Product Comparison: Flex PE14-2 150 vs Makita 9227C

General Specifications
PE14-2 150
About the Product
The new POLISHFLEX was developed by professionals for professionals. Motor and gear unit both operate extremely quiet. The optimum speed range of 600-2100RPM and the high torque are ideal for treating a variety of surfaces. The ergonomic design and low weight make it easy to reach and prepare even problematical spots. The maximum polishing pad diameter is 200mm enabling horizontal and vertical surfaces to be quickly and comfortably treated.
Makita’s 7” Electronic Polisher-Sander is a favorite among automotive and marine enthusiasts for polishing and sanding. The 9227C combines 10 AMP power and variable speed control with a pre-set maximum speed dial. The result is fast and powerful polishing for clearcoat finishes, and more. It can also be easily converted to a sander.
Key Specs
No Load Speed
2100 rpm
3200 rpm
Wheel Diameter
6 in.
7 in.
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Flex PE14-2 150 Compact Variable Speed Rotary Car Polisher
  • Ordered this for my business after ordering another dual action buffer. This does the job in half the time and is extremely more effective requiring less time and less product. Well worth the money.
  • The Flex PE14-2-150 is a truly magnificent machine. Since the eighties we have used a Flex rotary that was a beast to handle but dependable. The PE 14 has the same or better power to do the job but at a lighter weight and a much better holding position.
  • I have to say that this is the best polisher in the market orbital polisher doesn't come close to this machine it corrects very smooth eliminates spider web holograms marring scratches and oxidation leaving your car brand new and you will notice the difference.
  • t's way more than twice as fast as my RO. NO negatives.
  • Product stopped working after a week of use was told to bring to a repair shop but no one near me fixes them so im stuck with it and out alot of money and still had to buy another one.
Makita 9227C
  • Now that I have a defect free unit the buffer works great. It is extremely powerful and solid when used, and I love the variable speed.
  • I read several bad reviews regarding this buffer. I purchased this for polishing my granite in my kitchen as having the variable speed was a must.
  • Great polisher. I have an old single speed buffer but with this new one I can adjust the speed and makes the job easier and better.
  • Bought is several years ago and like it a lot. It doesn't weigh much and the variable speed is a plus when sanding boat stuff. Get a soft PSA pad from Redhill Corp. and sand away.
  • Great buffer, speed control and soft start are awesome.
Size & Weight
4.7 in.
7 in.
15.75 in.
18.5 in.
3.3 in.
7 in.
5.6 lbs.
6.8 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Flex PE14-2 150 Compact Variable Speed Rotary Car Polisher
  • The Flex is smoother to use and lighter.
  • Very light, handles perfectly, easy to use.
  • At about 5 pounds, the Flex offers lightweight ease of use and this becomes especially useful when working vertical surfaces.
  • The Flex PE 14-2 150's slim design makes it extremely portable for those detail projects outside of the shop.
Makita 9227C
  • Very happy with my purchase. Seems solidly built and has pretty good weight to it.
  • My arms also love the light weight 7 lbs of this polisher.
  • Its light weight and built strong. I would recommend this one to anyone.
  • 18 years in finish line from body shop Mercedes Benz dealer in Boston area nothing nothing like Makita light weight love it.
  • This polisher is the lightest weight one I could find.
2 Position Side Handle
Spindle Lock
Variable Speed Trigger
Rubber-Coated Handle
Spindle Thread
5/8" - 11
VR electronic control, Continuous speed control trigger, Setting 1 (600-2100 rpm) and a lock-on for continuous operation, Optimized air ducting for optimum cooling of motor and gear, Flat gear head reduces distance to the surface
Constant speed control automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed under load, Soft start suppresses start-up reaction for less fling-off, Large two-finger trigger switch for convenience, Lock-on button for continuous operation, Ergonomic loop handle for maximum operator comfort, 3-prong plug to prevent static electricity accumulation
What customers say about "Features"
Flex PE14-2 150 Compact Variable Speed Rotary Car Polisher
  • This amazing buffing machine works fantastic! I can say that it has paid off already with all the work I have being doing with it. Works excellent as a polishig machine and also if you buy an adapter you could even use it as a D.A. Sander for body work!
  • The lack of fine vibrations reduce fatigue, and it is very quiet in comparison to other polishers, a HUGE plus if you don't like wearing ear plugs or headphones all day.
  • Controls are in the right spots for easy on-the-fly rpm adjustments and the trigger hold is perfectly sized and placed. It will increase our production and reduce the amount of breaks the user needs to take from polishing.
  • The controls are within easy reach, as this rotary is ergonomically correct for detailing.
  • This rotary is also pretty quiet in comparison to other rotary buffers.
Makita 9227C
  • I attached the handle easily and purchased three different buffers for use with this product.
  • Awesome handling and no power lag. I use it for surface prep on wind blade.
  • The handle is easy to hold & doesn't tire out the worker like some of the larger handled machines. The trigger is also easy to use & located in a perfect spot.
  • Makita also has available as an option, the side handles that we have all come to know, the standard throughout the years. Those side handles are my personal choice for automotive.
  • It works like it's supposed to, but unlike in the picture, it did not come with any of the attached polishing heads. :(
Power Source
Power Output
10 A
10 A
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Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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