the cork crumbling. 

The waiter’s friend offers one of the oldest methods of opening a bottle of wine. Being a standard tool of choice for restaurant waiters, bartenders, and sommeliers, the HiCoop wine key is a professional grade wine opener. The small disadvantage the device has is that using it requires a certain skill. However, once you get a hang of this model, you will never want to buy another wine opener.  

Review of HiCoup Kitchenware Natural Rosewood

Additional Benefits

Perfectly fulfilling its main task, this classic sommelier knife also offers some extra benefits and options that add to its versatility and convenience of use.  

Unlike many other waiter’s type corkscrews with a single hinge, this model features a two-piece hinge that makes wine opening twice easier. No matter how long the wine cork is, removing it with the HiCoup wine opener is a breeze.  

This tool also doubles as a bottle opener and will be of great use when you feel like drinking a glass of beer on occasions. On the reverse side of the handle, there is a folding cutter with a serrated edge and a rounded tip for removing the foil safely. As you can see, this awesome all-in-one tool will save you the trouble of buying two additional accessories: a bottle opener and a foil cutter.   

Moreover, due to its compact dimensions and folding design, this model stands out for unmatched portability. It is small enough to slip into any pocket and fit into any bag. A nice and versatile wine accessory for the use both at home and during outings or travels as well. 

HiCoup Kitchenware Natural Rosewood in the use

High-quality Materials for a Beautiful and Functional Design

The HiCoup Kitchenware Natural Rosewood corkscrew is a vivid example of the high-quality, functionality, and practical features balanced perfectly. 

The body and screw are made of 420 stainless steel that is much more durable and strong than a commonly used 410 grade. The handle made of rosewood is nice-to-the-touch and looks gorgeous. Finely polished, it provides a comfortable grip and gives an eye-catching, exquisite look to the tool. Not only does this kind of wood look beautiful but it also provides an outstanding wear resistance and ensures a long-lasting service life. Well-balanced and stylish, the HiCoup wine key feels hefty and solid yet comfortable in a hand. 

This model is also available in a stainless steel handle edition featuring rosewood inserts, as well as in the edition with an elegant black handle of ebony wood.

Detailed review of HiCoup Kitchenware Natural Rosewood

Aerating and Decanting

For avid wine lovers, serving wine is a kind of ritual. Be it young or aged wine, white or red, you should serve it according to certain rules. 

Aged wines, especially red ones, are prone to sedimentation. To separate the sediment at the bottom of the bottle the wine should be decanted. Meanwhile, both old and young wines will taste better and fully reveal their rich flavors when enriched with oxygen. 

Today, you can find a variety of decanters and wine aerators you can use to serve your wine in a proper way. Wine aerators are very simple yet extremely helpful devices. Many models not only allow oxygenizing the wine but also decanting it right in the process of pouring.

HiCoup Kitchenware Natural Rosewood application

Additional Info

User Manual     Manufacturer

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Agog Opener for Vintage Bottles

The Key to Success

The appearance of the Devine Ah-So wine opener differs from the one of a standard cork remover with a screw. At a glance, it might be difficult to understand how this fancy tool is supposed to extract the corks from the wine bottles. 

With an oval handle and two almost parallel prongs, it resembles a key. But despite its non-traditional design, the Ah-So opener does a pretty good job of opening the bottles. To remove the cork, first, carefully insert the longer prong between the cork and the bottle neck. Next, insert the shorter prong and gently push the prongs down. Once the prongs are firmly secured, twist and pull the device to pop the cork. 

Though this use technique is not the easiest one and requires some practice, it allows removing the cork without damaging it. Hence, it is especially helpful with pulling out crumbling, dried, half-broken or old corks. For this reason, this model is praised by the wine savvies who own expensive collections of vintage and aged wines. Besides, such opening method also gives an opportunity to taste or test the wine and insert the cork back to preserve the wine flavor and aroma. This is a real find for sommeliers and winemakers.

Review of Agog Opener for Vintage Bottles

The Best Gift for a Wine Connoisseur

Like many other wine openers, the DeVine ships in a compact gift box. However, the package is not a standard pretty paper box that is usually thrown out once the gift is opened. This classy tool comes in a durable box of superfine, satin finished stainless steel. Securely keeping the cork remover inside, the box conveniently doubles as a storage or carrying case.

