Product Comparison: Korg SV-1 vs Yamaha CP4

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Housed in a sleek, curvaceous body, the SV-1BK offers an elegant on-stage appearance. Coupled with retro-style controls and smooth black finish, the SV-1BK oozes desirability – and playability! An optional collapsible black stand is available, along with a gig-ready rolling soft case.
In any setting, the Yamaha CP4 Stage is an exceptional piano. Featuring 45 grand piano sounds from Yamaha's Premium Collection, plus 47 vintage EPs, you'll never have to settle for "close enough." In addition, you'll find 341 voices covering basses, clavs, organs, strings, and pads, based on the acclaimed Motif soundset. The 88-note graded hammer action keybed with real wood keys feels superb, and the CP4 Stage weighs less than 40 pounds, making it easy to transport. Need a flexible stage piano with incredible sounds and true piano feel? Check out Yamaha's CP4 Stage.
Key Specs
Number Of Keys
Key Size
Number Of Sound Effects
80 notes
128 notes
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Korg SV-1 73-Key Stage Vintage Piano
  • The 8 preset feature are amazing when you want to focus on playing. I've chosen 8 sounds which I've modified and those are the sounds I use 95℅ of the time. It allows me to turn on the instrument and get right to playing.
  • We're really happy with the keyboard. Although it has a lot of technology to it, it is easy to dial in the sound wanted with the selection and adjustment knobs.
  • Key action is great; pretty stiff at first but it loosens up good after a few weeks.
  • This keyboard has the finest touch and feel of any keyboard I've ever tried, and it has all those subtleties due to multiple sampling levels -- all which provides the player an incredibly genuine piano playing experience.
  • The sounds in this keyboard are amazing, like nothing i've ever heard before, the stage piano sounds better than most grand pianos i've played. The weight of the keys was amazing they float so well, so smooth and the price point for what this unit offers is mind blowing.
  • The Effects are pretty good as long as you only want to use 1 at a time. If you want a bit of reverb and some delay, no can do. you have to choose one or the other. terrible.
Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano
  • Great feel and great sounds. Easy to layer sounds and easy adjusting the master EQ
  • It's perfect for what I'm doing musically. If you want a great weighted keyboard with outstanding piano sounds this is the one for you.
  • For me CP4 simply delivers pure 100% piano with no gimmicks or bull. It's a genuine powerful stage piano with an authentic nod to the old school electric pianos.
  • The sounds coming out of this are amazing! The wooden, weighted piano keys make it feel like your playing an acoustic piano.
  • Dont expect a huge improvement over CP5. If anything, it's a step back in quality and a few features. I completely regret selling my CP5 for CP4.
Size & Weight
6.1 in.
6.3 in.
45 in.
52.4 in.
13.66 in.
13.8 in.
38.5 lbs.
38.5 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Korg SV-1 73-Key Stage Vintage Piano
  • Solid (and heavy) construction.
  • The 73 keyboard is the right size, weight and reproduces all the vintage piano and organ sounds that I was looking for.
  • Cool looking keyboard with good organ sounds.
  • The instrument is heavy, I use a small hand truck so it not an issue.
  • The underside of the board is just particle board. I can definitely see this being a problem for the gigging musician. Cheap particle board, really??
Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano
  • So happy with this keyboard. Right sound, right price and lightweight.
  • Much lighter than what I had been using and sounds great.
  • Incredibly light stage keyboard.
  • At 38 lbs, it's nicely portable, but a good deal heavier than the lightest 88 hammer-action digital pianos.
  • Nice and portable! It's lightweight and easy to use.
Keyboard Sensitivity
Korg DS-2H
Sustain Pedal
Digital Effects
Metronome Included
Recording Feature
USB Port(s)
Number Of Headphone Jacks
Integrated Speaker(s)
Additional Accessories Included
Power Supply, Music stand, Damper pedal
Sustain pedal, Power Supply
Transpose to any key in +/- 12 half-steps; fine tuning; 8 tuning curves, 8 assignable Favorites for fast program recall, Equalizer: On/Off Switch; Bass, Mid, Treble Knobs, Extensive studio-grade effects, including Reverb/Delay, 3 pedal jacks: Damper (fixed), Pedal 1 (sostenuto; rotary speaker), Pedal 2 (volume/expression; wah)
45 Premium Grand pianos including the CFX, CFIII and the S6, 47 Vintage electric pianos (tine, reed, DX and original CP80), 341 Voices including Basses, Clavs, Organs, Strings and Pads based on our flagship Motif, 62 Virtual Circuit Modeling effects, Reverb, Chorus, Master 5 band EQ and Compressor, Easy Splits and Layers with large lighted buttons, FC3 foot pedal for half damper and soundboard resonance included
What customers say about "Features"
Korg SV-1 73-Key Stage Vintage Piano
  • The on/off switch is an example of why I really like this keyboard, you flick the switch/lever and it goes on, without having to push a soft button several times to turn on the instrument.
  • Fantastic dynamics, which is absolutely necessary for playing jazz. The Rhodes, too, are insanely phat and rich, and you can pretty much capture ANY type of Rhodes ever made with the SV-1, from crystal-clear bell-like sound, to a hard-driving, distorted sound.
  • Nice all manual controls with knobs and switches.
  • The different amps are lame. Basically just takes more and more off the low end as you scroll through them. And the "Overdrive" is as laughable as the Rotary speaker effect.
Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano
  • It was pretty easy to use right out of the box and had all the features I needed as a traveling musician.
  • You can assign each zone's MIDI volume to any of the three panel sliders, which is very useful.
  • CP4 doesn't have enough panel sliders, knobs, and buttons to use it as a full-featured MIDI controller in a sophisticated rig. It's not a full-featured controller; it's a stage piano with a nice simple set of controller features, and very limited support of up to 4 zones as controller.
  • In sum, it's a great keyboard in some respects, but the navigation and mixing options are a huge hindrance. So, while I will be using this for some recording and practice for a bit, I will be looking for something more flexible (not to mention lighter) as a permanent keyboard.
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1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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