Product Comparison: JVC CS-DR620 vs Kenwood KFC-1665S

General Specifications
About the Product
Upgrade your cars original Boring under performance Speaker system with This Exclusive Car Automobile Stereo Coaxials Speaker Set that you will enjoy you favorite music like never before With included speaker wire for easy installation.
The KFC-1665S 6-1/2" 2-way speakers feature polypropylene cones that will enrich your music with all the midbass and midrange details, while the 1" balanced-dome tweeters will make high notes soar. Kenwood also includes sharp-looking grilles in case you're doing a custom installation in your vehicle. Finally, you can enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard, with clarity and emotion.
Key Specs
6.5 in.
6.5 in.
Nominal Power
50 Watts
30 Watts
What customers say about "Key Specs"
JVC CS-DR620 2-Way Car Audio Speakers
  • Suprising enough, this does pump out enough bass. (I've read reviews about these speakers are sub bass...etc...) I found that these 2 6.5's were FAR better than the factory JBL's that it replaced.
  • These have very good lows for the price and a 6.5" speaker, mids and highs are excellent.
  • Even though they are only two ways, they sound SO much better than the factory speakers did. We haven't done anything else other than change the speakers, and they sound great even with the factory headset.
  • Just wonderful speakers. Very good base, nice mid range and very good sound separation. Had my son in the car, told him to pick a station...
  • Ordered these to replace a blown front door speaker on a 2004 Tahoe. Great sound!! It has the BOSE system and they are more clear than the original speakers.
Kenwood KFC-1665S Car Audio Stereo Speakers
  • These are not meant for competition SPL/SQL events. What these are meant for are quick replacements for flimsy made OEM applications. Dropped these into a 2013 Hyundai Sonata and they sound great.
  • For the money, you can't beat it. Make sure your amp matches their capacity to handle the power. 30 amps per speaker continuous is about optimum.
  • Used to replac e 6x9 speakers in an older car.. not bad , good crisp high end. I will be installing baffles underneath them to push more bass into the car rather than the trunk. not bad for the money though.
  • Installed four of these in my Dodge Dakota along with a Kenwood stereo. The sound is 100% better than the stock system and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.
  • Not worth purchasing. They don't sound any Better then a stock paper speakers. I'll be replacing them soon.
Size & Weight
14 in.
3.5 in.
12.3 in.
13.2 in.
8.4 in.
7.5 in.
1.3 lbs.
2.3 lbs.
Min. Frequency
85 Hz
35 Hz
Max. Frequency
23.8 kHz
22 kHz
Max. Power
300 Watts
300 Watts
4 ohm
4 ohm
89 dB
92 dB
What customers say about "Audio"
JVC CS-DR620 2-Way Car Audio Speakers
  • Speakers are real good for mids and highs but not for low bass but that's what I got them for since i have 2 10in subs. The sound is pretty clear out of them.
  • When these speakers are advertised as 50 watt rms i believe it but they also have great sound clarity and power at low volume levels.
  • The speakers sounded good considering they were being powered from the factory headunit but still leaps and bounds above the stock set.
  • They're ok but not the best, I found the speakers too over powered and get distorted really easily but warning! It depends on what kind of car you have with what kinda of stock radio too and also depends if your car has HD and surround sound speakers
  • Absolutely no bass. But good mid to high range and clarity is much improved overstock speakers Would definitely need a sub woofer for full spectrum of sound.
Kenwood KFC-1665S Car Audio Stereo Speakers
  • The quality is eh... I put Kenwoods in my other car & loved them! But, for some reason, these speakers are pretty low quality as far as sound goes. I wouldn’t buy this particular speaker.
  • We've got a 19 yr old van that the speakers gave out on. We installed these right into the same space as the OEM and they sound awesome! We could not believe the quality! Deep base and clear treble. Definately worth the money.
  • Installed in the rear of a 2010 Toyota Rav4 sound good to the passengers. Better than the stock Toyota speakers.
  • I would think 300w would have a little bass but they don't . I just replaced them with kickers sounds much better wish I didn't waste $40.00
  • The sound from these speakers is abysmal. The bass is virtually non existent, yet every time a kick hits all other sound is cut out. The tweeters are very tinny, and made an annoying rattling sound right away.
Mounting Depth
1.75 in.
1.7 in.
Tweeter Composition
Poly-Ether Imide
PEI balanced-dome
Tweeter Design
Tweeter Magnet Composition
Woofer Composition
Rubber & Cloth
Woofer Magnet Composition
Wide Opening Grill, Small Design Tweeter Cover, Hybrid Surround, Carbon Mica Cone, Great Factory Replacement
4" Sport Series 2-Way Flush Mount Car Speakers, 1" balanced dome tweeter, 6-1/2" polypropylene cone
Cut-Out Dimensions
4.875 in.
What customers say about "Features"
JVC CS-DR620 2-Way Car Audio Speakers
  • Good mid range sound quality. Was easy to install into my 2002 Chevy Tahoe and i bought a set of Metra 72-4568 Speaker Harness so that i didn't have to do any wire cutting.
  • The speakers also do a great compact job of separating the high and low pitches to its tweeter and woofer respectively.
  • Upgraded the stock speakers on my 2004 honda civic ex coupe, I cut the old speakers out of the stock fixture and modified it somewhat to fix them well.
  • Make sure when you replace your factory speakers to keep the mounts and hardware until the speakers are sitting in flush and nice inside the door panel. Don't get rid of anything until the job is confidently finished.
  • There are holes in the speaker's frame that line up perfectly with the ones used by the original speakers, so you can just reuse the three mounting screws.
Kenwood KFC-1665S Car Audio Stereo Speakers
  • Great upgrade from stock in my 2006 jeep liberty limited. Sound geat. I found it much better to drill my own holes for attaching these rather than using those brachets they came with.
  • Bought this for the wife's car and when the wife is happy i'm happy.. great sound and a breeze to install
  • Not great but as replacement for oem speakers, I think they do a fair job of it. Greatest feature is the price.
  • Thos say it fits my car. But in order for it to fit I have to separately buy mounting brackets for them.
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Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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