Product Comparison: Ontel Products Turbo Scrub vs Hurricane Spin Scrubber (11337-6)

General Specifications
Ontel Products
Turbo Scrub
Spin Scrubber (11337-6)
About the Product
Turbo Scrub is the cordless, rechargeable hand held power scrubber that will take the work out of cleaning! Its powerful head rotates at over 300 revolutions per minute so you can scrub and clean with minimal effort. The lightweight, maneuverable design allows you to clean in those hard to reach places.
Scrubbing tiles with a hand-held brush is back-breaking work. It takes forever. And the next day your body hurts. Blast through grime for a sparkly clean every time when you use Hurricane Spin Scrubber. The motorized scrub brush does the hard work for you. Effortlessly scrub away soap scum, calcium deposits, hard water stains, built-up grime, and so much more.
Key Specs
Number Of Brush Heads
Power Source
Battery powered
Battery powered
300 RPM
300 RPM
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Ontel Products Turbo Scrub
  • I would tell everyone that this product is a great purchase and works well.
  • Not as powerful as I expected it to be. But it soes what it says it will do. Better price rhan anywhere else for rhe same product.
  • Not as powerful as I expected it to be. But it soes what it says it will do.
  • There's not a lol of power, so once the brush hits the surface, it really slows down.
Hurricane Spin Scrubber (11337-6) Cordless Rechargeable Power Scrubber
  • I use a good calcium and lime remover but the scrubber is no better at removing the staining than a good scrub brush.
  • I was so tired of crawling around the floor scrubbing them!! Then I found the spin scrubber. This thing is amazing!
  • The power slows down and doesn’t last. It is still a good tool to scrub the shower with though.
  • It great because you no longer have to bend down. It scrubs great.
  • It sucks!! It is easier for me to just scrub my bathroom!!! It really should be 1/2 a star!
Size & Weight
8.3 in.
5.9 in.
23.3 in.
21.4 in.
4.1 in.
6.4 in.
2 lbs.
3.2 lbs.
Best For
Well flat surfaces, Bathroom, Ceilings, Tight spaces or corners, Walls, Floors, Road Grime
General cleaning, Cleaning shower fixtures, Shower door channel, Floors, Ceilings, Walls
Extendable Handle
Up to 48"
Up to 44"
Ergonomic Handle
Dishwasher safe
Accessories Included
Round Brush Head, Cone Brush Head, Flat Brush Head, Extension handle, Charger
Flat Surface Brush, Dome Brush, Corner Brush, Extension handle, Charger
40-60 minutes of cleaning power on a single charge, Rotating waterproof head
Cuts through soap scum, mildew, grime & dirt, Works without harsh or abrasive chemicals, Cordless and Rechargeable, Great for people with arthritis
What customers say about "Features"
Ontel Products Turbo Scrub
  • Hands down the best cleaning tool I have ever purchased in my 43 years alive. I love this thing, I will never be without it!!!
  • My wife uses it to clean the shower and it is a great relief on her back and gets everything sparkling clean.
  • Did not clean my shower as well as I would have liked.
  • Easier to clean without it. Totally hard to control and it did not clean well at all.
  • Did not perform as well as was advertised. Does OK on little minor tasks.
Hurricane Spin Scrubber (11337-6) Cordless Rechargeable Power Scrubber
  • With long handle is great to clean shower wall and floor. Wish it had short handle also to use on countertops but other than that has been great to clean those hard to reach places.
  • I bought it for the long handle and battery operated scrubbing. I am confined to a wheelchair and only have the use of one arm and hand, so it seemed, to me, that the Spin Scrubber would be ideal for someone with deficits such as mine, to use.
  • The bathroom is a chore to clean, a tough one. We're talking miles of tiles that include the tub, the walls and in most cases the ceiling.
  • I have ceramic tile and it is hard to clean with the arthritis in my hands. This product works. It is heavy and awkward until you turn it on and use it. It does all the work.
  • Cannot put much pressure on the handle as it is so flimsy.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year
10 year
Other Information
29.94 $
39.99 $

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