Best Outdoor Lighting to Illuminate Exterior Space

Review & Comparison, Last Update April 3, 2022
It is hard to imagine a private house plunged into complete darkness when the sun is down. This is because all house owners use outdoor lights to illuminate the porch, terrace, back and front garden, driveways and path, garage barn, or any other auxiliary structure entrances. If you look for the best outdoor lighting solution for your homestead, in our review we’ve compared 5 top-selling outdoor lamps to help you make your choice. ...Read more ...Read less
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Fitted with 40 LED lamps, this model boasts impressive light coverage illuminating a pretty large area. Thus, at the 20' mounting height, it covers the area of 82'x82'.   


Mounting bolts included in the set are too long and might require replacement. 


If you look for a powerful light fixture to brighten not only the front or back of your house but also almost the whole adjacent yard and garden, the LED outdoor lighting from Torch is a really good option to go for. Offering the light capacity of a 250W incandescent bulb, it will consume times less energy and let you save on your electricity bills.

detailed parameters

AC, Hardwired (110-120 V) 


LED (up to 50 000 hours lifespan)


35 Watts (40 LED bulbs)


3500 Lumens, 5000k (cool white), 120° lighting area


Dusk-to-dawn photocell, IP65 weatherproof housing, 2-way mounting (post-mount or wall-mount)


5 years 


A motion sensor is distinguished by pretty hight detection range and sensitivity. It will detect even the slightest motion at the distance of up to 30 feet and within the area up to 150° around.


A bulb is not included in the set. 


Made from black-finished brass and clear glass, this model strongly reminds 19th-century street lanterns and will become a perfect decorative accessory for almost any yard. Besides, depending on the area you need to light up and the final lighting effect you seek, you can use either an incandescent bulb or an LED lamp. 

detailed parameters

AC, Hardwired (110-120 V) 


Incandescent or LED bulbs (not included) 


Depends on a bulb type


Not specified 


Motion activated (150°, 30 feet detection range), IP65 weatherproof housing, Manual override option, Wall-mount


3 years 


The model stands out for 3 available lighting modes allowing you to adjust and customize the light fixture operation to your individual needs efficiently using the battery power resource. 


Under low outdoor temperatures, the light might be dimmer. 


Look for a wireless outdoor lighting solution to install in the area or spot with no access to the mains? If so, the outdoor lamp with a built-in solar panel from Litom is what you need. By choosing an optimal light mode, you can use this unit for security lighting or for illuminating the steps, entrance areas, and even a pool. 

detailed parameters

Li-ion battery (Solar panel charging) 


LED (up to 50 000 hours lifespan) 


8 Watts (24 LED bulbs)


526 Lumens, ~5000k (cool white), 270° lighting area


3 lighting modes (medium light mode, dim light sensor mode, sensor mode), IP65 weatherproof housing, Wall-mount


1.5 years 


A swivelling joint bracket will let you mount the lamp even in tricky places and adjust the beam angle to meet your lighting needs to the maximum.


If using with 110V AC voltage, you will need a 12V transformer. 


Thanks to its compact dimensions, bright light, and pretty large coverage, the GLW will easily become a part of a complex lighting solution for a large territory and perfectly blend with any other light fixtures. It is one of the best led outdoor flood lights that can be used both for functional and for decorative lighting.  

detailed parameters

AC, Hardwired (12 V)


LED (up to 50 000 hours lifespan) 


10 Watts (1 LED bulb)


750 Lumens, 2700-3200k (warm white), 120° lighting area


IP65 weatherproof housing, 2-way mounting (post mount or wall mount)


Amazon's 30-day return policy 


A unique lampshade design delicately dissipates the light of 6 built-in LED lamps efficiently covering a rather large area and increasing the beam reach.  


Ni-Mh battery features relatively low power resource. 


