Product Comparison: Yamaha P45 vs Yamaha P115

General Specifications
About the Product
The P-45 digital piano has 10 voices, 88 weighted keys, and features that are ideal for the needs of the beginner piano student.
The P-115, Yamaha's follow-up to the industry's best-selling digital piano, now has its own app for iOS. An elegant touch screen controller that makes getting to the features of the P-115 simple.
Key Specs
Number Of Keys
Key Size
Number Of Sound Effects
Number Of Tunes/Songs
64 notes
192 notes
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano
  • Great piano, exactly what I was looking for when choosing a keyboard.
  • Since I purchased this YAMAHA Full-size Keyboard my son was spending more time to his keyboard and much better than playing games in the computer when there's no school.
  • I been practicing for maybe 2-3 weeks. I mean you paid for what you get, the reason I got this because I didn't want to spend too much money for the expensive piano and I am just a beginner.
  • I love this digital piano, it has the feel and sound of an expensive grand piano not to mention the other sounds that are included. This is my second Yamaha digital keyboard, I still have my first Yamaha 61 key and this is an upgrade.
  • Overall, if you're wanting a piano that has realistic weighted keys and a professional grand piano sound, this is the one for you.
Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano
  • I bought this with hesitation because I wasn't sure if I needed a full keyboard at first but now I'm very happy I did because while it is more expensive than getting a keyboard with fewer keys I won't have to buy another piano later on when I want to expand the music I play.
  • I love the weighted keys, it is very similar to playing an actual piano
  • The keyboard is just like a grand piano without the bulk. Sounds beautiful and invades minimum space.
  • Excellence sound and versatility. Great feel and response.
  • I love the tone this has. It is most like having a piano in the house without taking up space. Love using ear buds to play at any time I choose.
Size & Weight
6 in.
6.25 in.
52.25 in.
52.25 in.
11.5 in.
11.5 in.
25 lbs.
26 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano
  • I did not have a place in my home for a real piano. This keyboard is the next best thing. I love it!!
  • Not exactly portable, but definitely moveable. Great value for the price.
  • Full 88 keys, full size, beautifully weighted and velocity sensitive.
  • Great keyboard! Feels like I'm playing on my parents full size grand piano.
  • My only objection is that it's a little heavy for me to transport to performances, but I'm planning on finding a case with wheels.
Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano
  • It's a great keyboard for practice or even portable enough to take to some local gigs.
  • The sound and portability of the keyboard are also huge selling points for me. I would recommend it to anyone of any level!
  • It's a great size, and while heavy, fits on a lightweight X-stand well.
  • I wanted a digital piano because of its small size, the ability to control volume or play with headphones, and the midi connectivity.
  • It's sturdy and feels solid. Mostly plastic. Full size keyboard. Once you have it in a good stand it feels even better.
Keyboard Sensitivity
Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
Half pedal available with optional FC3A
Sustain Pedal
Digital Effects
Metronome Included
Recording Feature
USB Port(s)
Number Of Headphone Jacks
Integrated Speaker(s)
Additional Accessories Included
Sustain pedal, AC-adapter
PA150 Power Supply, Sustain pedal
Authentic to the touch, Tried and true, Yamaha's classic sound engine for realistic tone, A compact and lightweight design makes it easy to get around, Simple, single-button operation
Authentic to the touch, Enhanced sound system will be music to your ears, Groove along in performance or practice, Simple operation using the free Digital Piano Controller app!, Conserve energy with convenient auto power off feature
What customers say about "Features"
Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano
  • You press the sustain pedal, turn off the keyboard, n turn it back on again for it to work correctly. Apparently the polarity on the pedal gets reversed. I'm not sure if that's normal on other keyboards as well but it's a little annoying.
  • This digital piano has a realistic feel as an acoustic piano.
  • Fundamentally good, simple, works well. The fact that the peddle glitches is super annoying, but as a novice it doesn't really matter to me.
  • Only issue I have is that sometimes the sustain pedal runs backwards (holds notes when not being pressed and does not sustain notes when it is being pressed). As long as I turn the piano off then on again it goes back to working normal.
  • The minor problem was the sustain pedal. It doesn't sound as I was hoping for. but for the price, I would be okay.
Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano
  • Now that my daughters are taking guitar, drums, and piano I am super appreciative of this feature. You can also change it to drum rhythm which is more fun than the metronome sound.
  • The recording feature is very limited, but is occasionally useful for getting something down quick.
  • Built in speakers are nice as well. Great performance/travel instrument or home instrument.
  • The built in speakers aren’t half bad. I am OCD about speakers and amps, but happy that they do just fine. Less space and easier setup this way for bedroom practicing.
  • Digital Keyboard Controller App is only available in IOS. To use all of the features on the system, the app is pretty much the only feasible way to adjust the settings. I run android and am out of luck, or have to buy an iPad... aarg.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
3 year(s)
Other Information
499.00 $
999.00 $

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