How to Start a Vlog That Will Become a Success

Last update May 16, 2018

Video blogging, also known as vlogging, is becoming more and more popular nowadays. With the development of social media and different technologies, sharing your thoughts and experience with the world via video shooting has become possible for every Internet user. If you like the idea of vlogging and would like to start your own video blog on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading this article to find out how to start a vlog and what to do to become a successful video blogger.

Decide Whether You're Ready for This Activity

Although starting a vlog might seem an effortless process, it isn't actually the case. Before you start to shoot videos and post them on video-sharing web sites, you might want to learn the field from inside out so as to be ready for all pitfalls that might appear on your way. One of the first things you need to understand is that starting vlogging means spending money. If you want your videos to be of high quality, you'll definitely need to invest in one of the best vlogging cameras that will both ensure stunning videos and make the process of shooting hassle-free and convenient under any conditions. Another thing to take into account is that this hobby will require a lot of your time. Vloggers' success largely depends on their self-management as they're expected to have schedules and post their video materials at a certain interval of time on a regular basis. Finally, it's important to understand that once your videos will become accessible on YouTube, you'll become a public figure, meaning you'll have both fans and admires, and haters. So be ready to read critical comments under your videos and react to them in the proper way. Some comments can be really useful and help you improve your vlog while others can be groundless and even offensive.

All of these things might seem like a lot of challenge for some people and you may wonder why to become a vlogger in the first place. Well, it's all about the satisfaction that vloggers obtain when they see the number of their followers increasing, when they know that people are actually interested in what they're doing and expect to see for what they've got for them next. And of course, it's the satisfaction coming from the realization that vlogging activity may generate a very good revenue. It’s quite a pleasant compensation for all the difficulties, isn’t it?

How do You Become a Vlogger?

Once you've decided that you're ready for all the changes that may descend upon you, the preparation stage starts.

- Carry out market research. There are thousands of bloggers all over the world and they cover almost any topic you can think of. A quick analysis of the vlogging topics that already exist will show you that each field has its leaders - the most successful vloggers who have millions of followers. The competition on YouTube is stiff, so, you need to be extremely creative when starting a vlog.

- Plan your schedule. Every successful vlogger posts his/her videos at equal periods of time. It gives them a chance to gather the needed material for the next post and keeps viewers intrigued, especially if a small announcement of the next vlog topic is made.

Work on Your Self-Image

- Think of a name for your vlog. It can be your real name or nickname but it definitely should be unique and memorable. Be creative when thinking of the name since there are thousands of them already yet, you want your name to be noticed. It would be great if it is visual – some people don’t remember names, they remember “faces”, so creating a logo for your vlog will also be a great idea.

- Promote yourself via social media. It will help you become recognizable among a greater number of people.

- Work on your confidence. Once you start your vlogging channel, your videos will be watched by dozens, hundreds, thousands, and maybe, if you manage to succeed in such a competitive field as vlogging, millions of people. That’s why you want to look confident, funny or serious (depending on the format of your vlog), and of course, attractive so your viewers like you and wait for the next vlogs eagerly. Practicing in front of the mirror, especially when you prepare your first vlog, will help you understand how other people perceive you.

Choose a Vlogging Topic

It's likely that you already know what topic you'll talk about in your vlogs. It's a matter of preference, and you can choose absolutely any topic, from food to music, to sports and environmental issues, but there's one thing you want to keep in mind - whatever topic you choose, you should be passionate about it. When you talk about what you're really interested in, you’ll be able to inspire other people with your ideas, as opposed to speaking on a popular but boring topic for you. So if you don't want your vlogging career to end soon, select only those subjects that motivate and inspire you.

What Camera to Use for Vlogs?

With the development of technologies in the modern world, you can use almost any camera for video recording. Every new launched smartphone has better camera specifications than previous models, allowing you to capture any moments of your life wherever and whenever you want. However, speaking of vlogging, you might want to buy a special camera that has more features than a smartphone one. In general, a vlogging camera is the one that allows you to shoot in high resolution and supports the latest video recording formats. You should also pay attention to the memory and power source of your camera to be sure it won’t let you down when you least expect. And those who’re going to shoot videos on travel and sports topics should pay close attention to accessories such as wrist/shoulder straps, tripods, or adhesive mounts to be able to use their cameras on the go with the maximum convenience.

Camera Option for Experienced Video Bloggers

One of the latest technologies that let you make unusual videos and show your viewers new angles of shooting is camera drones. These appliances are more expensive than vlogging cameras but if you want to add some elegance to your vlogs, you might be interested in trying them out. Perhaps, travel vloggers will be interested in these appliances the most since with the help of camera drones, they’ll be able to show great landscapes from the sky discovering unreal nature of our world. If the topic of your vlog isn’t traveling, you still can use drones for making your videos, just be creative.

What Videos to Upload for Successful Vlogging?

If vlogging is more than one-day hobby for you, paying close attention to the quality of your videos is a must. By this, we mean not only high resolution that will be provided by your camera but also interesting plot. That’s why uploading video without editing isn’t really a sensible decision. Here's where video editing software comes in handy. Thanks to these programs that can be used online or offline depending on your needs, you’ll be able to improve the image quality, reduce unwanted noise, and choose the most suitable shots to make a coherent short film from separate recordings. You can also add various visual effects to make your videos more interesting.

Who Is the Biggest Vlogger on YouTube?

You probably know his name or, at least, the name of his YouTube channel, and it is PewDiePie. The real name of this vlogger is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and it became extremely popular in 2017 when the number of his followers and views on YouTube hit the records of all vlogger ratings. The man started his vlogging career by playing computer games, commenting on what’s going on, and showing his emotions to unexpected game twists. Taking into account the number of computer game lovers all over the world, he managed to turn his hobby into profitable job. Thus, according to 2017 data, PewDiePie has more than 62 million of followers and earns about 12$ million a year.

You could also hear about other popular YouTube video bloggers such as comedian Hola SoyGerman who has over 33 million followers, one more gamer ElRubiusOMG, and dozens of other people who managed to interest millions of people all over the world posting videos on YouTube.

We're in no way suggesting that you must copy the manner of these vloggers in order to become successful. The first rule of successful vlogging is to remain an individual so that you could stand out from thousands of other users on YouTube. However, learning from them and knowing their story can help you in building your own strategy and paving your path to starting a successful vlog.

Know Your Prospects

As you can see, starting a vlog on YouTube can become more than a hobby. If you succeed in making your YouTube channel popular, you’ll be able to make it a stable source of income. You’ll also get a chance to make new friends and possibly even cooperate with those people you could only dream of meeting one day. Once you develop in this sphere, gain some experience and find your own followers, you may then want to turn to new vlogging directions, like, for example, a daily vlog.

Of course, everybody can fail but even if you do, you should look at it this way - you've learned from it and now can either try something new or proceed with the vlog you've already built by improving it - both options are beneficial for you. So whatever outcome you get, it’s worth trying. Stay positive and be hard-working, and we hope to hear about your own YouTube channel soon.