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Best Electric Scooters

If your children beg for an electric scooter, why not give them a gift they would like? Electric scooters are easy to ride and leave no carbon footprint, so they are perfect for children. We have reviewed 5 best electric scooters to help you decide on the right model for your kid.

Best Electric Kick Scooters

Do you still think a scooter is a toy vehicle for kids? Not anymore! Today, electric kick scooters are capable of moving at quite high speeds and they are totally eco-friendly. Also, they are used not only by kids but also by adults. Interested in getting one for yourself? Read our new review now!

Best Hoverboards to Move With Trend
With 2015 behind us, the hype over the Back to the Future franchise is all over the world once more and we are coming a little closer to the technologies we could only dream about in 1985. Hoverboards are the latest trend among kids and adults alike. What are they and how to choose one for you? Here's the guide.


Best Skateboards

Skateboarding nowadays is one of the most popular sports on the streets. Impress your friends and random passersby by performing awesome tricks with a good and stylish board.

Best Longboards for Different Riding Styles
If you've just come to longboarding, it's time to think of buying a skateboard to master your skills and comfortably cruise around the city and ride up and down the hills. Not sure how to choose the right longboard skateboard? Here you'll find the selection of the best longboards.