Craft Supplies

Best Engravers

Have you ever thought about marking your valuables for extra safety? Would you like to engrave something special on your wedding rings? If you answer positively to any of these questions, you need an engraver. Take a look at our selection of the engravers for professional use and hobby.

Best Laser Engravers
Do you want to engrave your bar logo on wine glasses? Do you want an individual 3D image cut on your leather jacket? All these things can be done easily and fast with a laser engraver. We have selected the best laser engraving machines that can satisfy both professional craftsmen and DIYers!
Cutting Mats
Best Cutting Mats

There is nothing like creating things with your own hands! Especially if you work using high-quality cutting tools. We have reviewed 5 best cutting mats that allow accurate, precise and quick shaping. Choose a suitable craft mat and enjoy creating!

Cutting Trimmers/Cutters
Best Cutting Trimmers

Have you ever cut thousands of price tags with the scissors in your shop? Do you need to format dozens of presentations in your office? Have you ever been frustrated trimming customized photo- or greeting-cards? We have reviewed five most popular cutting trimmers for you. Now, it's your move!

Craft Tables
Best Craft Tables

If you like sewing, scrapbooking, drawing, and all kinds of handiwork, you need to have a convenient craft table that will be your cozy working place. The choice is huge but is it really so simple to choose the right one? You wish! Our new review will help you get an excellent craft table.

Window Markers
Best Window Markers for a Variety of Fun Activities
Add a splash color to your windows, mirrors, or any other surface creating a unique atmosphere for your special events. Leave messages for your family almost anywhere! Create eye-catching art projects together with your little ones. The list of things you can do with the quality markers is truly endless.
Glue Gun
Best Glue Guns for Crafts and Fix-Ups
There aren't a lot of tools that link delicate crafters and burly workmen, but glue guns do. Efficient helpers like they are, glue guns are presented in a great variety of models. This also means, choosing the right tool from such a broad range may be quite tricky. Not to worry. Our review of the best 5 glue guns should help you make up your mind and take the best pick.