Product Comparison: Abus Folding Lock BORDO GRANIT XPlus (6500) vs Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415 (999492)

General Specifications
Folding Lock BORDO GRANIT XPlus (6500)
New York Fahgettaboudit 1415 (999492)
About the Product
Maximum strength for maximum security: the BORDO GRANIT XPlus™ 6500 Folding Lock is the top-of-the-range model in the best-selling BORDO™ family, offering a superlative level of security.
14mm six-sided chain links made of 3t hardened manganese steel for ultimate strength. durable, protective nylon cover with hook-n-loop fasteners to hold in place. includes maximum security new york disc lock with 15mm max-performance steel shackle.
Key Specs
Folding Lock
Chain lock
Internal Size
Total Length: 33.5"
Total length: 5’ ; Shackle diameter: 15mm
Specially hardened steel
3t Hardened Manganese Steel
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Abus Folding Lock BORDO GRANIT XPlus (6500)
  • Very realible, safe & secure,strong durable & convenience. I'm happy with this folding lock.
  • Folding design makes it easier to attach to objects compared to regular U-Lock.
  • So easy to use, take from holder on bike - which does not rattle or add on any conceivable weight - then wrap round pillar or post.
  • Good kit. Does the job, folds extremely well, fits perfectly on the crossbar of my Brompton.
  • This lock has saved my bike. Thieves barely marked the lock and gave up pretty quickly.
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415 (999492) Chain with Disc Lock
  • This chain and lock work with the size of my bike, while also being able to lock into unique places your stranded U-lock wouldn't work.
  • This chain and lock is no joke. Heavy and practically screams F off! Bought it to secure my new scooter. I'm glad I goth this length and not the shorter 3' one.
  • This chain can definitely protect you from thieves... as well as tanks and artillery. This thing is a beast! I think this chain would work best with my motorcycle rather than my bicycle.
  • Very sturdy chain. I lock my motorcycle to a Kryptonite Stronghold Ground Anchor and it has been safe in my apartment parking lot for the past few months.
  • This lock is a beast! Even the lock is a beast! My girlfriend has had 4 bikes stolen so this was my last resort! It looks like this may be a solution to the problem.
Size & Weight
3.1 in.
3 in.
33.5 in.
32 in.
0.2 in.
3 in.
2.2 lbs.
15.25 lbs.
Black / Yellow
Lock Features
2 Keys - one lighted
3 Stanless Steel Keys – one lighted with high intensity Led Bulb & Replaceable Battery
Security Rating
15 / 15
10 / 10
Type Of Cover
Colour-coordinated soft-touch silicone
Nylon sleeve
ABUS Link Protection Shield, ABUS XPlus Cylinder
Hardened Double Deadbolt Design
Items Included
2x - Keys, Code card
3x - Stainless Steel Keys
What customers say about "Features"
Abus Folding Lock BORDO GRANIT XPlus (6500)
  • The actual lock, as in lock and key works very smoothly.
  • I'm glad they come with a spare set of keys (and a key code to buy a replacement key).
  • Once you get the hang of unlocking and using its a great product and really easy to carry on bike.
  • It is a little heavy but it is very compact and easy to carry on the bike.
  • The lock itself is heavy and sometimes it's tough to lock rear wheel, frame and lamp post together but it usually fits.
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415 (999492) Chain with Disc Lock
  • Probably an overkill for my bicycle but now I can rest knowing it won't be stolen during the night, they would have to bring down the building to take this guy out.
  • The chain is just long enough to loop it through parts on my bike. The cloth cover is nice, but a little scratchy, so be careful when pulling the chain through any expensive painted bodywork.
  • The U-lock is well built, and I appreciate the sliding plastic cover that keeps dirt out of the lock mechanism.
  • The included keys are nice, and one of them has a little blue flashlight built in to it.
  • Even the key has light on it so if you are unlocking at night you can see....People who see it just stare in amazement. pretty funny to see their reactions...
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
FG, Ice Spray Tested, Sold Secure Bicycle Gold, Varefacta Controlleret
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