Product Comparison: ECHO SRM-225 vs ECHO SRM-225i

General Specifications
About the Product
The professional-grade SRM-225 is ECHO's most popular straight-shaft gas trimmer. Lightweight, well balanced and easy to use, this trimmer also is fuel efficient. With its long reach and great features, the ECHO SRM-225 trimmer helps you get your yard in great shape.
Handle difficult trimming jobs easily with this ECHO gas trimmer. Its 17 in. cutting swath lets you finish the job faster, and the two-cycle 21.2cc Power Boost Vortex engine operates with great power. The Speed-Feed trimmer head lets you load the line quickly. This versatile trimmer has a commercial-grade felt air filter, and the 59 in. straight shaft provides excellent reach for getting to hard-to-reach locations.
Key Specs
Cutting Swath
17 in.
17 in.
Line Diameter
0.095 in.
0.095 in.
Shaft Type
Semi-automatic line winding
Semi-automatic line winding
What customers say about "Key Specs"
ECHO SRM-225 String Trimmer
  • Could probably cut down a tree, but easily goes through bushes and branches of all sorts.
  • Haven’t had to change the line yet and I’m on my third tank of fuel. Probably have cut 4-500 yards of fence line already.
  • Does fence lines in horse pastures without constantly running out of string. Very pleased.
  • One of my favorite tools I own. I always bought the cheapest non-electric weedeater I could find. Most of our trimming needs were limited to up and down the sidewalks, along the fence in the backyard.
  • A little on the heavy side. After about 20 minutes you'll want to take a break. However, you'll probably be halfway done with your yard, instead of only 1/10th, so this really isn't a big issue.
ECHO SRM-225i String Trimmer
  • Very nice product. Wire replacement is easy. I really like when I hold it that it feels balanced. Very long shaft.
  • With the straight shaft, that is a back-saver. This trimmer has good counter balance and all the power you need.
  • Dual line is a great feature as is the self winding spool. Not for delicate/fine edging or trimming.
  • I am very unhappy with the product; the line frequently breaks off inside the head/spool and the trimmer just dies about every 15 minutes.
  • I hate spools so i put a different head on it. new head went on easy and i haven't had any problems with it.
Size & Weight
70.7 in.
72 in.
10.1 in.
9.69 in.
13.01 in.
12 in.
10.8 lbs.
12.6 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
ECHO SRM-225 String Trimmer
  • Compared to the Stihl I have, this is lighter in weight. has more power, and is considerably much easier to start.
  • The weight isn't as light as some I've used.
  • It is lighter in weight than an 18yo ryobi trimmer it replaced.
  • Nice weighting and balance. It's long to keep you away from some of the spray.
  • The weight was balanced nicely and it ran through thick weeds with ease.
ECHO SRM-225i String Trimmer
  • Lower weight and better balance than the Toro.
  • A very powerful trimmer. Compact and lightweight
  • Trimmer has great weight and balance for extremely fast trimming along fences, walls, etc.
  • Light weight, easy to start, and most important, easy to use.
Handle Type
Loop handle
Loop handle
Detachable Shaft
Max. Power Speed
4300 rpm
8500 rpm
Trigger Lockout
Auto Return Stop Switch
Air Purge
Edger Function
i-30™ starting system for reduced effort starting, Engine vibration-reduction system for operator comfort, Speed-Feed® 400 trimmer head re-loads in seconds without disassembly
21.2 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding performance, 59" straight shaft, Engine vibration-reduction system for operator comfort, i-75™ starting system for reduced effort starting
What customers say about "Features"
ECHO SRM-225 String Trimmer
  • Echo has always been my choice. I am completely impressed with the new features. Great tool.
  • This trimmer has all the features of the larger one except for the speed feed is smaller 400 opposed to the larger 450.
  • Handles easily. Quick easy start. Does fence lines in horse pastures without constantly running out of string. Very pleased.
  • The second and most important is the handle. When holding this unit and using it, I tend to almost burn my arm on the engine area, for some reason, they decided to place the muffler/engine right where your arm would be when holding this.
  • The protective cover over the string is very small, and as a result you will get hit with rocks and sticks a lot if you don't take care to tilt the trimmer with the right side down to the ground, flinging stuff *away* from you.
ECHO SRM-225i String Trimmer
  • Loading the trimmer head is very easy, probably best feature. Great safety features .
  • My favorite feature is the string head. It actually works and does not get clogged, like every other trimmer I've owned. This alone saves me about 30% time working.
  • One of the big features of the trimmer is that there is no need to remove the head cover to replace the spent string.
  • Replacing the string is very easy and the nice feature is that you can use .080 or .095 string. I wish I had purchased it sooner!
  • Two features I'd change if I could would be to have the kill switch return to the on position after release and for the string guard to cover more area.
Engine Type
21.2 cc, 2-stroke engine
21.2 cc 2-stroke engine
Fuel Tank Volume
14.2 fl. oz.
14.2 fl. oz.
What customers say about "Power"
ECHO SRM-225 String Trimmer
  • Too powerful for mortal beings.
  • I was a bit concerned ordering an item like this trimmer. I was amazed on how powerful this string trimmer is.
  • Echo SRM-225 21.2 Gas Power Straight Shaft weed eater has plenty of power to tackle cutting in tall grass.
  • This is a powerful machine, treat it with respect!
  • Does not have enough power in my opinion to drive a brush cutter or larger line diameter
ECHO SRM-225i String Trimmer
  • The product, 2 cycle 21.2 cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer, is easy to use, even for a shorter person like myself, not too heavy, and very powerful.
  • I have only used it a few times but it runs great and has plenty of power.
  • This trimmer is more than powerful. I use this for edging as well as trimming weeds. I also have used it to clean up out of control vines. Cut right through everything and almost never at full throttle.
  • It has plenty of power for tackling trimming around my house, patio, and cutting down undergrowth in my tree line.
  • After reading the other reviews I was expecting a little more power from the engine. At only 21cc I feel it's a little under-powered but again for home use it is decent
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
5 year(s)
5 year(s)
Other Information
199.99 $

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