For added safety, the prongs are protected with a sheath. Thus, you can easily put it in your purse or pocket without fear of damaging your other stuff or clothes. This luxury set of premium stainless steel will undoubtedly make a perfect gift for any wine geek.

Agog Opener for Vintage Bottles in the use

Proper and Secure Wine Storage

Any wine maker, wine collector or wine buff knows that storing wine in proper conditions is crucial for preserving its peculiar flavor and taste. 

Beverage refrigerators are compact devices that create optimal storage conditions for your home wine collection maintaining a correct temperature and humidity level.

Detailed review of Agog Opener for Vintage Bottles

It Will Work Where Many Other Models Fail

The DeVine Ah-So is a very peculiar bottle opener that might seem a bit tricky for using on a regular basis. However, it becomes your lifesaver in some situations when other models do not work. 

It’s the best option for the corks very hard to penetrate, too brittle corks or old corks damaged with a worm of a traditional corkscrew. Simple yet highly efficient, it will help you out in such difficult situations and pull any cork out of the bottle. In view of its affordable price, the Agog will make a nice addition to your conventional bottle opener with a screw.

Agog Opener for Vintage Bottles application
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HiCoup Kitchenware

Perfect for Domestic Use

This model by the HiCoup Kitchenware belongs to winged corkscrew devices. Simple and durable, this type of corkscrew is the most popular one for a domestic use. Even if you have never used a similar wine opener before, you will be able to uncork the bottle in a flash with it. 

By rotating the handle on the screw top, insert the screw into the cork and place the tool on top of the unfoiled bottleneck. As you rotate the screw handle, you will see the side wing handles rising. Once the screw sits firmly in the cork, press down the wings smoothly to extract the cork. Voila! Your favorite wine is ready to be poured into glasses. After that, the only thing you have to do is to unscrew the extracted cork from the screw. Which is not much when you crave for a glass of deliciously cool wine.

Review of HiCoup Kitchenware

Delicious Variations

Choosing delicious wine may be rather difficult and challenging sometimes. If the wine you bought does not have the flavor and taste you expected, do not worry. You can use it to make delicious mulled wine. This is where a slow cooker might help. It can evenly heat all the ingredients and maintain the required temperature below the boiling point for as long as you need. 

To make yourself some best-ever mulled wine, add some ground nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and heat your wine in a slow cooker (in low mode) for 1.5-2 hours. To enhance the flavor and unforgettable aroma of your hot mulled wine, put several slices of orange or lemon right into the glass before the serving.

HiCoup Kitchenware in the use

Improved "Wings"

In this model, no-hassle and strain-free cork removal are ensured by the use of a meticulously designed polished helix worm along with improved wing handles. The “wings” are long enough to provide a good leverage, they feature non-slip rubberized inserts for a convenient and secure grip. 

Uncorking the bottle has never been easier!

Detailed review of HiCoup Kitchenware

A Helpful Bonus

Sometimes you may encounter the robust stainless steel screw of the HiCoup uncorker damaging brittle or dried corks. This makes the corks unsuitable for a reuse. However, it’s not a big issue since this model is complete with a reusable stainless steel wine stopper. Thanks to a high-quality rubber insert, it allows securely sealing the opened bottle to keep the wine taste and rich aroma until the next dinner. Besides, a ball-shaped stopper handle contributes to the ease and convenience of use as well as adds to its elegant design.

HiCoup Kitchenware application

Additional Info

User Manual     Manufacturer

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What is a Wine Bottle Opener

A bottle of wine is a common attribute of both romantic and business dinners. Occasionally, you can have a glass of your favorite wine to shake off the stress after a day at work or treat your guests with a choice of good wines to set the mood for any event or gathering. Though there are many ways to uncork the bottle, the easiest and the quickest one is to use a high-quality convenient wine bottle opener. There are dozens of different types and styles of corkscrews, including manual and even electric wine openers, those intended for domestic or professional use. In our review, we’ve selected the most popular models to help you choose the one that will cater to all your needs.

If you want to host the best-ever parties and impress all your guests with a variety of frozen drinks, we recommend paying attention to margarita machines with which you can make margaritas, Coladas, daiquiris, and even ice-fresh smoothies in a few seconds.

