Hot Dog and Spaghetti Recipe That Even Adults Will Love

Last update May 22, 2017

Hot dog wieners with noodles - what can be simpler? However, there’s one incredibly simple way to turn them into a smashingly fun and easy-to-prepare dish. 

Hot Dog and Spaghetti Recipe


  • 8 hot dog sausages
  • 1/2 lb of thin spaghetti
  • Sauce (optionally for the pasta)
  • Salt to your taste

Hot Dog and Spaghetti Preparation


  1. Prepare the sausages.
  2. Remove the coating if it’s not edible;
  3. Cut the sausages into 1/4-inch thick round slices;
  4. Thread each slice with 4-to-7 spaghetti strands;
  5. Carefully submerge the results into large bowl of water, add the salt;
  6. Cook in accordance with the spaghetti package instructions;
  7. Drain and serve hot in deep or large plates with or without the sauce.

Small Tips

Hot Dog and Spaghetti Preparation Tips

○ If the spaghetti strands are too long to fit into the bowl, break them in half.

○ Use thin noodles that take no longer than 10 minutes to boil. Otherwise, your sausages may be overcooked by the time the spaghetti is done.

○ The sausage brand is not critical. Just choose the one that may cook longer without bursting out or falling apart for the aforementioned reason.

○ Although it's hardly likely that there'll be any leftovers left, if this is the case, you can refrigerate them and reheat on the next day in a microwave or in a frying pan.

○ Preparing this dish is surprisingly fun and humorous with the kids. Cut the sausages yourself and let the kids poke them with spaghettis.


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