Product Comparison: Epiphone ES-335 PRO vs Gibson ES-335

General Specifications
ES-335 PRO
About the Product
The Ltd. Ed. ES-335 PRO brings a vintage workhorse into the future with Epiphone's Alnico Classic PRO™ humbuckers and coil-splitting. The original ES-335 was a breakthrough guitar design when it was introduced in 1958. In many ways, the "335" was every bit as revolutionary as the solid-body Les Paul. The ES-335 put classic guitar styling - like the iconic archtop profile and violin inspired f-holes - into the hands of kids who were hungry to play rock and roll and look cool. The ES-335 was light. It was loud. And it definitely wasn't a traditional jazz guitar. Best of all, it was a new sound.
The ES-335 has been a legendary tone machine since 1958. Our 2016 features a tubeless Historic truss rod, PAF-style Burstbucker 1 & 2 pickups, and redesigned neck shape for increased strength and enhanced playing comfort.
Key Specs
Guitar Type
Hand Orientation
Number Of Strings
Pickup Configuration
2 Humbuckers
Burstbucker 1 & 2
Pickup Type
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Epiphone ES-335 PRO Electric Guitar Ebony
  • Awesome instrument. Epiphone got it right on this one..good quality that's reasonably and responsibly priced..pickups sound great..small block inlays...other guitar makers should take notes on this one..
  • This guitar is so sweet, it plays really nice and for the price you can't beat it
  • The pickups are fine, the coil tap option is something I had not experienced previously and I was surprised that the humbuckers when tapped did not sound thin or weak...nice feature.
  • The guitar cranks any kind of music that I want to play on it. Rock, blues, country...all styles sound great. I did get it for blues, and man, it is a monster in blues tonality! I love this guitar!
  • The pickups also sound very good split. And with a little bit of overdrive, this thing really sings, hard to describe but the sound is really nice and thick, it's awesome!
Gibson ES-335 Traditional Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar
  • Guitar came well packaged and in perfect condition as described. Looks great, sounds great. Thanks!
  • I have not found much this can't do, Les's and strats have their place but this is more of a do all for me. I can go from blues to heavy rock to country with just a quick flip and click.
  • Fit finish, feel, tone, you name it. I really like the coil tap feature; going to single coil from humbucker. Great versatiliy.
  • This guitar is perfect for leading worship music and eliminates the need most of the time to switch to an acoustic guitar because this thing sounds beautiful clean!
Size & Weight
Total Length
44 in.
41.5 in.
Lower Bout
21.8 in.
16 in.
Nut Width
1.68 in.
1.69 in.
Body Depth
5 in.
8 in.
11.25 lbs.
8.5 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Epiphone ES-335 PRO Electric Guitar Ebony
  • The large headstock is the only odd thing to me, I always notice its about 3" longer than it needs to be.
Gibson ES-335 Traditional Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar
  • The quality on the finish was amazing as well. I feel truly fortunate to have gotten such a great guitar.
  • The neck was way too thin in profile for my liking, although others may find it comfortable.
  • The neck was quite thick, but not necessarily uncomfortable, but I think I prefer a slim taper neck and P 90s for their clarity. I
  • This is one good deal for a 335 style guitar. Body is comfortable with good neck action.
Small block inlays
3-ply laminated maple/birch
5-ply laminated maple/birch
Maple, Poplar, Maple
What customers say about "Materials"
Epiphone ES-335 PRO Electric Guitar Ebony
  • The frets were okay but I prefer them polished. By the way, the fingerboard is rosewood as opposed to the baked maple that Gibson is offering these days.
  • The guitar was definitely worth waiting for, even though GC reduced my wait by nearly a month. The body, neck, and hardware mostly met or exceeded my expectations.
  • The feel and look of this quitar is great.
  • The instrument itself is very good in build (construction fit and feel).
  • The build quality and finish are nice and I expect the guitar to give many years of good service.
Gibson ES-335 Traditional Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar
  • Brilliant finish color, neck profile, fingerboard radius. Playability is excellent .
  • The finish is flawless. Color never seems the same as light hits it from different angles.
  • Top quality workmanship. Seamless construction.
  • The neck mohagany wood grain is just so warm and beautiful. But the amazing this is this baby sounds as great as it looks!
Pick Up System
Epiphone Alnico Classic™ PRO 4-wire / Epiphone Alnico Classic™ PRO 4-wire
Burstbucker 1 / Burstbucker 2
String Scale
24.75 in.
24.75 in.
Number Of Frets
Strap Included
Grover 'Milk Bottle' Tuners
Sound Controls
Epiphone all-metal 3-way pickup selector, Neck pickup volume with push/pull coil-splitting, Bridge pickup volume with push/pull coil-splitting, Neck pickup tone -Bridge pickup tone
Lead Volume, Rhythm Volume, Lead Tone, Rhythm Tone
Bridge Type
LockTone™ Tune-o-matic
ABR-1 with titanium saddles
Sloped Dovewing with "pineapple" logo and 60s era "Epiphone" script
World's most respected semi-solid guitar, Memphis Historic Spec pickups, Memphis Tone Circuit Plus
Neck Fixation Type
Glued in
Glued in
What customers say about "Features"
Epiphone ES-335 PRO Electric Guitar Ebony
  • The frets were plain but true (no buzzing) and somewhat rough-edged, and except for some stain on the edge binding, the finish work was good.
  • The electronics are good: the pickups actually sound better than the Seymour Duncan '59 and JB on my LTD.
  • The tone is so nice! Honestly, you can only hear very minor difference between this Epi 335 and its Gibson counterpart. If you're considering the Epiphone 335, do it. I have zero regrets and didn't have to sell a kidney to add another great guitar to my collection.
  • This guitar with the Gibson 57 classic pickups sound exactly like my Gibson ES-335, plus I now have coil split.
  • My only complaint: there is some fret buzz on the A string. So the setup wasn't quite perfect out of the box.
Gibson ES-335 Traditional Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar
  • Still adapting to short scale neck after playing certain California guitars ! Overall it's an excellent deal at street price.
  • Sustaining a single note or a full chord is effortless.
  • Plugged in, the pickups sound great to me as is. I can't see the need to swap them out. Fit, finish way above what I expect in a budget import guitar.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
3 year(s)
Other Information
3499.00 $

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