What Features to Compare


Today, the choice of wine openers is overwhelmingly rich. However, depending on the method of uncorking bottles and the corkscrew design, you can choose from the following types of wine bottle openers:  

  • A  basic Twist and Pull corkscrew is of the simplest type. Actually, it’s a worm securely attached to a metal or wooden handle. It is extremely easy to use but may require much effort to pull the cork out.  
  • Wing, butterfly or angel corkscrew is one of the most commonly used models. It is simple to use and provides a smooth cork pulling out with no specific user skills required. A great model for any household. 
  • Lever, rabbit or ‘Bunny Ears’ style wine opener offers one of the easiest and almost effortless ways to uncork the bottle. An ideal choice for wine buffs and occasional drinkers as well. 
  • Waiter's friend, sommelier knife, or wine key slightly resembles a Barlow knife. This corkscrew is lightweight, durable and can be folded to fit in your pocket. Yet, its use requires a certain skill. As its name suggests, it’s the most popular type for the use in bars and restaurants. 
  • Twin-prong cork puller, “Ah-So” corkscrew or butler's friend stands for a really simple design consisting of two durable prongs attached to a handle. It extracts the cork smoothly and carefully making a perfect option for aged and collection wine bottles with brittle corks. However, you will need some practice to use it as intended.
  • Electric wine opener will do all the work for you and uncork the bottle in a breeze. Most electric bottle openers offer a touch-of-a-button operation. It is an exceptional choice for anyone with weak hands or those who are not allowed to exert a physical force for some reason.
  • Several not so popular types of corkscrews include the table top and air-pump wine uncorkers. 

Usability and Extras 

Irrespective of the type, the corkscrew needs to be convenient to use and provide a comfortable non-slip grip. Hence, we recommend paying close attention to the ergonomics, material and length of a corkscrew handle. For added user's convenience of use, many models come complete with a foil cutter, bottle openers, and reusable stoppers. 

Material and Dimensions

Needless to say, that long-lasting service life of any product directly depends on the quality of materials it is made from. When it comes to corkscrews, opt for the models made from solid premium materials, such as stainless steel. For home use, the wine bottle opener dimensions are of minor importance, unless your kitchen lacks a storage space. But if you are looking for a portable corkscrew, it’s better to carefully consider its dimensions and weight before buying. 


Q: What are the types of wine bottle openers?

A: In general, they fall into two major categories: manual corkscrews and electric wine openers, each of them having its benefits. Electric bottle openers are top-notch accessories that will not only spare you the efforts during the whole process of a wine bottle opening but also add a stylish touch to any kitchen interior. Manual corkscrews include different types ranging from the time-proven traditional uncorkers to more sophisticated models that will come in handy on various occasions. 

Q: What are the main advantages of electric wine openers over manual corkscrews?

A: Electric uncorkers offer a faster, more convenient and almost effortless way to pop the cork out of the bottle. If you host a party, a wedding reception or any other gathering and need to open dozens of bottles in a row, an electric wine opener becomes a real find! It will save your time allowing you to uncork wine bottles quickly and with minimum fuss. 

Q: Does the cork type matter?

A: Most electric wine openers will easily pull out both synthetic and natural corks. However, when it comes to manual corkscrews, everything becomes dependent on the wine opener type. Lever and Ah-So corkscrews work great with brittle, sensitive and older natural corks while many of them will fail with synthetic material corks. Winged corkscrews and wine keys, vice versa, perfectly cope with synthetic and solid natural material corks but are not the best option for older corks in aged bottles. 

Q: Do I need to replace a corkscrew worm?

A: After a certain period of use, you might notice that your wine opener does not remove the corks as easily as it used to. The major cause is often a worm malfunction since this part wears out over time. Many modern corkscrews feature a replaceable worm. Once a new worm is installed, your corkscrew will work just like a new one. 

Q: Do I need any specific skills to use a corkscrew?

A: Basically, a corkscrew is a very simple and easy-to-use tool. However, in a variety of types and designs, there are models that will take some time to get the hang of. These are Ah-So and air-pump corkscrews. 

Q: What is the best way to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew?

A: If you found yourself with no corkscrew when traveling or on a picnic, there are several simple ways to open a bottle of wine. You can pull the cork down with some household item, pull it out with a knife or even use your shoe to hit the cork out. Perhaps, the easiest way is to push the cork down into the bottle. However, neither of alternative methods is as easy, convenient, and, what is not less important, safe as using a corkscrew. Hence, you’d better put this device on your must-have list when preparing for your great outdoors pastime.


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