Product Comparison: Dremel 300-1/24 vs Dremel 3000-2/28

General Specifications
About the Product
The Dremel 300 Series rotary tool offers the precision and control required to complete a wide range of projects, from fine art to home repair. Its variable speed control allows you to set the speed of the tool to match a particular accessory or the task at hand.
The Dremel 3000 Series variable-speed rotary tool kit gives DIY-ers everything they need to tackle projects around the house. It includes our most popular rotary tool, which boasts a range of user-requested features that improve the tool’s design and ergonomics.
Key Specs
Accessory Change System
EZ Twist Nose Cap
EZ Twist Nose Cap
Min. No Load Speed
5000 rpm
5000 rpm
Max. No Load Speed
35000 rpm
35000 rpm
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Dremel 300-1/24 Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
  • The variable speed works well and cuts well, I am still on the first cutting wheel.
  • I love this little Dremel. Adjustable speeds and easy chuck to lock and unlock.
  • The variable speed is especially important because different materials require different speeds to work properly.
  • Not good for drilling thick steel as the speed is too high (I melted a bit trying to drill the steel shaft of a fan).
  • The on/off/speed select slider is terribly made. I read the reviews, but didn't know it would be this bad. It is very difficult to select the lowest speed, it often slips right back off.
  • I gave 4 stars because it can be difficult to change attachments. I'm hoping to get the EZ-lock accessory soon to see if that reduces the problem.
Dremel 3000-2/28 Rotary Tool
  • Husband loves the variable speed on it which we did not have on the other one. Definite upgrade! I cannot wait to do some fine engraving with extra accessories we found in addition to what comes in the kit.
  • This particular model also has multiple speeds that range from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM and it is extremely easy to handle.
  • This particular model comes with 10 adjustable speeds and a varietyof attachments that make it project ready as soon as you open the box.
  • I like the fact that the lowest speed is lower than my old one. This is handy if you are grinding something very fragile
  • Problems with speed, only works in level 6 onwards.
  • It a good little tool to have. The only issue I'm having with it is that when its under a load at high medium to high speeds, it makes a very loud and annoying high pitch squealing that after about 30 minutes I have to take a break from it.
Size & Weight
6 in.
7.5 in.
3 in.
2.5 in.
2 in.
2 in.
1.125 lbs.
2.75 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Dremel 300-1/24 Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
  • The 300 series fits in your hand better than the 4000 or the XPR versions I have played with.
  • My son-in-law loves this! It is simple to use, comes in a carrying case and is light weight.
  • I love the 300 S for it's light weight. My hand and arm do not tire after hours of work.
  • It is light, versatile, with just the right speeds for what I need.
Dremel 3000-2/28 Rotary Tool
  • It's small and can be used for a number of things.
  • It is the right size for a woman's hands and has many features. I am really glad that I purchased it.
  • This particular kit is the perfect size.
  • The 3000 will fit most any hand size, but the others above this one start to get too big for people with smaller hands. Excellent tool.
Speed Power Selection
2.5 m/s²
2.4 - 5.4 m/s²
80 dB(A)
88.4 dB(A)
Accessories Included
Circle Cutter Attachment, 2x Mandrel, High-Speed Cutter, Bristle Brush, Coarse 1/2-inch Sanding Drum, 2x Small Felt Wheels, 2x Heavy-Duty Emery Cut-Off Wheels, Polishing compound, Cone Polishing Tip, 1-1/4-Inch Fiberglass-Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel, Carbon steel brush, Large Felt Wheel, Coarse 1/4-Inch Sanding Drum, 1/2-Inch 120-Grit Sanding Band, 1/4-Inch 120-Grit Sanding Band, 1-1/4-Inch Cut-Off Wheel, Multipurpose cutting bit, 3x Aluminum oxide grinding stone, Silicon carbide grinding stone
Engraving cutter, High speed cutter, Diamond wheel point, 2x Fiberglass-reinforced cut-off wheel, Silicon carbide grinding stone, 3x Aluminum oxide grinding stone, Nylon bristle brush, Carbon steel brush, 3x Felt polishing wheel, Felt polishing wheel, 2x Felt polishing wheel, 1/2 inch sanding drum, 2x 1/2 inch 60-grit sanding band, 2x 1/2 inch 120-grit sanding band, 1/2 inch 240-grit sanding band, Screw mandrel, Mandrel, Dressing stone, Wrench
Comfort grip housing for easier handling and better control, "Dove-tail" feature for Dremel-exclusive attachments, On board tool storage keeps your wrench close at hand, Click-and-set on/off switch allows precise speed selection, Cool-running ball bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation, Replaceable motor brushes extend tool life
EZ Twist™ nose cap with wrench for fast accessory changes, Variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, Can be used with all Dremel rotary tool accessories and most attachments, Cool-running ball bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation, Replaceable motor brushes extend tool life
What customers say about "Features"
Dremel 300-1/24 Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
  • The circle cutter is fantastic for creating circles in tile (which is why I bought one, after borrowing a friends XPR).
