Comparison of Table Fans for Personal Use and More

Best Table Fans for Personal Use and More

When the temperature outside rises and working on a computer in an office or doing the chores at home turns into hell, a table fan can become a solution. Compact and powerful at the same time, these appliances have adjustable options to cool you down even during dog days.
Comparison of Tower Fans for Safe and Quiet Cooling

Best Tower Fans for Safe and Quiet Cooling

Summer has come, tagging along the stifling hotness. To preserve a comfortable environment in your room at least, you need a cooler of some kind. A tower fan is an affordable and effective solution.
Comparison of Evaporative Air Coolers

Best Evaporative Air Coolers

Hot as hell! And we're not talking about a sexy person, unfortunately. It's the weather! The air is so hot and dry it's difficult to function. What to do? We suggest you to kill two birds with one stone and buy an evaporative air cooler. It will make the room both cooler and more humid!

Comparison of Misting Fans

Best Misting Fans

Just fancy a boiling hot summer day and you're desperately looking for the ways to escape this sweltering heat! Surviving the hot summer without AC seems nearly impossible but a misting fan can be a worthy alternative. Enjoy the refreshing mist and cool breeze with the best misting fan from our review!

Comparison of Personal Fans

Best Personal Fans

If you absolutely cannot stand the exhausting summer heat whether you're sitting in an office or hiking through the countryside, a small personal fan is exactly what you need to make those insufferable summer days a bit more bearable.
Comparison of Pedestal Fans

Best Pedestal Fans

A pedestal fan is by far the most affordable and simple solution to an overbearing heat. With summer being well on its way, we invite you to read our review of the best pedestal fans and choose the one that will save you from the heat.
Comparison of Floor Fans for Home and Commercial Use

Best Floor Fans for Home and Commercial Use

Need a solution to improve air circulation in poorly ventilated areas as well as cool the air in larger rooms to maintain a comfortable room environment through hot summer season without overpaying for AC units? A floor fan will become a perfect alternative to try. Below, you’ll find 5 detailed reviews on top models that will help you choose the best floor fans for your living space.
Comparison of High Velocity Fans

Best High Velocity Fans

Instead of wasting money and energy on an AC unit, consider investing in a high-velocity fan. They're easier to install and often do a far better job keeping you cool throughout the summer. Plus, they're often a better fit for industrial areas.
Comparison of Window Fans

Best Window Fans

No matter where you live, fresh air is what's essential for a well-being. That's why window fans are used worldwide - these appliances maintain air circulation so that your house is always filled with fresh and bacteria-free air. Check the best popular window fans that we've chosen for you!

Comparison of Inline Fans

Best Inline Fans

When regular fans and ventilation systems are just not enough, there is one simple yet very effective solution - an inline fan. Inline fans are capable of moving large volumes of air in a matter of minutes, which makes them a great pick for both industrial and home use.
Comparison of Handheld Misting Fans

Best Handheld Misting Fans

Ever needed to cool off somewhere without air conditioning on a hot summer day? If so, then a handheld misting fan is the perfect solution. Read our reviews of 5 different models and find the best handheld misting fan for finding some comfort on a hot day!
Comparison of Quiet Desk Fans

Best Quiet Desk Fans

To make hot summer days less exhausting, we highly recommend purchasing a quiet desk fan. To help you with your choice, we sorted out the 5 best small devices that will keep you cool without making too much noise.
Comparison of Ceiling Fans

Best Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is the best air cooler. You can use it anywhere in your home where you’d like to keep air moving and unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans don't affect your health. On top of it, they consume less electricity. We've picked 5 best models available at the market for you to choose from, so make the right choice and don't sweat with heat on canicular days anymore.