Product Comparison: IK Multimedia iRig Mix vs Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1

General Specifications
IK Multimedia
Native Instruments
About the Product
iRig™ MIX is the first mobile mixer for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. iRig MIX offers the same controls you would expect from a professional DJ mixer (crossfader, cues, EQ and volume controls, etc.) in an ultra-compact mobile mixer that can be used with a huge variety of iOS DJ mixing and other apps. It is a complete DJ system for rehearsing, performing and recording. The lightweight and slim design of the iRig MIX allows it to be easily carried in a regular iPad bag.
An elegant solution for DJs who want a full mixer without the fluff. The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 DJ Mixer is the most portable two-channel mixer and audio interface for Traktor DJ and Traktor Pro 2! The Z1 mixer’s separate headphone cue lets you pre-listen to tracks for ultra-smooth mixes. Native Instruments gives the Z1 pro-quality 24-bit 96 kHz converters so your sound hits the crowd with sparkle and punch. Chunky, high-end buttons, knobs, and encoders give you solid control over your digital DJ setup. With the NI Z1’s plug-and-play connectivity, set up is ultra-fast.
iRig Mix
Traktor Kontrol Z1
Key Specs
Jog Wheels
Number Of Channels
Effect Type(s)
2-band EQ
3-band EQ, Filter
Software Compatibility
What customers say about "Key Specs"
IK Multimedia iRig Mix DJ-style mixer for smartphones and tablets
  • I saw all the bad reviews, this is crazy , this product is excellent. amazing sound quality wow, i m literally shocked,. i will order one more.i ish it had more channels.
  • I DJ and Do live recordings of recording artists form around the USA and this unit allows great control and live sound quality using my IPads. Perfect for on the go recording and DJ work. Great Sound Board!
  • I recently purchased the Irig mixer and I am very, pleased and satisfied with my dj addition. Their are no flaws in using this item. The IRig mixer allows me to use any musical instrument for djing at parties or entertaining events.
  • This thing is the bomb. Wanna rock the next house party you attend? Grab one of these a couple of sources like ipads, iphones, etc. Send the output into a small FM transmitter and send it to the house stereo. You are an instant success!
  • The fader sucks. One channel fades out too much even before hitting the middle of the fader. It's supposed to be equal volume in the middle. How can you DJ like this?
  • If you want to mix using two devices, you might as well just get a real dj mixer and connect 2 iDevices to it. I found the beat syncing features to work poorly and there was little or no advantage to this device.
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 DJ Mixing Interface
  • Fully compatible with the Traktor Gig Bag. 0 issues. The Z1 fits inside of it perfectly.
  • The form factor is amazing. The app is powerful. This setup is perfect for dj's who don't feel like dragging around equipment for small parties, backyard bbq's, or tailgating.
  • Been testing this out with Traktor DJ for iPad Pro, and I must say, it's been easy to figure out and a boon to my ability to mix across the two interface points.
  • I am old school DJ (Two turntables and mic) and I only due private parties. I am slowly adjusting to the digital world. This with a couple of other controllers is all I need.
  • This is a great console for a novice dj like me. Love the ipad traktor, now even more with controls at my hands.
Size & Weight
1.81 in.
2 in.
4.33 in.
4.7 in.
8.54 in.
11.5 in.
0.5 lbs.
1.43 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
IK Multimedia iRig Mix DJ-style mixer for smartphones and tablets
  • The form factor of this thing is just amazing: Super light but it doesn't feel super cheap.
  • Very small, it's a joy to look at and use. I like the sound quality very much.
  • It is not the best mixer but definitely the most simple and compact I have used.
  • Its so compact that can easily fits in my small backpack.
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 DJ Mixing Interface
  • Nice equipment, well made, excellent quality.
  • I was expecting crap and it to be smaller but I was wrong.
  • Its a mobile gig setup and easy to connect as it does have a sound card so you can't beat the price.
  • The best part about digital DJing is the devices keep getting smaller and I stay the same size.
Decks Control
Cue, Gain, Faders, Crossfader
Faders, Crossfader, Gain
LED Metering
Additional Controls
Master Volume, Cue level, Cue mix
Master Volume, Cue level, Cue mix
Looping Capability
2x 1/8" Jack, MIC (1/4 inch Jack)
RCA, Heaadphone 1/4" Jack
1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo output (headphones), RCA stereo
Dual-ing iPhones, X-Sync-opation, Fits in a bag, 2 stereo inputs with gain, bass, treble and volume controls, Instrument/microphone/extra input with volume control can be processed by iOS apps, Stereo output with RCA connectors, master level and LED meters, Quality headphone output for master or cue monitoring with independent volume control, “X-Sync” mode allows auto-sync with any audio source using the included DJ Rig free ap, Includes 4 free apps
iOS Ready, Ultra-portable setup for TRAKTOR DJ and TRAKTOR PRO 2, Pro-quality knobs, faders, and backlit buttons, Mixing interface with 3-band EQ, built-in 24-bit soundcard
Power Source
AC adapter / USB
AC adapter / USB
What customers say about "Features"
IK Multimedia iRig Mix DJ-style mixer for smartphones and tablets
  • It's powered by a micro USB connection, so if you want to take make it fully portable, you can just power it off an external USB battery pack. I used it for a couple hours off a 10,000 mAh pack with no issues what so ever.
  • I really like this & I love the suggestion the other reader had about outputting to an FM transmitter to play through a house stereo too. It seems like it acts like a pre-amp for the audio as well, bumping it up quite a bit over just playing your phone through a stereo.
  • I was looking for a mixer for my iPad (2). This caught my eye and after some research decided to get one.Used it as the main mixer between my iPad and a Numark double cdj player.It worked a treat handling the audio from both devices with ease.
  • I attached a monitor through the monitor/headphones jack. All worked with no problems. For the money and considering its size I would recommend this for novices and pros alike.
  • Why is this not battery powered seems ridiculous they sell it as mobil but requires usb power , i bought a usb rechargeable battery but seems silly that was not part of this mixer.
  • While I really like this in principal, there's an inconsistent and mysterious fuzz/feedback/buzzing that creeps into the left headphone channel at random times that makes the device completely unusable to me.
  • The mixer has good features but made out of bad quality materials, not too nice to work with.
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 DJ Mixing Interface
  • The knobs are all rubberized. They're soft to the touch.
  • The Line faders have a very nice glide to them. They're not completely loose and offer a bit of resistance.
  • The deck plate matches an iPad's bezel, but is very prone to smudging and surface scratches. Do NOT wipe this with a dry cloth.
  • Synced RIGHT up to Traktor. NO lag on the crossfader either. Has so many other functions you may miss, like start/stop and selecting loops.
  • I highly recommend the Z1 to longtime DJs who want the best inexpensive mobile solution and to any person stepping up their DJ set up.
  • Thick guage USB to 30pin Apple cable (for iOS device connections)
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
2 year(s)
Other Information
199.00 $

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