Product Comparison: BEEWAY Combination Bicycle Chain Lock vs BV Bike Chain Lock with Two Keys

General Specifications
Combination Bicycle Chain Lock
Bike Chain Lock with Two Keys
About the Product
The Beeway 5-digit resettable combination anti-theft chain lock is a perfect solution for protecting your bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, skateboards, sports equipment, gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, tools, tool boxes & ladders, generators, hand trucks, scaffolding, or other valuables against theft.
BV Bike Chain Lock with Two Keys. 43" Long with 6 mm 4-sided Steel Chain Links. Total weight of the lock is 2 lbs. Each chain links are welded perfectly with 6 mm 4-sided heavy duty steel, which makes it impossible to break!
Key Specs
Chain lock
Chain lock
Digit combination
Internal Size
Total length: 35"
Total length: 43"
Heavy duty tough square-linked, manganese hardened steel chain
What customers say about "Key Specs"
BEEWAY Combination Bicycle Chain Lock
  • The combination lock works just fine and the numbers are bigger than on other chains.
  • Excellent heavy duty lock. Of course, no lock is unbreakable, but the thick fabric covering over this makes them work really hard and possibly catch someone's attention.
  • These seem to be just as much of a deterrent as U locks but definitely not for leaving outside overnight.
  • The locking mechanism is very smooth and secure.
  • No idea if this is a sign of the lock's quality but my housemates bike was stolen the other night (it had a D-lock) and they didn't take mine (with this lock) which was chained up next to it.
BV Bike Chain Lock with Two Keys
  • The build and feel is good, the nylon fabric seems tough and durable, doesnt scratch my frame so its good for me although it does add significant weight to your bike but nothing major.
  • The part where the lock meets the chamber, the housing, is made out of some sort of plastic but good enough.
  • Nice heavy chain. And price is affordable.
  • Were strong chain! Works great! Not stiff.
  • Like I said the chain works great to lock things up with but after about a month, the chain starts to lock the key.
Size & Weight
3 in.
3 in.
15 in.
43 in.
3 in.
1.25 in.
1.8 lbs.
2.0 lbs.
Lock Features
5-Digit resettable combination locking mechanisms
High Quality Cylinder with 2 Keys
Type Of Cover
Nylon sleeve
Resettable combination
Hard to break 6mm Heavy Duty Steel, Long Fexible Chain for Multiple Use, Durable Dust-proof Nylon Sleeve, Cylinder Dust Cap
Items Included
Beeway Storage Bag, User Manual
Heavy duty chain lock, 2x - Keys
What customers say about "Features"
BEEWAY Combination Bicycle Chain Lock
  • Very sturdy and well made. Its long enough to be able to wrap it around and attach it to something sturdy.
  • Super well made. Easy to see and spin the combination numbers. Easy to set new combination.
  • Amazing bike lock. I love it and would highly recommend it. Very sturdy but not hard to manage.
  • Bike hasn't' been stolen yet. Must be doing it's job. Good quality and sturdy.
  • Nice sturdy lock, combination much more convenient than a key imo, good price to keep your bike safe.
BV Bike Chain Lock with Two Keys
  • The keys are very small and function as they should, u get two.
  • Very simple to use, has a mechanism that locks the key in until you lock the bike up.
  • I love the idea of a key vs. a combination. I just never felt that combination locks were as secure, so I like the idea of having a key.
  • The keys are very small and function as they should, u get two.
  • It corroded and locked together and the key wouldn't fit in the lock after 3 weeks.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)

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