Product Comparison: Polk Audio DB6502 vs Polk Audio DB6501

General Specifications
Polk Audio
Polk Audio
About the Product
Polk Audio's DB+ Series component speakers are a dynamite value as well as being stellar performers. Their journey to excellence begins with a laser-imaged design that ensures minimal distortion, a smooth response, and incredible sonic detail.
Polk's new 2007 db Series is better than ever with superior looks and even better sound--at prices that make high performance affordable to everyone. The db6501 is a 6.5-inch two-way component system that works well in OEM factory systems, as well as with high-powered aftermarket head units and component power amps.
Key Specs
6.5 in.
6.5 in.
Nominal Power
100 Watts
100 Watts
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Polk Audio DB6502 6.5" Component Speaker System
  • They hit very hard and accurate bass. I have 75 watts RMS going to them and was hard to tell if it was these or the factory 8 inch subwoofer on my RAM Alpine system.
  • Absolutely amazing. I bought a pair of these(DB6502) for the front doors, and a pair the coaxial version(DB652) for the back doors in my Lexus. I also installed sound deadening but that’s another review.
  • Just replaced the stock speakers in my '17 Street Glide special. Wow. Sounds great even without an amp, I can't wait till I get them amplified.
  • Never had components before, now I'm not going back. These sound way better than my other speakers, way better mid range, and they're easy to wire up. Kind of wish I had an amp to really get the sound out of them, maybe later.
  • These speakers sound really good I paired them to a high powered Sony head unit on my s2000. What a difference really happy with them.
Polk Audio DB6501 2-Way Component System
  • Very decent and honest 2-way component set. Couldn't get a better pair of 2-way component by this price.
  • I'm rockin' now dudes. Great midrange and fantastic highs out of these babies. The base isn't too good with these but of course we would only purchase these for a system that has a separate subwoofer amp and speakers so that is expected.
  • I have this 2-way component system in my front doors. This thing blast so lourd if you feed them with an amplifier.
  • These component speakers were just as I expected them to be. The 6.5- inch speakers complimented my system by giving me the mids I was looking for and the tweeters gave me the highs I was looking for.
  • These have plenty of bass for 6.5" speakers.
Size & Weight
7.5 in.
8 in.
24.5 in.
14.5 in.
15.2 in.
4.75 in.
7.05 lbs.
6.5 lbs.
Min. Frequency
70 Hz
35 Hz
Max. Frequency
20 kHz
23 kHz
Max. Power
200 Watts
300 Watts
4 ohm
4 ohm
90 dB
92 dB
What customers say about "Audio"
Polk Audio DB6502 6.5" Component Speaker System
  • The sound. Oh the sound. If you've ever compared coaxial speakers to components you'll never go back. Using these polk components as my front speakers in my run about sea-ray boat connected to the front channel of a Rockford Fosgate 600 watt marine amp.
  • I’ve heard the coaxial version(DB652s) before and they sounded so much better than the kickers that were in my Lexus before. But these components make even them sound bad in comparison. Polk knows what they’re doing.
  • Great sound!! Wow. 2 pair and 2 10” subs. Amazing sound.
  • These mids have excellent low frequency response for such a small speaker in a tight space.
  • Next are the cross-overs, the default setting is +6DB which is the highest of the 3 possible settings. As indicated in several reviews, this setting is too high for most listener's satisfaction, and common sense would dictate perhaps having the default "middle-of-the-road" setting.
Polk Audio DB6501 2-Way Component System
  • I’m driving these speakers with an old Sony 55w/ ch amp, and the make decent volume. They can probably handle a hella lot more power.
  • Even with a low-powered factory radio (less than 25w per channel), the speakers make such a dramatic difference. Symbols, horns, violins and certain guitar notes are now audible. In fact, I've noticed an amazing amount of detail in almost all of my music. It was like getting a whole new collection.
  • These speakers definitely need more power to run than most stock radios can provide.
  • These are power hunger speakers and the extra power makes them sound great.
  • The rated power handling is a little optimistic I think. That amp only puts out 75 watts RMS per channel and those speakers sound like the want to distort at about 75% of that power.
Cut-Out Dimensions
5 in.
6.75 in.
Mounting Depth
1.8 in.
1.7 in.
Tweeter Composition
Tweeter Design
Marine certified with IP55 rating, Includes adapter rings for 6-3/4" openings
ABS wheel-design grilles, Electronic tweeter protection circuit, Marine-certified for use in boats, convertibles, motorcycles, and ATVs
Tweeter Magnet Composition
Woofer Composition
Woofer Magnet Composition
What customers say about "Features"
Polk Audio DB6502 6.5" Component Speaker System
  • Tweeters are just right not too high and not too loud.
  • The tweeters on the other hand required a bit of modification, which is to be expected for a component system. They're also pretty shallow speakers, so they'll fit pretty much anywhere.
  • The speakers were dead-easy to install (with a little moxy required to mount the Polk tweeters behind the OEM tweeter mountings - retaining the OEM tweeter grill - Dremmel tool, permanent double sided tape, and silicone sealer is what I eventually used to fix them in place.
  • Installation took a little longer than expected, but everything was completed and system up and running. It's to early to really say, not sure the 'component' systems are any better than 2 or 3 way speakers, but will give it a few weeks and see how it goes.
  • Only complaints I have is the tweeters are a bit smaller than the 1inch clarion previously in the boat and the flush mount adapter fits loose. I'll figure something out. Great sound though!
  • After awhile, the tweeters create a high pitch sound that hurts my ears. Speakers sound well though. I'll just be replacing the tweeters with maybe JBL
Polk Audio DB6501 2-Way Component System
  • The tweeters just pop in place of the factory tweeters behind the factory grilles. The woofers I installed into the factory woofer baskets by cutting out the cones and magnet baskets and screwing these down on top. It all fits pretty well.
  • There is a +/- 3db tweeter level adjustment to get it just right.
  • The tweeters were extremely hot on my system, so place the crossovers where you can easily access them to make adjustments. If they are buried under a door panel, it will be a pain.
  • I had to break out the dremel to the OWM speakers to recommosion the spacer ring for proper woofer speaker depth. The tweeters also required a little shaving of the internal mounts to fit these guys which have a housing potted to them.
  • The woofers produce a very smooth and clear midrange, and the silk tweeters are clear without being harsh.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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