Product Comparison: SP Connect Bike Bundle vs Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit

General Specifications
About the Product
The SP Connect BIKE BUNDLE lets you mount your smartphone to your bike with a turn of your wrist. Your mobile phone is then positioned right in the center of your vision, allowing you to use your apps, access your playlists, read messages or navigate.
Quad Lock is the lightest, strongest and most secure smartphone bike mount on the market. Our patented dual-stage locking mechanism ensures your phone is always held securely to your bike. Integrate your smartphone into your active lifestyle, it’s as easy as Twist, Lock & Ride!
SP Connect
Quad Lock
Bike Bundle
Universal Bike Mount Kit
Key Specs
Mounting Location
Stem / Handlebar
Stem / Handlebar
Mount Fixation Type
Stem bolt, Clamp
UV Resistant O-rings, Zipties
Compatible Smartphones
iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE
Smartphone Fixation Type
Phone case
Adhesive Universal Adapter
What customers say about "Key Specs"
SP Connect Bike Bundle (iPhone 5/SE)
  • I've used several iphone bike systems. This one is the best so far. low profile mounting, easy use, secure.
  • My first ride was on a curvy trail, with lots of hills. My phone has secured correctly in place the entire trip.
  • Even riding rough terrain the phone is safely stays locked in the handle bar attachment.
  • What was amazing is how easy it is to detach my phone if I wanted to utilize my camera, or reply to a text.
  • I find the stem mount is a really great way to mount your phone on your bike.
Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit
  • The adhesive mount is 3M VHB which means it isn't coming off. The bike mount is well built and swapping it between my bikes hasn't been an issue.
  • Very rugged design and the adhesive is strong enough to hold a 6' phone on my bike without falling off going over street bumps
  • I have this on a Specialized road bike stem. It works well and doesn't move around at all.
  • Works very well for mounting a smartphone onto your bike. This is very secure and you won't feel any type of movement during a ride.
  • I only had this secured with the included rubber bands and it performed admirably. It is also super easy to release the phone when needed.
  • Will not stick to the polycarbonate case I bought specifically for attaching.
Size & Weight
2.6 in.
0.92 in.
12.3 oz.
2.08 oz.
8 in.
2 in.
4.2 in.
1.4 in.
QI charging possible, GoPro compatible, 3-layer case construction for ultimate safeguarding, Protects against rain, sweat, dust or mud, Adds shock resistance to your phone
Patented dual-stage lock, Low profile design, Compatible with all Quad Lock cases & Adapters
Easy Access to Buttons
1 x Phone case, 1 x Weather Cover, 1 x Clamp mount, 1 x Stem mount, 1 x StandTool, 1 x Angle/Height adapter, 1 x Microrail adhesive
1 x Adhesive Universal Adapter, 1 x Quad lock bike mount, 2 x Small O-rings, 2 x Large O-rings, 2 x Zip ties
What customers say about "Features"
SP Connect Bike Bundle (iPhone 5/SE)
  • Case is perfect and not bulky at all. If it stops raining I'll try it out on my bike.
  • Case works so well on my bike. Sturdy, easy to install, a great accessories.
  • The clamp mount, which was included, works perfectly and the phone case looks really great.
  • Thought I would just use it while riding my bike but since it actually looks much better than my old case, I leave it mounted all the time.
  • You figure immediately that it is a high quality product and not some plastic crap that will fall apart in a month or so.
Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit
  • The rubber straps are holding up well. The adapters are very low profile.
  • This mount is universal and you can turn the phone 360 degrees and tilt it.
  • Easy to mount and no wiggle whatsoever, while I am riding. I bought an extra case just to use with this mount.
  • Works beautifully. The phone of securely held in place. I used the zip ties to secure the mount base to the squarish stem.
  • Fast rough down hill, a couple crashes so far and it has been rock solid. Stuck it to the back of my phone case and there's no way it's coming off.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
39.95 $

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