Product Comparison: Rain-X Weatherbeater vs Rain-X Latitude 5079280-2

General Specifications
Latitude 5079280-2
About the Product
Valeo wiper blades provide optimum visibility in all types of driving conditions. The Ultimate Wiper Blade series is manufactured exclusively by Valeo and delivers the superior quality, innovation, and performance that drivers rely on to keep everybody in the vehicle safe. With an OE-style adapter, the blade is quick and easy to install, and fits most vehicles with different sizes in length of blades available ranging from 15 to 28 inches. Unlike other conventional blades typically comprised of two pieces of rubber glued together, the Ultimate blade has a revolutionary flat blade design that resembles a single piece of rubber compound. Together, its unique design and advanced rubber technology generates the smoothest and quietest wiping performance with no vibration or chatter because of the patented 1,500 pressure points on the blade when moving across the windshield versus the minimal 4 to 8 pressure points of a conventional blade. Features a curved metal spline for optimized contact and an aerodynamic end clip that reduces drag on the windshield. The blade's Tec3 advanced rubber technology with protective coating provides quiet, longer lasting extreme weather durability, and its integrated spoiler design controls wind force for maximum high-speed wiping performance.
These revolutionary 2-in-1 wiper blades provide an innovative solution to both clear and repel the elements for ultimate driving visibility.
Key Specs
Wiper Length
26 in.
24 in.
Connector Type
J-Hook, Side pin, Large j-hook, Bayonet
Blade Material
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Rain-X Weatherbeater Winter Wiper Blade
  • It's the right length and it installs easily but the blade does not make full contact with the windshield.
  • This wiper blade will not fit a 2012 honda crv. It is the correct length, but because of the curvature of the windshield and the shape of the wiper arm, only about half of the blade rests on the windshield.
  • I have not had time until today to reach out about this issue, but will try to get the proper connector from the manufacturer.
  • I love it! It's very easy to install (I'm taking a girl moment to say, I didn't even break a nail!).
  • Length was fine but the 4-6" inches of the wiper did not make contact with the center of the windshield.
Rain-X Latitude 5079280-2 Wiper Blade
  • Pretty much work as advertised, connection a little strange but works. Nice unit.
  • Love these wippers but the size guide was off from the standard size guide for my car. Ordered what size the app said would fit and I was golden.
  • They work great on my 2012 GMC Terrain, this is the second pair I have used. Were we live e get approximately 52 " of rain a year. When I need replacement blades I will buy Rain-X.
  • This wiper blade did not work at all on my 2012 VW Passat. It did not connect up with my windshield in several areas particularly when driving on the highway or if windy.
  • These fell apart the first rain storm, the wiper portion actually started coming out of the plastic blade. Purchased in Jan, fell apart in April.
Size & Weight
0.7 in.
1.1 in.
29.9 in.
24 in.
2.4 in.
2.4 in.
0.4 lbs.
0.4 lbs.
Construction Type
Frame Material
Galvanized Steel
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Winter Blade
Pack of
Long lasting durability, All natural squeegee rubber, High quality traditional blade, Quick and easy to install
Virtually streak-free visibility, Smooth, chatter-free wipe, Enhanced flexibility and grip, All weather tough, Prevents ice and snow build-up
What customers say about "Features"
Rain-X Weatherbeater Winter Wiper Blade
  • It has worked very well in both snow and rain. I am much more impressed with this blade than I was with the original. heavier, Rain-X blade that i purchased.
  • Work much better than the ones without the metal frame/bracket. those didnt have enough pressure on the window and didnt work hardly at all in the snow.
  • The blades do not form a tight enough arc to sit on the windshield (it's highly curved near the top), and the one time the wife had to use them the blade 'insert' actually came out of the frame.
  • The blade frame hits the arm as a result half the blade does not touch the glass.
  • The frame of the blade contacts the underside of the arm not allowing the blade to fully conform to the shape of the windshield.
Rain-X Latitude 5079280-2 Wiper Blade
  • What can I say here .. the performance of the blade is exceptional, as I've always experienced with Rain-X wiper blades. What's new is the ease in which these installed. I've *never* installed wiper blades so easily in my life!
  • I installed the 24" wiper on my 2013 BMW 3 series yesterday and it works great!
  • Easy to install and they work great in snowy or rainy weather. I also like the way they don't stutter on a dry windshield once the rain has ceased and they seem to hug the windshield better than the old straight blades did.
  • Much, much better than the cheaper ones I typically get. These are easy to install and hug the glass very tightly.
  • The water-repellent feature does not seem to last very long.
  • This wiper skips across the lower part of the windshield and drags water back with it. Less than impressed, especially for a RainX wiper, of which I've had several.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
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