Product Comparison: Beats BeatsX vs JayBird Freedom

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General Specifications
About the Product
Sleek, light, and compact, Beatsˣ earphones are the perfect wireless companion for all-day music. Beatsˣ earphones feature authentic, clear sound with optimized noise isolation for an immersive listening experience. The innovative acoustic design delivers a clean treble response and distortion-free bass, creating a natural tonality across a broad range of genres. This is sound that stays with you.
JayBird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth Buds for Wireless music and phone calls. Features include a Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat, up to 6 hours of music play time, premium sound, warm bass and secure fit. Includes: 3 sizes of the new Secure Fit sport ear cushions, 3 sizes of ear tips, USB charging cable. Great for working out, running, fitness and an active life style.
Key Specs
Min. Frequency Range
20 Hz
20 Hz
Max. Frequency Range
20 kHz
20 kHz
Battery Life
8 hours
6 hours
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Beats BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones - White
  • The midrange is similarly clear but recessed; vocals are un-hyped but don't cut through as well compared to the other units tested. The bass is very full and tight but can overpower the overall balance.
  • Very good bass and midrange and the overall sound presentation is smooth. Volume is more than ample.
  • Sound is good. Not great. Not particularly exciting. Just good. It’s surprising how much balance there is overall. The bass isn’t that typical Beats bass which honestly I’m fine with for earbuds.
  • The sound is not at all Beats-y, that is, it doesn't have booming, muddy bass. In fact, I'd go so far as to call them very balanced with a nice bass punch.
JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds, Retail Packaging, Midnight Black
  • I really like these. The sound is great. Much better than Skull Candy (which suck anyway, so that's not saying much).
  • The headphones work semi well. Sound quality is decent for its size and they pair pretty easily.
  • There is also solid sound quality. I wouldn't say great, but I thought the sound quality surpassed what you would expect from an inexpensive Bluetooth headset.
  • As for the sound quality? If you are a hardcore audiophile, nothing will every satisfy you so please go away and stop bothering us normals. The sound quality is great, considering it is a Bluetooth and runs on battery, and has significant bass.
  • The sound however is great-if they fit, if they are lose, the sound is dull and not how I would like it to be.
Size & Weight
7.3 in.
7 in.
5.1 in.
2 in.
2.6 in.
5 in.
11.2 oz.
4.8 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Beats BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones - White
  • The build quality seems good. The cable is flexible but rigid and the earpieces seem to be durable and sturdy for their size and weight.
  • The little "weights" prevent them from falling and the magnetic ear pieces make sure they are not dangling. BY FAR the most comfortable wireless headset I've ever owned.
  • Very light weight, and one-piece connected construction eliminates the "lost ear-pod" scenario. Excellent fit for long periods of listening.
  • While the weight and balance of the wires are perfect, but the audio and mic quality are no different then any cheaper headsets.
  • I purchased both of these to try out and the Beats X will be going back to the store. Not to mention the cord is extremely long and adds to weight around your neck, which I would imagine is not good for running and working out.
JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds, Retail Packaging, Midnight Black
  • They are supposed to fit into the folded part in your ear and yet they don't quite fit well. They seem awkward and I'm thinking I'm using a size too large.
  • This headset is actually quite nice. It has a stylish appearance, is seemingly built well, and is very light. Jaybird also includes a variety of earplug sizes and attachments to suit your personal wearing style.
  • Since they are lightweight, these puppies are very comfortable, and since they are more or less in ear, there are none of the issues with wearing glasses like there are with the Motorola's, and none of the painful ears or temples the Motorola's can cause.
  • In sum, this is a well built and stylish headset. I would actually say it is one of the better headsets in terms of overall weight, comfort and style.
  • Fitting can be a bit of a challenge to find the right combo between plug sizing and ear grips. But that is also one of the major pluses to these headphones - you can get them right for you.
Pairing Interface
Connection Range
30 feet
30 feet
Carrying Case
Water Resistant
Built-In Microphone
Fit for Your Life, Take Calls With RemoteTalk, Always Ready
Secure Fit for Sports, Bluetooth Wireless Music+Calls
Fit And Convenience
Comes with extra ear tips
What customers say about "Features"
Beats BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones - White
  • In my house, the range was also excellent. I could go from room to room without dropping the connection or losing any perceptible audio quality. Really, really impressive. So, I charged them up before bed, and took them to work with me the next day.
  • These have never, I repeat, never lost connection and have never taken more than two seconds to pair. The range is ridiculous.
  • This is one of the best wireless headsets I have ever purchased. The microphone quality (often overlooked) is one of the best with very clear transmission of voice during calls.
  • When connected directly, the audio quality is noticeably different -- clearer and better balanced (although it's not too shabby via Bluetooth either).
  • Connected very quick on first use. No longer connects automatically. I have to hold the power button down on the earbuds for 5 seconds, then select from my Pixel XL Bluetooth menu. All of my other Bluetooth headphones auto connect. Not the BeatsX.
  • Only complaint is they don't always pair the microphone which can be troublesome when trying to take a call, though the sound always pairs.
JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds, Retail Packaging, Midnight Black
  • The button controls are nice and function when connected to the device. The built-in also mic works decent enough to hello and goodbye. All of these great features led me to believe this was a fantastic headset.
  • Bluetooth range - incredible! With my HTC Incredible 2 Android smart phone, I can holster my phone on my belt or hold it im my hand with NO dropouts! Exceeded even the mfgr expectations!
  • Range is pretty good. I can walk about 20 feet+ away from my phone (unobstructed view) before I start getting cutouts
  • Horrible mic, when talking to others they often said you sound muffled not cleared at all like they described.
  • Bluetooth - button require a firm long press to pair. Somewhat annoying but a small price to pay for durability.
Battery Type
What customers say about "Power"
Beats BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones - White
  • The BeatsX seemed to fit the bill of enhanced sound, better Bluetooth performance and above all, better battery performance.
  • They charge super fast although honestly the battery life seems to be less than 8 hours to me. They look great around the neck and on. I’ve really grown to love these things so I’m adding the 5th star.
  • Battery life is spot on around 8 hours of continuous use at work.
  • The battery life has been good at around 8 hours. I'd love to get 12+ hours like on the Powerbeats but I preferred the smaller and more compact design of the BeatsX.
  • I just have a feeling it's not gonna last that long cus just like every phones battery will eventually die and give up from charging so will these one day too?
JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds, Retail Packaging, Midnight Black
  • The real plus is the long time period they are stay charged and the short amount of time it takes for them to be fully charged.
  • Battery life is pretty good. In the month I have owned these, I have only charged them 3 times following the initial charge, and have yet to fully drain them even after an hour workout and then watching a 3 hour movie on my phone.
  • Great battery life and I have used these for working in the yard, walking the dog, jogging, etc.
  • I lost the charging cable and unfortunately the charging port is not standard so cannot use the micro usb cable. luckily, I had a nikon camera which used the port and I use it now. wish it came with standard port.
  • The battery life was extremely awful. They would only be able to be used for about 2 hours then needed to gain a full charge.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information

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