  • A very good and powerful tool with lots of accessories. We are able to do most of the type of jobs that dremel tools do.
  • There are many attachaments and accessories for every job. I prefer the routing accessories but I use it even for cutting and sanding. It is a small tool for great result.
  • The Dremel 300 and its accessories allow me to undertake a wide range of jobs. For example, I used my Dremel 300 to repair some tiles around my bathtub. Also, the large assortment of accessories provides creative solutions to many handy man problems.
  • I have owned two Dremel tools (a 300 and a 4000); the 4000 lasted less than a year of light use and the 300 lasted for exactly 7 uses. None of them were long or hard jobs.
  • I've gone through several dremels and the 300 was by far the worst. It has two speed settings; slow as hell and fast as sh*t. It makes no sense to have only two wildly different speed settings on a precision multi-tool.
Dremel 3000-2/28 Rotary Tool
  • This set is wonderful with all the attachments/accessories which come with it. The case, itself, has room to put some of the other attachments into which we bought for it separately.
  • The carrying case makes it rather convenient to take anywhere you may need to use it. There is a smaller accessory case included which holds all of the accompanied attachments and fits snuggly inside the carrying case, keeping everything nicely organized.
  • This set is wonderful with all the attachments/accessories which come with it. The case, itself, has room to put some of the other attachments into which we bought for it separately.
  • This tool comes with 28 different accessories allowing you to use it on numerous surfaces as well as being able to use it for a wide variety of things. It can be used to sand, carve, engrave, polish, shape, grind, etc, just to give you some sort of an idea of the uses I am speaking of.
  • Lot's of cool accessories, but the mechanism that locks the dremel so you can change the bit broke after 2 uses, so now all the extra accessories it came with are useless, unless I buy another Dremel.
Power Source
Power Output
1.2 A
1.2 A
Cord Length
6 ft.
What customers say about "Power"
Dremel 300-1/24 Variable-Speed Rotary Tool
  • It has plenty of power for what I am using it for.
  • It offers lots of power and fits the bill as that 3rd hand one often needs when tackling life's many jobs, both small & big. A real time saver and a well made, powerful little extra tool.
  • With just the right rpm it delivers enough power for small jobs. I am very impressed with the action of this tool.
  • It has lots of power when you need it and is still great for delicate jobs.
  • The Dremel 300 has plenty of power for the tough jobs but, most of all, it is very easy to manipulate.
Dremel 3000-2/28 Rotary Tool
  • Powerful! Trimmed down a thicker piece of metal better than expected. Slight complaint. The head kept slipping off but I believe that was from the angel I was holding it.
  • This one runs a little faster and more power than the old one.
  • Much more powerful than my earlier model Dremel which is over 20 years old and still going strong. I needed a bit more power for some jobs and this tool fits the bill. Don't have a Dremel? You're missing out.
  • This model is low power, and doesn't work well with the flex shaft, because it doesn't have enough power to overcome the friction of the barrel.
  • The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it would be so much better with a longer cord and perhaps a cord guide to keep the cord out of the way.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
4 year(s)
2 year(s)
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