Product Comparison: Quickie Tub N' Tile Power Scrubber (082NB) vs SonicScrubber Household

General Specifications
Tub N' Tile Power Scrubber (082NB)
About the Product
Why scrub when you can let the Quickie Tub N’ Tile Power Scrubber do the work for you? The waterproof rotating head comes with 2 brushes: a detachable, large scrubbing brush, plus a smaller, stiff brush that is perfect for cleaning corners and grout.
A home is for living, not just for cleaning. Get your living space looking better faster.
Key Specs
Number Of Brush Heads
Power Source
Battery powered
4 x AA Batteries
300 RPM
8000 RPM
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Quickie Tub N' Tile Power Scrubber (082NB)
  • I'm delighted and 100% satisfied with the quickie power scrubber. It's easy to operate it cleans beautifully and my bathrooms have never looked better.
  • No tired arms with this power scrubber. I charged the scrubber overnight and used it the next day.
  • The scrubber comes with two heads, and you'll probably have to experiment a bit with both of them to figure out which ones work best for which jobs, and the motor's not quite as powerful as I would like... pressing down too much can cause the head to stop rotating.
  • This works really well. I was impressed. It held the charge long enough to clean two bathrooms, probably could have kept going for a while after that.
  • The power does not turn off. As soon as I put the pieces together, the brush starts spinning. The switch does nothing.
SonicScrubber Household All Purpose 5 Brush Heads
  • However, the scrubber isn't much more powerful than a electric toothbrush. It has about the same amount of torque on it as well.
  • It has enough power to really deep scrub the grout with the pointy attachment, but isn't so strong that you have to worry about chipping it in the areas where the grout might have some week spots.
  • This is perfect for small projects. Very powerful and able to get into small spaces nicely.
  • This little tool is very powerful. It works great in the shower
  • The wand doesn’t have much power. If you press for performance the rotation stops completely.
Size & Weight
7 in.
5.9 in.
45.4 in.
12 in.
3 in.
2 in.
3 lbs.
0.46 lbs.
Best For
Bathroom, Tubs, Ceilings, Walls, Floors
Sinks, taps and plugholes, Cooker hobs, dials and rings, Ovens and appliances (e.g. fridge), Glasses, dishware and cookware, Tiles and grout, Shower heads, door tracks and baths, Toilet hinges, lips and rims, Window and skirting boards, Carpet and upholstery
Extendable Handle
Up to 21"
Ergonomic Handle
Dishwasher safe
Accessories Included
Large Scrubbing Brush, Stiff Brush, Extension handle, Charger
Large brush, Detail hard brush, Scrubbing semi-hard pad, Hard pad, Soft pad, Super hard pad, Batteries
Rotating waterproof head, Durable construction for long-lasting performance, Rechargeable 3.6-volt battery, Tough, durable ABS shell
High power motor, Watertight & Lightweight
What customers say about "Features"
Quickie Tub N' Tile Power Scrubber (082NB)
  • I cleaned 2 showers, 1 garden tub, and even used it on vinyl flooring that was dirty and dingy. It worked like a charm! Would definitely recommend it!
  • It's a little difficult getting into the corners, but it's a good trade off for someone who has a hard time cleaning the bathtub.
  • I like the quickie scrub brush and I bought one for my mother as well who has hand issues. It cleans well and comes with 2 brushes.
  • Did a really nice job scrubbing my fiberglass surround as well as glass doors and fixtures.
  • The extender handle isn’t very sturdy. It’s a bit flemsy. It hasn’t separated from the battery handle but you can feel it wobbly when it’s turned on.
SonicScrubber Household All Purpose 5 Brush Heads
  • It's great for scrubbing soap scum off the shower walls and tub floor, cleaning areas where you don't necessarily want to put your hands like underneath the toilet rims
  • It has amazing scrubbing power, but the brushes start to break down after heavy use.
  • This is my second Sonic Scrubber. I keep one in the kitchen and other other in the master bathroom. They are great for cleaning around faucets and drains.
  • Love, love, love this product!!!!! Especialy around faucet bases, detailing in vehicle, cleaning nooks and crannys that are difficult to clean with just a cloth.
  • Didn't really clean my bathroom tiles well, i had to just scrub regularly in the end
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
0.25 year
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