The Litway is a set of 4 outdoor solar lights that will come in handy in any private house or even large apartment with a terrace. In a single package, you'll get a comprehensive lighting solution for illumination of your homestead exterior and surrounding areas with no wiring required. And all of this is offered at a truly affordable price. 

detailed parameters

Ni-Mh battery (Solar panel charging)


LED (up to 5000 hours lifespan) 


1.5 Watts (6 LED bulbs)


~5000k (cool white), 120° lighting area


Dusk-to-dawn photocell, IP65 weatherproof housing, Wall-mount


6 months 


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Torchstar LHBL-35W50PS

Exceptional Light Coverage

For most of us, outdoor lighting is a common thing today since there is hardly anyone who would like approaching a house plunged into darkness. Not only might you stumble over the porch steps but it might be even a hassle to fit a key into a lock hole. Besides, when it is completely dark outside, it greatly increases the risk and likelihood of robberies and thefts. For these reasons, every private homestead has at least an entrance light. However, many homeowners prefer illuminating the house all around to feel more confident and secure at night. And this is where the light coverage of the outdoor light fitting matters. This very parameter will define how many light fixtures you will need for efficient illumination. On top of that, the higher this parameter is the larger adjacent area you’ll be able to cover. With that in mind, Torchstar created the LHBL-35W50PS LED outdoor barn light which excels in light coverage and offers characteristics you would expect from a high-quality lighting unit.

This model belongs to a hardwired type of light fittings, which means it should be connected directly to an electric cable. Yet, you should not worry about your electricity costs. The fixture is fitted with LED lamps and won’t drastically affect the energy consumption. Moreover, a dusk-to-dawn photocell will control the lamp operation depending on surrounding natural light conditions and, thus, further improve the energy efficiency.

Speaking of the torch design, a light die-cast aluminium housing is extremely durable and rust-resistant ensuring excellent protection from damages while the lens is securely sealed protecting the light from weather impact that is proved by a high IP65 protection rating. Thanks to 2 mounting options, you can either attach the lamp to a wall or install it on a post depending on your lighting needs.

One of the biggest benefits of this model making it a top-seller is the light coverage it provides. This parameter varies by mounting height and can reach the maximum value of 82 feet when the light is mounted at the height of 20 feet. Hence, by using only 3-4 torches around the house, you can brighten up almost the whole garden and backyard as well.

If you need a powerful lamp to cover a maximum possible area, the Torchstar LHBL-35W50PS is one of the best dusk-to-dawn outdoor lights to go for.

Review of Torchstar LHBL-35W50PS Dusk-to-dawn LED Outdoor Barn Light

An Efficient Alternative to an Incandescent Lamp

Today LED lights confidently outcompete and replace incandescent bulbs, whether it comes to outdoor or interior lighting. The LHBL-35W50PS comes fitted with 40 LED lights that make a truly efficient alternative to an incandescent bulb in many ways. Boasting pretty low power consumption of only 35 watts, this LED torch perfectly replace a 250-watt incandescent lamp. Besides, it boasts an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours which is almost 10 times longer than a lifespan of any traditional incandescent lamp and significantly reduces bulb replacement and maintenance costs. Saving your budget, the Torchstar LED flood light will deliver a powerful lighting output of the incandescent lamp, meanwhile, ensuring long-lasting and consistent performance.

Torchstar LHBL-35W50PS Dusk-to-dawn LED Outdoor Barn Light in the use

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Heath/Zenith HZ-4150-BK

Decorative Appeal and Functionality Combined

If you look back to the 19th-century streets, public areas, and architecture, one of the first things you will remember is beautiful lanterns made from forged iron and glass. They are widely used in parks, public gardens, and squares for lighting up walkways and paths as well as in public buildings such as theatres, shops, churches, and government buildings, and residential houses for decoration and functional outdoor lighting. Besides, all city coaches were equipped with these lanterns to navigate through streets at night. Nowadays, there is a great tendency to using antique and old-fashion items in modern interior designs and exterior layouts and if you are one of the vintage style lovers, you will definitely like the Heath HZ-4150-BK outdoor lantern. Designed as a 19th-century coach lantern, this model offers all the basic features and benefits of premium-class outdoor lighting fixtures.

