Product Comparison: Victorinox Tinker vs Victorinox Spartan

General Specifications
About the Product
Whether you're simply moving through your day or journeying around the world, the Tinker pocket knife is a knife for travelers. You never know what you'll encounter out there; but you know that you and your Tinker will always be ready for anything.
When you hear the words Swiss Army Knife, chances are you think of the legendary Officer's knife. And that legend continues with the Spartan pocket knife. This is the pocket knife that started it all. The one that helped people all around the world to get the job done. And wherever your everyday adventures take you, the Spartan is ready.
Key Specs
Number Of Functions
Large blade, Small blade, Phillips screwdriver 1/2, Reamer, punch and sewing awl, Can opener, Screwdriver 3 mm, Bottle opener, Screwdriver 6 mm, Wire stripper, Key ring, Toothpick, Tweezers
Large blade, Small blade, Can opener, Screwdriver 3 mm, Bottle opener, Screwdriver 6 mm, Wire stripper, Reamer, punch and sewing awl, Corkscrew, Toothpick, Tweezers, Key ring
Scale Material
ABS / Cellidor
ABS / Cellidor
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army Knife
  • Best combination of Victorinox tools at my personal thickest comfortable pocket carrying size
  • The can opener, bottle cap lifter and awl have become less useful as technology is quickly moving to containers that do not require separate opener tools.
  • Perfect minimalist combo pocket knife (for me). In my line of work all I really need as 'gotta have it now' tools are a blade, a flat head screwdriver and a phillips head screw driver.
  • Best all around useful pocket knife on the planet.. Great materials, sharp blade and tools.
  • The can opener, bottle cap lifter and awl have become less useful as technology is quickly moving to containers that do not require separate opener tools.
Victorinox Spartan Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • The action on the blades and tools feel just a bit smoother, and the blades are definitely sharper than the ST that I received as a warranty replacement (important since I don't find these little blades very easy to sharpen on a waterstone.
  • This knife is great, the tweezers are one of those things everyone needs but you never seem to have on you.
  • This is a timeless tool setup and can do almost anything imaginable. I know some knives include other tools like scissors, magnifying glasses, etc, but this setup will perform for almost every task, remain small enough to not be a bother in your pocket, and large enough that you won't misplace it.
  • Its one of those rare tools that the more you use it, the more uses you find for it. Highly recommended.
  • For me has a great combination of tools I use regularly; blades, screwdriver and of course corkscrew, lost without one so bought this to replace a lost one!
Size & Weight
0.55 in.
0.57 in.
3.6 in.
3.58 in.
0.5 in.
0.55 in.
2.2 oz.
2.08 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army Knife
  • NOT too large for everyday pocket carrying.
  • This is a convenient multi-tool that fits conveniently in your pocket, and I carry one most of the time as you never know when you will need each of the attachments; the knife attachment is fairly sharp right out of the box, and is easy to sharpen back up with either sandpaper or a whetstone.
  • Not too mention it cuts down the weight and overall width of the thing. The tools are perfect on here. I use them all the time.
  • The one weak tool is the tweezer which is too light weight to apply enough force to remove a cactus spine or deep splinter. Aside from that, the whole package rates a solid strong 5 stars.
  • It is a good quality knife and a good size and weight I also really like the Scout emblem on it.
Victorinox Spartan Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • It has exactly the same tools, but instead of being 91mm long, it's smaller at 84mm long. The Tourist is easier to carry in a pocket but just as capable and handy.
  • The Spartan is a very light knife that in turn makes it easy to carry. You get a nice selection of tools for the size. Just today (admittedly the 4th of July) I used the large blade, bottle opener, cap lifter, cork screw and my add on of the small screw driver carried in cork screw.
  • This is the perfect size knife, not too small or big, feels great in the hand
  • This has been the optimal pocket knife for me through the past decade.
  • Bought a bunch of these for my friends for Christmas. They’re light, portable, and have everything you could possibly want on the fly in your pocket.
Scale Color
Main Blade Type
Non Serrated
Non Serrated
One Hand Blade
Blade lockable
Pocket Clip
Pounch Included
Lifetime Warranty, The ideal companion for all crafty men and women
What customers say about "Features"
Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army Knife
  • Very firm spring lock on the tools (no mechanical lock), especially the blades, though...
  • The edge on the can opener and the leather punch is tough enough to de-burr holes in metal much les open a can or stitch with.
  • I noticed that the new knife has a feature for locking the tools in place so they do not pinch or damage a finger.
  • The snap shut of the tools lets you know your knife is genuine. It is also a great safety feature.
  • Tools came mostly covered with oil, which can be wiped off after opening/closing until completely gone or washed off with warm water
Victorinox Spartan Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • A classic that never changes. No. It doesn't have a blade lock, but they never did either. Durable and sharp.
  • The blades can be kept sharp with minimal effort. Most SAKs (including this one) are slip-joints rather than locking blades so do exercise awareness, like you did when you got your Totin' Chip. :-)
  • Victorinox makes a great knife, but the color of the green is a DEEP forest green, not a bright emerald green as depicted- which is what I wanted.
  • I have bought this version a couple of times because I like the Tech style over the solid colors.
  • The knife construction is first class, the blades comes razor sharp - are easy to maintain and sharpen, and the translucent blue is a very nice rich color.
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