Network accessories

Network Attached Storages
Best Network Attached Storage NAS Devices

Network-attached storage devices (NAS, for short) are commonly used to store and share data, yet top-of-the-line models can do much more. Have a look at the best network attached storage devices we’ve found and reviewed for you and see how they can benefit your home or business.

Cable Modems
Best Cable Modems

Monthly rental fees on a cable modem might not be what most of you dreamt about, but having Internet suggests using one. No need to bother about it anymore. We’ve prepared a comprehensive review on the best cable modems available so that you could rid of the rented one once and for all.

USB Wireless Adapters
Best USB Wireless Adapters

Wired connection to the Internet has been the only reliable network available. But not until recent times with the introduction of wireless options. Use USB Wireless Adapters to connect your gadgets to the web whenever you are and rely on high data speed transfer.

KVM Switches
Best KVM Switches to Control Several Systems
If you have several workstations or PCs at hand, which you need to maintain, it is very inconvenient to go between different keyboards or connect your keyboard, monitor, and mouse every time you want to work with a certain system. Luckily, you can use a single set of input devices and monitor to work with as many workstations or PCs as you need using a KVM switch. Check our review on these devices to learn about their parameters and to pick the optimal model.
Mobile Hotspots
Best Mobile Hotspots

Instead of spending a fortune on your smartphone plan in roaming, buy a mobile hotspot and use it together with family or friends! Stay connected to all the world even when you travel abroad.