Product Comparison: DIRECTV HR44 vs DIRECTV HR54

General Specifications
About the Product
The HR44 capable of 5 simultaneous recordings, without compromising speed and performance. The HR44 supports all Genie clients and RVU TV’s, comes with an internal 1TB HDD, wireless internet connectivity, and offers WHDVR performance with other DIRECTV HD products.
This is the third Genie Server model to be released by DIRECTV and it's the best yet! This is the model that will work with 4K UHD broadcasts when DIRECTV starts to send them via satellite. This model includes a SWM power inserter, reducing the mess behind your TV. It's also faster than older models and has a simplified motherboard. This unit lacks the component and composite outputs but can display that with appropriate breakout cables from its AV port.
Key Specs
Maximum Video Resolution
1080 p
2160 p
Hard Drive Included
Storage Capacity
1000 GB
1000 GB
Number Of Tuners
What customers say about "Key Specs"
DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server
  • Love this product. So much better than my old HR34 . So much faster on menus, no lock-up issues. Great DVR if you have DTV.
  • Now I own my own set top box DVR for Direct TV and it works GREAT. I recommend for anyone who wants to own their own set top box DVR for use with Direct TV.
  • Decent equipment, consistent signal and picture quality.
  • It's made well enough and HD is clean and clear though highly compressed which degrades the picture quality somewhat. Most people won't see it or care.
  • Terrible customer service and constantly increasing expense of their service.
DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server
  • This replaced an HR34, so the speed is MUCH appreciated. I put a 3 TB drive in this DVR so I could have extra storage without having an external drive.
  • Excellent picture quality and sound would definitely recommend.
  • Fantastic product! The best DirecTV receiver I have ever owned. It's small, fast, and consolidates all my recording lists onto one box. It has 5 tuners in the box so all my recording is done on the server unit.
  • Functionally, the HR54 pretty much plugged in where my HR34 was with no changes. I didn't even have to reprogram my Harmony remote as the IR codes are the same between the two DVR.
  • Lots of confusion with Directv folks. Perhaps, this will help you. To watch live 4k, you will need an HR 54 plus a C-61 genie mini for the same tv (plus of course, high speed internet and a 4k tv).
Size & Weight
2 in.
4.5 in.
13.1 in.
15.5 in.
9.75 in.
15.2 in.
4.5 lbs.
6.6 lbs.
Recording And Playback
Content Subscription Required
Service Fee
Requires A 2 YEAR extension of contract, monthly fees will apply by DirectTV
Requires A 2 YEAR extension of contract, monthly fees will apply by DirectTV
Recording Resolution
Commercial Skip Function
What customers say about "Recording And Playback"
DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server
  • The HR 44 was lightning fast when introduced but Directv introduced new software/firmware in July, 2015 and that little update proved to slow the responses for back space/scan forward and some of the other features when they added the more comprehensive on demand via internet provisions.
  • It has faster processing that makes changing channels a bit faster, especially when it has to change screen resolution.
  • So far this unit has worked great. Took a little while to get Direct Tv to get it added to my account but once it was done so far no problems.
  • These are leased devices from DirecTV - If you cancel your service you need to return them to DirecTV -- - Once activated you are tied into a 2 year contract.
DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server
  • Changing channels is faster. Audio starts quicker and video starts faster.
  • Now Playing list sort order broken. Sort order 'oldest first' selected, main list is okay, but expanding folders are sorted newest first.
4K Compatible
Communication with other RVU Enabled Devices, Watch a recorded program on more than one TV Client/ HD Receiver, Multi-switch Compatible, SWiM Compatible, Front panel touch sensor/resolution LEDs
DirecTv will ONLY allow ONE Genie per account, Records up to 5 channels at once. Works with wired and wireless Genie clients - up to 3 at once.
Remote Control
IR remote control
IR remote control
Cable(s) Included
What customers say about "Features"
DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server
  • Very fast. Stable and we really like the RF remote.
  • I set this up in about 15 minutes and it has been up and running ever since. About 6 weeks now and I couldn't be more pleased.
  • I love the RF remote. Works great and I never have to see the unit.
  • Great receiver. Nice and small not like the old bulky receivers of the past. Extremely fast when changing channels.
  • Also has a built in fan so I can put it inside my cabinet and close the door and the unit stays cool.
DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server
  • This new box is much smaller, and more importantly, MUCH cooler! I no longer need the cooling fan running in my cabinet! (makes the wife happy!)
  • Love it. It's smooth as butter! If you have an older Genie such as the HR 33 like I had this is a must upgrade. So much faster and smaller.
  • Much better than the old, big boxes that were noisy and ran very warm. A huge improvement!!!!!
  • The bright blue light on the power button cannot be turned off while the unit is on (HR20's light could be turned off and even dimmed while unit was in use). Cannot do even any light internet stuff (no youtube, etc. No wireless keyboard use).
Optical Digital Audio Outputs
Wi-Fi Built-in
Compatible Wireless Standard(s)
AC dual band, N, G, B, A
Number of HDMI Outputs
Ethernet Port
Number Of USB Port(s)
What customers say about "Connectivity"
DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server
  • The HR44 has a built in Wi-Fi which worked satisfactory. I have a Netgear ac router and the Linksys WUMC710 wireless bridge (also ac) so I hooked it into the bridge and was able to get some of those ESOcast videos to play without choking.
  • Comes with wifi, which is nice. Now I can remove the extra cable/hole in my wall that they installed for the cinema kit (for on-demand downloads and such). One less component to my rat's nest of wires by my wireless router.
DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server
  • The HR 54 has built in WIFI, so I got rid of the WIFI contraption that DIRECTV had connected to the HR 34 to get it to work.
  • One major surprise for me is that the HR54 cannot emit a 4K signal through its HDMI ports. This means you cannot hook a 4K television directly to the HR54 and then watch 4K content.
  • HDMI output is a little brighter.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
2 year(s)
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