A black brass housing is not only strong and durable ensuring high-level intrusion and damage protection but it also won’t rust or decay over time retaining its attractive look for long. Though the lantern is a hardwired fixture, the installation is really easy and hassle-free. The package includes all the necessary hardware and detailed step-by-step instruction. The only tools you will need are a screwdriver, voltmeter, some insulating tape, and protective gloves. The model comes without a light bulb that some might regard as a drawback. However, the lantern is compatible with both incandescent and LED bulbs giving you an opportunity to choose the bulb to your liking and lighting needs.

If you look for perfect porch light fixtures or beautiful lanterns that will add a decorative appeal and functional lighting to your terrace or veranda, the Heath coach light is for you.

Review of Heath/Zenith HZ-4150-BK Motion-Activated Four-Sided Coach Light, Black Brass

Always on the Alert

The biggest advantage of the Heath coach lantern is a motion sensor activating the light at night when somebody passes by. The sensor stands out for an excellent detection range and sensitivity. It will detect even the slightest motion at the distance of up to 30 feet and within the area of 150 degrees. There are just two things to remember. The lantern should be mounted approximately 6 feet above the ground to get maximum coverage and performance, and since the sensitivity dial is located on the rear of the lantern, you should adjust it before the final installation. The motion sensor option makes this model one of the best outdoor motion sensor lights suitable for a home security system. Pair it with outside security cameras and no criminal will be able to approach your homestead unnoticed at night.

Heath/Zenith HZ-4150-BK Motion-Activated Four-Sided Coach Light, Black Brass in the use

Additional Info

User Manual     Manufacturer

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Litom LTCD011AB

Easy-to-install Light Fixture

The majority of AC direct hardwired outdoor light fixtures comes are claimed to be easy to install and come with all the necessary fixings in the package. However, what is a piece of cake for a professional or an experienced DIYer might appear a real challenge for a beginner or non-expert. Besides, sometimes, electric fixtures are not applicable due to the lack of access to the mains. This is where wireless outdoor lighting fixtures will come in handy, like outdoor solar lights from Litom.

The first thing you will like about this model is fairly easy mounting. Forget about checking the voltage, connecting wires, and installing switches. No special skills and no specific tools are required. There is a hole on the top of the front panel allowing you to simply screw the lamp literally anywhere you need or even hang it on some kind of hook in case of occasional use.

Such wireless design is ensured by the solar technology applied in this model. The lighting unit comes fitted with a wide solar panel accumulating the solar energy during daytime and then transferring it to a built-in lithium-ion battery powering the lamp at night. 24 LEDs are cleverly located in front and on the sides of the lamp producing very bright light and covering a 270-degree lighting area. It means that a single fixture will be enough to efficiently brighten a porch or terrace, a window area, entrance doors or garage entrance.

When it comes to the light fixture construction, the Litom is created for long-term outdoor use under any weather conditions. The housing is 100% dust-tight and waterproof. It will efficiently dissipate heat and protect internal elements from water erosion and low temperatures. Be it dazzling sun, pouring rain, or winter frost, your Litom light will always deliver consistent performance.

This model will be a real find if you feel that you do not have enough skills to accomplish electric installation or simply need a functional and efficient non-electric light solution for a certain area.

Review of Litom LTCD011AB Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED Motion Sensor

Get the Benefit of Customizable Operation

Easy installation and all-weather design are not the only benefits of the Litom outdoor light. Unlike many other compact wireless outdoor lighting units, this light fitting boasts 3 convenient operation modes to realize different lighting scenarios. You can set a medium light mode for the areas where continuous medium bright light is required or go for motion-activated modes to get alerted about some suspicious movement in poor-visibility or low-traffic zones. The optimal setting is a dim sensor mode when the lamp continuously emits dim light during the night and turns on super bright when motion is detected. This way, you’ll be able to customize the operation to your individual needs and ensure efficient use of the battery power.

