Product Comparison: Victorinox Compact vs Victorinox Climber

General Specifications
About the Product
When you have an Officer's knife in your hand, you're holding more than 100 years of Victorinox tradition. And the tradition lives on with the Compact pocket knife. It's small and lightweight, yet it still packs 15 functions between its scales. With the Compact in your pocket you're ready for anything in your everyday adventures.
Welcome to the world of the Officer's knife. This is where the legend of the Swiss Army Knife began. And it continues today with the Climber pocket knife. Its 14 functions are as sharp, strong and intuitive as you need them to be. So no matter if you're climbing up the corporate ladder or a class 5 crag, the Climber is with you all the way to the top.
Key Specs
Number Of Functions
Large blade, Corkscrew, Bottle opener, Large screwdriver, Scissors, Mini screwdriver, Pressurized ballpoint pen, Stainless steel pin, Multipurpose hook, Key ring, Can opener, Wire stripper, Tweezers, Toothpick, Nail file
Large blade, Small blade, Can opener, Small screwdriver, Bottle opener, Large screwdriver, Wire stripper, Reamer, Punch, Corkscrew, Scissors, Multipurpose hook, Toothpick, Tweezers, Key ring
Scale Material
ABS / Cellidor
ABS / Cellidor
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Victorinox Compact Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • The Multi-purpose hook. A lot of people hate the hook, but the version on the Compact actually has a file on the back edge. For that alone I find it useful on a regular basis.
  • Combo tool - the combo tool is a great idea but I find it really doesn't fit most standard Phillips screws well. It'll work in a pinch but I usually have to angle it in and it's easy to slip. I wish it was just a little narrower at the tip.
  • This tool also can be used to double as a flathead screwdriver, which it does quite well. I've tried it on Philips head screws, and it generally works, but it's not as nice as an actual Philips head screwdriver.
  • his model gets a ton of things right, but fell short for me in the long run. The slim size and the added pen, pin, and the mini-screwdriver in the corkscrew are great additions.
  • The only downside is that the bottle opener/can opener/ philips and flat head screw drivers are all in one tool.
Victorinox Climber Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • The tool is very thin and the tip isn't good for Philips screws, only good for flat heads. Also, there is no small blade.
  • The tool line-up is very useful. I do not miss the #2 Phillips screwdriver, lots of people complain about that not being there.
  • The scissors are very sharp, very nice to use, and IMO some of the best multi-tool scissors out there.
  • I slip this elegant little tool in my pocket every single day, and it's amazing how many uses I find for it. If you have this with you, you're prepared for a great many eventualities.
  • I don't like the all purpose hook on the back of the tool. They've been putting that on all of the knives that have scissors since the early 90's.
Size & Weight
0.6 in.
0.7 in.
3.58 in.
3.58 in.
0.55 in.
0.55 in.
2.3 oz.
2.9 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Victorinox Compact Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • I love 2-layer SAK models. For me personally that's the most comfortable for pocket carry. and I don't really like to go beyond a 3-layer.
  • If I could imagine an ideal balance of size and utility in an SAK, the Compact definitely comes closest of all the currently available Victorinox offerings.
  • The slim size and the added pen, pin, and the mini-screwdriver in the corkscrew are great additions.
  • This model is an almost perfect balance of tools and weight/size. The knife is not too thick or heavy, as many models are for me.
  • This is overall a nice piece of kit. Just about the largest size possible for an EDC. Mine arrived with one small scuff on the scales.
Victorinox Climber Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • This knife is almost exactly the same as the Spartan in terms of size. It's big and has two slots with tools.
  • Overall, it's a great tool. Just not "perfect" right out of the box. It's a good size for pocket carry.
  • Love this knife, it's the perfect size and collection of tools.
  • I like the weight and the size and it has the tools that I need. I think I just need to open and close the tools many times to easily access them, they are a little tight.
  • Perfect size for purse. Scissors are nicely sized, cork screw and bottle opener are perfect for when away from home and those items are to big and bulky to carry.
Scale Color
Main Blade Type
Non Serrated
Non Serrated
One Hand Blade
Blade lockable
Pocket Clip
Pounch Included
Lifetime Warranty, Compact design
Lifetime Warranty, Compact design
What customers say about "Features"
Victorinox Compact Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • The main blade is not locking and tiny bit shorter then 2.5 inches which is great areas where there is a 2.5 inch blade legal restrictions.
  • I wanted something small, but there were some key features that I knew I couldn't live without, and that is when I found the Compact.
  • There are other knives that pack more features, but this knife is the slimmest one, when compared to number of usable features.
  • I bought this for my fiance and he absolutely loves it. He was blown away at how many features this knife packs inside.
  • The slim profile yet highly functional features of this knife make it worthy of 5 stars.
Victorinox Climber Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  • The flathead screwdriver/bottle opener "locks" into place at the 90 degree position and the in-line position. Good for getting more torque on tight screws.
  • The transparent scales are neat but show scratches.
  • It is very sturdy, feels good in the hand and is exactly what i wanted.
  • The scales don't show scratches as quickly as the traditional scales as it seems to be a different material that has a slight bit of texture to it as apposed to the high polish finish that looks great out of the box but doesn't stay that way long.
  • Love the color of the scales, very hard to lose this knife if you set it down in the foliage of the forests.
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