Product Comparison: Alpine SPR-68 vs Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf

General Specifications
KAPPA 682.11cf
About the Product
A true high-fidelity 6" x 8" / 5 x 7" coaxial speaker for your car. You and your car deserve great sound. The Infinity® Kappa® Series 682.11cf 6-inch x 8-inch / 5-inch x 7-inch, two-way coaxial speakers deliver it. The speakers fit right in the 6-inch x 8-inch or 5-inch x 7-inch factory speaker locations common in many of today’s vehicles. They feature proprietary Injected Carbon Glass Matrix (iCGM) frames and patented formed-glass-fiber Plus One® (U.S. patent no. 7,548,631) woofer cones.
Key Specs
6 x 8 in.
6 x 8 in.
Nominal Power
100 Watts
100 Watts
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Alpine SPR-68 2 Way Pair of Car Speakers
  • I replaced my Pioneers with these, added an amp and new reciever and wondered why I did not do it years ago. Awesome sound.
  • All 4 played loud and clear type R is all I buy needs amp 75 watts rms or bigger in my f-250 but that fords fault the back seat hides the speakers after 3 months one went bad and made my alpine amp go into protection mode for clipping replaced with a Rockford fosgate
  • Great speakers definitely recommend them! I put a small alpine amp to them along with my alpine hd head unit everything sounds absolutely amazing im very happy with this product
  • Great, great speakers! Have had the speakers for a while, but finally got them installed in May. I must say, I am very impressed with the quality!
Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf 2-Way Car Audio
  • Love Infinity's attention to detail with included small plastic adhesive logos for the door panel speaker grills for a premium factory looking setup :)
  • Well worth the money. Great quality speakers and customizable down to a "T". You will not be disappointed.
  • Great product clear sound from the highs through the lows. Much improved compared to the set I owned 10+ years ago! Thanks!
  • Installed (4 ea.) these in my f150 and powered them with the Sony MEX- GS820bt. With no sub and "plug and play", I must say, system sounds MUCH better than stock. Looking forward to "fine tuning" the sound even more after familiarizing Myself with the many options.
  • I gotta say these speakers are amazing!! I just installed them in my 2010 F-150 and they are soooooo clear.
Size & Weight
10 in.
9.7 in.
18 in.
14.2 in.
12 in.
3.6 in.
10.8 lbs.
6.2 lbs.
Min. Frequency
63 Hz
40 Hz
Max. Frequency
29 kHz
25 kHz
Max. Power
300 Watts
300 Watts
4 ohm
2 ohm
89 dB
94 dB
What customers say about "Audio"
Alpine SPR-68 2 Way Pair of Car Speakers
  • Good clarity, some distortion at higher volumes. I noticed many reviews that highlighted no distortuion. I'm only running 100 watts per speaker, otherwise wish they were a little cheaper, but good value and sound for the price.
  • Replaced the factory 25W RMS speakers with these 100W RMS speakers and now my music is both clear and blaring! Had to purchase a new amp though... POWER!!!!
  • Great sound quality, exceptional price for a full replacement of my stock speakers sound is amazing and undistorted even at full volume w/o amp, can't wait to see how much improvement an amp will make!!!!
  • I don't have sub woofer in the back yet, but I don't need it right now because the way the speakers sound! Awesome and I am very happy!
  • Crystal clear sound, can crank it up as loud as I can handle and no distortion whatsoever. Great speakers!
Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf 2-Way Car Audio
  • These speakers sound crisp and have a great clarity. I would recommend these.
  • Sound is fine but they did not come with covers.
  • Very clean and clear. Supports enough bass for all kinds of music but with a very clear sound.
  • Very happy with both but I would say these are probably slightly better than the Polks. Cleaner, clearer sound. Would recommend.
  • Impressive range and clarity/separation for a speaker in this price range.
Cut-Out Dimensions
7.2 in.
7 in.
Mounting Depth
2.6 in.
2.4 in.
Tweeter Composition
Tweeter Design
Tweeter Magnet Composition
Woofer Composition
Multi-Layer Hybrid Fiber
Woofer Magnet Composition
Ultra High Density Neodymium Magnet
Swivel Tweeter
25 – 300 watts suggested amplifier power range, Injected Carbon Glass Matrix (iCGM) frames, Vented motor assembly, Plus One woofer-cone technology, Edge-driven, soft-dome fabric tweeter, UniPivot coaxial tweeter, Adjustable, push-button tweeter level control
What customers say about "Features"
Alpine SPR-68 2 Way Pair of Car Speakers
  • Clear sound and easy to install. My system has never sounded so crisp.
  • Great Speakers. Simple installation, as long as you buy all necessary parts for connection.
  • I have not installed all of them yet but I have installed two of them and so far all is well as I ordered .
  • A markable difference in upgraded speakers paired with a pioneer deck the speakers are much better than the stock ones that came out of my vehicle
  • Speakers are great but one of them arrived broken. Tweeter was cracked off from speaker.
Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf 2-Way Car Audio
  • Easy install with included factory harness adapters.
  • The included adapters for my Navigator did fit great to the factory wiring, but were useless on the speakers.
  • They have with different mounting points and all you do is figure out which ones you will use for you vehicle and easily trim the ones you don't need.
  • Only con is I had to clip the mount ears to fit in the door. It was super easy with wire cutters.
  • Fit perfect and used the screws to install. Took ten min... buy them!!
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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