Litom LTCD011AB Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED Motion Sensor in the use
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GLW Warm White Led Flood Light

Fit-everywhere Solution

One day, you might pass by big houses with brightly lit facades and wall sconces and well-trimmed lawns with light-accentuated paths, plants, and leisure areas and wonder how to create those miraculous exteriors and landscapes. But sometimes, you might hang a lantern over a front door to lighten the entrance space and notice how light changes the overall look of your house. This is where your way to accent lighting begins. Even without being a professional landscape designer, you can highlight some areas in your garden and accentuate your house exterior by simply using appropriate outdoor lights.

What makes a good outdoor lighting fixture? Basic characteristics include reliable and well-protected construction able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, easy-to-install design, and energy-efficient yet powerful and bright lights bulbs ensuring large light coverage. The GLW LED flood light features all of this and even more. While many other hardwired light fixtures in most cases can be mounted in a single position, the GLW comes fitted with a swivelling joint bracket allowing you to adjust the beam angle. Combined with a rather compact light fitting design, this little feature will let you install the lamp in tricky or hard-to-reach areas and change the light direction to your needs, which is very convenient for accent lighting.

Yet, despite its small dimensions, the GLW provides excellent lighting output, ensuring completely functional lighting for a pretty large territory. Equipped with an energy-efficient 10W LED bulb and helpful metal deflectors, this model ensures a wide beam distribution, meanwhile, saving up to 80% on your electricity bill. The only thing to keep in mind about this model is that it’s a low-voltage lighting unit that will require a 12V transformer when used with the 110V voltage.

Whether you seek to create a decorative or accenting effect or need efficient functional lighting, the GLW offers exceptional quality and enough flexibility to meet all your lighting requirements.

Review of GLW Warm White Led Flood Light 10w 12v Ac or Dc, Waterproof

Great Versatility of Use

The LED flood lights from GLW boast two mounting options and can be used as a wall mount or a post mount light. Versatile mounting options ensure a variety of applications both indoors and outdoors. The lamp will come in handy as a spot light to illuminate your garage, shed, or workshop and perfectly fit into an existing low-voltage system creating corridor lights, decorative or landscape lighting. Moreover, the GLW flood light is also suitable for professional use in large-scale landscaping projects and for commercial use to accent statues, signs, and billboards.

GLW Warm White Led Flood Light 10w 12v Ac or Dc, Waterproof in the use
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LITWAY Solar Fence Light Semi-circle Outdoor Wall light

A Comprehensive Set for Vrious Needs

It is hard to overestimate the benefits of solar technology. Offering highly efficient and eco-friendly way of solar power to electricity conversion, it is getting more and more popular today. Solar panels make a decent alternative power source and are widely used in all spheres of our life where electric power is needed, be it indoor space heating, water heating, or lighting. Outdoor solar lights are considered one of the most affordable and energy-saving. Actually, the solar light won’t add a single cent to your electricity bills. The only cost you’ll have to pay is the price of the light fixture which is normally not too high and will be quickly paid off. The Litway is a set of 4 LED solar lights offering a comprehensive solution for house exterior and outdoor space lighting.

Each light fixture features a tiny solar panel on the top feeding Ni-Mh battery. The battery is replaceable and in case of the lamp malfunction or decreased performance, you can try to replace the battery first instead of changing the whole light fixture. 6 LED bulbs are hidden behind an exquisite semi-sphere lampshade delicately dissipating a gentle cool light. Thanks to the lampshade shape, the light fitting covers a relatively large surrounding area up to 120 degrees.

