Product Comparison: Garmin Edge 510 vs Garmin Edge 520

General Specifications
About the Product
Bike Computer for Performance and Navigation. Connected features such as live tracking, send/receive courses, social media sharing and weather. Compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellites for faster satellite acquisition. Distance, speed, ascent/descent and GPS position. Optional heart rate, speed/cadence and power. Wireless data transfers to Garmin Connect. Activity profiles store preferences for different cycling activities.
GPS Bike Computer Helps You Compete and Compare. Offers in-ride challenges through Strava live segments. Reports cycling-specific VO2 max and recovery time when used with power and heart rate. Pairs with compatible ANT+® indoor trainers for data display and control. Tracks Functional Threshold Power (FTP), watts/kg and cycling dynamics when used with Vector™ or Vector 2 power meters.
Edge 510
Edge 520
Key Specs
Barometric altimeter
Barometric altimeter
Type Of Tracking
Tracking Details
Time, Distance, Speed, Location, Calories, Heart rate, Cadence
Distance, Speed, Time, Location, Calories
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Garmin Edge 510 GPS Bike Computer
  • The GPS seems accurate and acquires a signal quickly. I love Garmin connect, especially compared to the Sigma data center.
  • It's easy to modify what fields you would like to see on the fly. Switching between bikes is a flash.
  • GPS fix is really fast with the GPS + Glonass configuration.
  • Altimeter works great and the altimetry shown during your ride is really accurate.
  • There is currently a known issue in which all ANT+ sensors randomly drop out and both show and record bad data making this useless.
Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS
  • Easy to use, no issues with connection, great set of items to display.
  • The size/weight is perfect, screen is always legible.
  • I like the size, features and downloads to my iPhone.
  • Great GPS system, perfect size and full of features!
  • Acquires GPS satellites much faster, and the Glonass is very good to have as well.
Size & Weight
3.4 in.
2.9 in.
2.0 in.
1.9 in.
0.9 in.
0.8 in.
2.8 oz.
2.1 oz.
Display Size
1.7" x 1.4"
1.4” x 1.9”
176 x 220 pixels
200 x 265 pixels
3D-Map View
What customers say about "Display"
Garmin Edge 510 GPS Bike Computer
  • I like the screens that can be displayed and without my glasses I can read it quite easily.
  • The display is great and I have no trouble reading it even in sunlight.
  • Screen can display up to 10 different real-time data points simultaneously.
  • I do like the screen size and the backlight is nice for indoor or night/low light rides.
  • I finally went with the 510 because I finally realized it screen size was much bigger and much better.
Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS
  • I like the compact size, yet still a big display.
  • Display is bright, and I was surprised how readable it is considering it's color display.
  • The larger display compared to the wrist models is great, and it has true mapping capabilities.
  • Screen size is good. Not too big and not too small. It has enough squares to get the information I want on the screen.
  • There was so little contrast on the display that it was practically unreadable no matter the lighting.
Maps & Memory
Waypoints/favorites/locations 200, Riding history up to 180 hours
Waypoints/favorites/locations 200, Riding history up to 180 hours
Realtime Map Updates
Smartphone Compatible
USB, Bluetooth
USB, Bluetooth
Environmental Protections
Customizable data pages, Auto Pause, Interval training, Advanced workouts, Auto Lap, Virtual Partner, Auto scroll, Foot pod capable, Cycling Courses, Time/distance alerts, Power meter compatible
Customizable data pages, Auto Pause, Interval training, Advanced workouts, Auto Lap, Virtual Partner, Auto scroll, Cycling Courses, Time/distance alerts, Compatible with Vector™, Foot pod capable, Power meter compatible, Garmin Connect, Automatic sync, Compatible with Varia™ bike radar and lights, Edge® remote compatibility
What customers say about "Features"
Garmin Edge 510 GPS Bike Computer
  • Virtual Racer, especially, is cool lets you use a stationary trainer like a pre-programmed exercise bike.
  • One my favorite things about this device is the virtual partner, so when you are doing training by yourself it will give a boost of confidence to challenge yourself.
  • The Garmin drivers for my Mac are cool, in that Strava's website can get direct access to the GPS and post my latest ride.
  • My phone (Galaxy S2) doesn't have ANT+ support and most cadence/speed monitors do not work with bluetooth.
  • The weather alerts are absolutely ridiculous.
Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS
  • With the auto scroll setup I'm able to see more data and my route.
  • I'm using bluetooth to sync to my phone and finding the Garmin Android app to be much more useful than it was with the Garmin 25.
  • With my mobile phone's bluetooth, I'm able to effortlessly synch my ride to garmin connect and auto upload it to my Strava account.
  • I added a speed transmitter primarily for indoor training, then I added a rpm transmitter and I just added a heart rate monitor transmitter. The information it supplies me is great.
  • Constantly says I'm off course when I'm using a pre-planned route.
Battery Life
20 hours
15 hours
Battery Type
Rechargeable lithium-ion
Rechargeable lithium-ion
What customers say about "Battery"
Garmin Edge 510 GPS Bike Computer
  • Battery life is pretty good and re-charging is fast.
  • Battery life is more than ample for the longest rides.
  • The battery life is much better than my 305.
  • Battery life is not great, not anywhere near what the 500 was, maybe 50% of it.
  • Battery life could have been better!
Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS
  • After 3 hours of use the battery is on track to last about 10 hours with gps.
  • One thing that I have enjoyed is the long battery life. I ride about 140 miles a week which takes 7+ hours and only have to charge it about once every other week.
  • Love this, battery life is great.
  • At night there is a backlight that does drain the battery somewhat rapidly.
  • Battery runs down after only 3 or so hours, so it has to be charged after every ride.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
249.99 $

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