Product Comparison: Victorinox One-Hand Trekker vs Victorinox Forester

General Specifications
One-Hand Trekker
About the Product
The Victorinox Swiss Army one-hand trekker, as the name suggests, allows you to open the knife's high quality stainless steel main blade with the simple flick of your thumb, thus locking it into place for safety and rugged outdoor use.
Just like you, the Forester is always ready to leave the city and head toward the heart of nature. Go back to the roots with 12 essential functions including a screwdriver and a large lock blade. No doubt that the forest is its preferred playground, but you can also keep it with you while exploring the urban jungle.
Key Specs
Number Of Functions
Large blade, Phillips screwdriver, Wood saw, Reamer, Tweezers, Toothpick, Can opener, Small screwdriver, Bottle opener, Large screwdriver, Wire stripper, Key ring
Large blade, Bottle opener, screwdriver 5 mm, Wire stripper, Wood saw, Can opener, Screwdriver 3 mm, Reamer, Punch, Corkscrew, Tweezers, Toothpick, Key ring
Scale Material
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Victorinox One-Hand Trekker Swiss Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife
  • The tool selection is well thought out, the quality is supreme, the steel is fantastic, and the price is staggeringly low.
  • The next tools are pretty common Victorinox offerings, including cap lifter/large flat driver/wire stripper, can opener/small flat driver, 90 degree Philips driver, and reamer.
  • The One-Hand Trekker is a very nice knife and multipurpose tool.
  • It’s nice to have the extra tools. I have used some, like the bottle opener and the tweezers. I haven’t use most of the others like the wood saw and screw drivers, but it’s nice to have them.
  • I wanted a one tool option with a one handed open blade and other tools as well. I got this model with a full straight edge.
Victorinox Forester Swiss Army Knife (Black)
  • The saw is very useful for cleaning deck board gaps and will cut thru small PVC or ABS pipes in seconds.
  • This has the perfect combination of utilities for camping, the wine opener, screw drivers, and the saw.
  • This model has the tweezers - handy for slivers, a bottle opener and screwdrivers.
  • Excellent product. Everything you need without too many bells and whistles.
Size & Weight
0.71 in.
0.7 in.
4.37 in.
4.37 in.
0.5 in.
0.55 in.
4.59 oz.
4.5 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Victorinox One-Hand Trekker Swiss Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife
  • The trekker is legal size length for pocket carry in my state and that was one of the reasons I chose this model for everyday carry.
  • The length of the blade is about 3 inches, so it's a bit longer than most other designs of Swiss Army Knives.
  • The length makes it easy to cut food. Very satisfied!
  • Nice length on the locking blade,two screw drivers,saw,bottle opener,and tooth pick.............everything a man needs for work,play,or leisure.
  • My only realy complaint about the knive is the strange serrations on the main blade, with only a short length of plain edge near the handle.
Victorinox Forester Swiss Army Knife (Black)
  • I always have it in my pocket as a general tool and use it every day.
  • This one is slightly larger, so might not work for you as a “pocket knife “. But I am farm raised and a pocket knife, first and foremost is a tool.
  • It's Swiss Army quality with the basics of everyday life without excessive size and weight. The perfect EDC pocket knife.
  • I like the larger size; it feels more secure in my hand, and I particularly like the locking main blade - it's not going to close until I want it to.
Scale Color
Main Blade Type
Non Serrated
One Hand Blade
Blade lockable
Pocket Clip
Pounch Included
Ergonomic handle, Liner Lock for Safety, Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty, Ergonomic handle
What customers say about "Features"
Victorinox One-Hand Trekker Swiss Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife
  • The blade locks, which isn't very important to me however some people find that to be a must.
  • I like that it has a locking main blade, which is crucial for any sort of knife. The liner lock feels quite sturdy.
  • The grip is slippery; most of my other EDCs are rougher and easy to hold.
  • Great one handed opening option. Locks secure. Hair busting sharp right out the box.
  • No pocket clip. I wear most of my EDCs inside my pocket but clipped to my pocket.
Victorinox Forester Swiss Army Knife (Black)
  • This is a wonderful knife. The locked blade is very secure and easily retracted.
  • This is one Amazing pocket tool. Love it. Smooth blade for easy sharpening. Perfect.
  • The black handle has recently been hard to find. I enjoy the straight edge of the blade as opposed to the knifes with serrated edges.
  • A beautifully crafted knife with all the essentials I'm every likely to need, has a reassuring weight in the hand, the main blade takes and holds a keen edge when carefully honed on a wet stone . With its black handle, an iconic male possession.
Other Information
52.00 $

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