The Litway light unit installation is a real snap and you don’t need to be an electrician to accomplish it. Each lamp is simply screwed to the roof, wall, fence, gate, or even in somewhere in your RV by using a drill and screws included in the set. A built-in dusk-to-dawn photocell detects natural light conditions and will automatically activate the light after dusk and turn it off in the morning switching to charging mode. Distinguished by the IP65 protection rating, the Litway lights will work well under any weather conditions, no matter if it is snowing or raining outside.

With the Litway Flood lights, at the price of a single light fixture, you will get a complete set of outdoor solar lights that will be of great use for a variety of applications.

Review of LITWAY Solar Fence Light Semi-circle Outdoor Wall light Decorative, 4Pack

LED Bulb Evolution

Almost everyone will remember Thomas Edison when it comes to an incandescent bulb. Yet, hardly anybody knows how the LED technology was invented and who was the pioneer in this field. Though the LED technology is nothing special for most of us today, it’s worth saying that it is relatively new. Its history goes back to 1907 when the electroluminescence phenomenon the LED technology is based on was discovered by the British Radio Researcher Henry Joseph Round. Further on, in 1920, a Russian researcher Oleg Losev studied electroluminescence in diodes. And it was only in 1961 when the first LED was created. However, it was an infrared LED with no visible light spectrum. First visible LED lights were created a bit later, in 1962 by the consulting engineer Nick Holonyak, and in 1976, Thomas P. Pearsall developed high-brightness LED. The LED as we know it has been around for about 50 years and initially, LEDs were mostly used in electronics and communication technologies. Today, white LEDs are widely used for all kinds of lighting, be it commercial or residential, indoor or outdoor lighting solutions. LED lights are extremely energy-efficient and they're gradually replacing incandescent and halogen bulbs.

LITWAY Solar Fence Light Semi-circle Outdoor Wall light Decorative, 4Pack in the use
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What Is Outdoor Lighting?

People always strived to light up the outdoor area around their houses for better visibility and security at night. Before the invention of electricity, it was a pretty challenging task. Yet, many owners of large mansions and homesteads still used some kinds of torches, gas lamps, and oil lanterns to illuminate the entrance and adjacent territory. With an electric bulb, it became times easier to lighten the outdoor areas. However, one would not often come across bright outdoor illumination around private houses and yards since power costs were pretty high. The popularity of extensive outdoor lighting has grown after discovering the potential of LED technology that allowed illuminating large spaces in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Modern outdoor illumination systems are usually low-voltage and consist of a light fixture, transformer, and a power cable. Within a whole variety of exterior lighting options available on the market today, you can find both permanent and portable solutions that can be used not only for illuminating the outdoor space but also for creating certain atmosphere or ambience.

Meanwhile, if you look for an efficient interior lighting solution to brighten your living space you might get interested in floor lamps, and in case you need something special to accentuate interior style, lava lamps will come in handy.

What Features to Compare

Light Fixture Type

In a broad sense, there are two major types of outdoor lighting: functional and atmospheric. Functional lighting units are commonly fixed in place and are intended for illumination of large outdoor spaces such as driveways, entrances, garden or backyard and paths as well as for spot illumination of particular areas including porches, terraces, decked or paved surfaces to help you navigate around and improve home safety, eventually, delivering a peace of mind since you will feel confident and securely protected. Functional units include wall lights, security lights, post lights, stake lights, and decking lights. Atmospheric lighting fixtures are meant to highlight architecture and accentuate landscaping at night or create some specific mood when you host a party or plan a romantic dinner in the garden. Atmospheric lights are often portable and can be used on occasion. These are lanterns, table lights, flameless candles, and string lights.

Depending on the lighting area, you can choose between spotlights illuminating a narrow area and in most cases used for styling and decoration and floodlights brightly illuminating a pretty wide area and usually installed where efficient functional lighting is required.

Power Source

A power source is a crucial point of consideration when choosing a lighting option that will meet your needs and application requirements. Thus, you can choose between electrical, solar-powered, and battery-powered lighting.

