Product Comparison: O-Cedar EasyWring (150909) vs Hapinnex SM-03-RD

General Specifications
EasyWring (150909)
About the Product
With the O-Cedar EasyWring™ Spin Mop & Bucket System, you will enjoy an effective and efficient cleaning experience with minimal labor and little mess. It's ideal for all hard floors with no bending down and no wet hands. Its triangular mop head allows for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.
Clean Your House Faster: Yes, it’s true! Gone are the days of putting excessive effort in order to force out water from your mop- now you can save time and effort as our Easy-Press system allows you to spin off excess water with only one move; just push the handle against the bucket spinner - mopping made easy for even junior and senior!
Bucket Material
Rod Material
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Basket Liner Material
Stainless Steel
Mop Head Material
What customers say about "Materials"
O-Cedar EasyWring (150909) Spin Mop and Bucket with 3 Extra Refills
  • The material of the microfibers on this mop scrubbed in between the hardwood strips/beveled spaces! I wish I could give it a hundred stars!!!
  • Easy to assemble and clean and the materials are good quality.
  • The bucket is well built. The right big size. Heavy but not too heavy. Sturdy
  • Great product; heavy duty; sturdy mop handle; easy to put together.
  • While I will admit I have concerns over the all-plastic construction, it appears to be quite sturdy and I hope this translated into long-term durability.
Hapinnex SM-03-RD Spin Wringer Mop Bucket Set
  • It is now very easy to keep my house clean. High qualify and durable material.
  • The material DOES pick up the dirt! I hate mopping, but with this, I will definitely hate it less.
  • High qualify and durable material. I am thinking to buy anther one for my sister.
  • My mom loves this mop because it's light weight, sturdy, and good quality!
  • Cheap materials are used.
Size & Weight
12 in.
10.2 in.
19.5 in.
18.1 in.
11.7 in.
9.06 in.
6 lbs.
3.99 lbs.
Accessories Included
3x Extra mop heads
2x Microfiber mop heads, Cleaning Glove, Handle Extension
Handle Length
Telescope 33" - 51"
Telecsope up to 64"
Foot pedal
Self-Balanced Bucket
360° mop, 180° swivel of the mop head
360° mop, 180° swivel of the mop head
Ergonomic Handle
Three-section handle, Triangular design, Deep-cleaning microfiber, Machine-Washable Mop Head
Easy-Press technology, Splash Proof detachable wringer basket, 304 stainless steel telescopic handle
Splash Guard
What customers say about "Features"
O-Cedar EasyWring (150909) Spin Mop and Bucket with 3 Extra Refills
  • I like it but I think some features could be better. I like the spinning action but sometimes it gets a bit wild and sometimes the mop head is hard to maneuver around and you have to keep adjusting it manually.
  • The spin-dry feature is nice and makes it easy to regulate the amount of water on the mop.
  • I love the spin feature to ring it out, and it glides over the floors nicely and even glides across the quarter round trim at the edges of the floors which makes cleaning the baseboards a lot easier.
  • Cleans very well and the spin feature makes it easy to wring and use.
  • It does not dry too well before u apply it on the floor. So that whole pedal fancy draining mechanism I'm kind of disappointed with the results.
Hapinnex SM-03-RD Spin Wringer Mop Bucket Set
  • The best feature by far and made me click the buy button.. a simple lever that locks and unlucks the spinning feature on the mop.
  • The spin feature is ok not a requirement for me unless it’s amazing and actually dries the mop after use.
  • The drain plug is another nice feature. I noticed where it is unavailable at this point.
  • The spinning feature cleans out the mop quickly and the bucket has a drain built in.
  • The only thing lacking would be a little scrubber feature on the mop head for the stuck on stuff.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year
1 year
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