When it comes to electrical lighting, you can opt for plug-in units requiring connection to a power outlet or an extension cord or hardwire fixtures connected directly to electrical wiring. Electrical lights make a perfect choice when you need a consistent fixed light source.

Solar and battery-powered light units both provide wireless outdoor lighting that is extremely convenient for spotlighting and illuminating the areas with no access to the mains such as paths, flower beds, and distant garden areas that might need some extra light. The difference between these two is that solar lights accumulating sun energy during the day are activated when the sun goes down and usually last into the night while battery-powered lamps will emit light until the battery runs out. Solar models appear to be more effective since they will serve you as long as solar battery works while battery-powered fixtures require battery replacement more often.

Bulb Type and Light Characteristics

Commonly, you will have a choice between incandescent lamps and LED bulbs, with the latter used much more often due to their long service life, lifespan, energy-efficiency, and better light characteristics.

Light characteristics include brightness ranging up to 5000 Lumens for outdoor light fixtures and light color temperature varying from cool white light to warm natural colors.


Choosing an optimal outdoor lighting solution for your homestead, pay attention to some extra features you might come across that contribute to the usability and functionality of light fixtures. These are such options as dusk-to-dawn sensors or photocells automatically triggering overnight lighting, motion sensors turning on the light when somebody passes by, and various mounting options allowing you to mount the unit either on a wall or on a post. Besides, check for IP rating usually available for outdoor light fixtures that indicates the level of housing resistance to water, dust, and dirt.

Did you know?

What Is an IP Rating All About?

When you choose outdoor light fixtures, one of the essential characteristics to check is an IP rating relevant to all types of lamps, be it hardwired or wireless models. The Ingress Protection or International Protection code was specifically designed to provide non-experts in electricity issues with the information on how well the light fitting is protected from water and dirt intrusion. It’s a really important feature for exterior lights since they are constantly exposed to outdoor environment impact, be it dust, mud, and debris, or tough weather conditions. The code consists of two digits, the first referring to protection against solids and the second indicating a moisture protection level. Below, we provide an explanation for each number meaning to help you quickly decipher an IP rating and find the best light fitting suitable for where you are planning to install it.

The first digit standing for intrusion protection level ranges from 0 to 6:

0 - no specific protection

1 - protection from solid objects over 50 mm in size such as large tools and large body areas

2- protection against objects exceeding 12.5 mm diameter

3 - protection from tools and wires 2.5 mm thick and more

4 - protection from intrusion of solid bodies larger than 1 mm in size

5 - complete contact protection and limited dust protection which means that only large amounts of dust can affect the unit operation

6 - totally dust-proof

Moisture protection level varies from 0 to 8:

0 - no protection

1- protection against vertically falling drops like condensation

2- protection against water sprays tiled up to 15 degrees, conditions similar to light rain

3- protection against direct sprays tilted 60 degrees from vertical, conditions similar to strong rain

4- splashing protection when water might spray from any direction

5- protection from low-pressure water jets like those produced by a hosepipe

6- protection against powerful water jets from all directions

7 - protection from quick immersion up to 1 m in depth

8 - protection from prolonged immersion beyond 1 m

Normally outdoor lighting fixtures IP rating varies from 65 to 68 which means a pretty high protection level ensuring consistent, secure, and flawless operation.

Outdoor Lighting Tips for Beginners

Outdoor lights can not only add functionality and safety to your outdoor area but also completely change the space and overall atmosphere making it suitable for leisure and entertainment and giving your homestead a more finished and stylish look. If you simply need some extra light near the entrance door, garage, barn, or gateway, most likely, you’ll be able to choose a lantern or any suitable light fitting by yourself. Yet, creating a comprehensive outdoor lighting system with different types of light fixtures properly located around the house and cleverly scattered through the garden might become a real challenge for a beginner and novice landscaper. Of course, you can ask for some expert help or invite a professional landscaping designer, or you can try to make up your own scheme and restyle your outdoor territory by yourself following our helpful outdoor lighting tips below:

  1. Use a multi-dimensional lighting approach applying various types of light fixtures spreading light in different directions.

  2. Entrance lights not only ensure convenience and safety but also can highlight a beautiful entrance door making it the centrepiece of the house exterior. Wall-mounted fixtures and footlights work just great for the entrance.

  3. To navigate through your garden or yard at night, do not forget to install several stakes or post light along the paths and walkways and near gateways.

  4. Do not forget about accent lights that will accentuate architecture, plants, and water, Usually, these are hard-wired lamps or wireless fittings installed on the ground level and directed upward or vice versa placed higher and directed downward.

  5. To add ambience and create tranquil relaxing atmosphere, use gentle lights around decks, patios, and terraces, illuminate the pool, and decorate alcoves and garden dining areas with string lights.

  6. Since safety is always a priority, you can place several motion-sensor floodlights on exterior walls and on the fence.


Q: How will outdoor lighting affect my electricity bills?
A: Everything depends on the type and number of lights you are going to use. Using fixtures with incandescent or halogen bulbs will noticeably increase your electricity bill. Meanwhile, low-voltage LED lamps are energy saving. Hence, if you want to reduce the amount of electricity you use for exterior lighting to the minimum, you’d better opt for LED lights. For the garden and pathways, you can even choose wireless battery-powered fixtures that will add nothing to your electricity bill. In most cases, these are units with built-in solar panels that boast pretty long lifespan. The only thing you will need to take care of these type of light fixtures is to buy a new unit to replace the one that stopped working. However, it won’t hit your budget too much since they are offered at very reasonable prices. With the development of the LED technology, today, you can find an affordable lighting solution for any budget and needs.

Q: Should outdoor lighting meet any safety standards?
A: The majority of modern outdoor light fixtures and lighting systems feature a UL or ETL mark which means the products were tested by one of Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories, be it an Underwriters Lab (UL) or Electrical Testing Laboratories ETL), and fully comply with all safety and quality standards valid for this group of products.

Q: Can I install outdoor light fixtures myself?
A: When it comes to wireless outdoor light fixtures, be it stake lights or wall-mounted outdoor solar lights, the installation will be a real snap and requires no specific skills or meeting some specific regulations. However, with hardwired units, you should be more careful since in this case, lighting installation should be done in compliance with the National Electrical Code regulations and in some states require a certified electrician for this job. You’d better check the regulations for your state.

Q: What is a transformer and do I need one?
A: A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electric energy between several electric circuits using electromagnetic induction. In case of low-voltage outdoor lighting systems, it is used to reduce higher line voltage to 12 volts protecting the light bulb from burning out.

Q: What is an LED bulb?
A: The acronym stands for a light emitting diode. Belonging to semiconductor devices, it produces pretty bright light when an electric current passes through it. Unlike incandescent bulbs, an LED bulb does not get hot and boasts times longer lifespan.

Q: What is a photocell?
A: A photocell or a dusk-to-dawn sensor is a photosensor detecting natural light. It will turn on the light once the sun goes down and switch the lights off after sunrise. Photocell-activated lights automatically adjust for longer and shorter nights. Dusk-to-dawn light fixtures are widely used in home security systems and will save you the need to remember about controlling the lights.

Q: Are solar lights really that efficient?
A: Well, in terms of an energy-saving lighting solution, solar lights are really efficient and hold the leading position, especially for the regions where sunny weather prevails during the year. However, some people claim that a battery charge provided by a miniature solar panel of an outdoor light fixture is rather low. Yet, in practice, the charge is more than enough for the overnight lighting since LED lamps do not consume much energy. Besides, it will cost you nothing except the cost of a light fixture itself which is normally rather affordable. And to avoid replacing solar lamps too often, simply choose one of the best outdoor solar lights.


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