Product Comparison: Garmin Edge 810 vs Garmin Edge 820

General Specifications
About the Product
The touchscreen Edge 810 is designed for the cyclist who wants it all — navigation and advanced training capabilities in 1 device. Connected features¹ through your smartphone include live tracking, social media sharing and weather.
GPS Bike Computer for Performance and Racing. Lightweight and compact with 2.3-inch high-resolution, capacitive touch display that works with gloves and when wet. GroupTrack¹ feature keeps tabs on everyone in your riding pack. Advanced performance monitoring includes VO2 max, recovery advisor, Strava live segments, FTP, performance condition and advanced cycling dynamics². Built-in incident detection³ included; compatible with cycling awareness accessories such as Varia Vision™, Varia™ smart bike lights and rearview radar. Bike-specific navigation preloaded with Garmin Cycle Map for turn-by-turn navigation.
Edge 810
Edge 820
Key Specs
Barometric altimeter
Barometric altimeter
Type Of Tracking
Tracking Details
Distance, Speed, Ascent / descent, Location, Time, Heart rate, Cadence, Calories, Power phase
Time, Distance, Location, Power phase, Heart rate, Speed, Calories
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Garmin Edge 810 Bike GPS
  • In addition to GPS positioning and navigation it offers extensive connectivity to heart rate monitors as well as to digital speed and cadence sensors.
  • The display is highly customizable to show the data that you want to see during your ride, such as speed, distance covered, remaining distance, etc.
  • I like knowing my speed and distance and calories burned. It helps me to set goals for myself and push myself harder.
  • I'm taking it with me to every outing and shows the directions, time, distance, altitude, temperature and calories.
  • Full telemetry - pretty cool, and more than just a novelty. I see it as a safety device in case I'm ever in a crash.
Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycling/Bike Computer for Performance and Racing
  • I have really loved the extra features on this computer plus the small size.
  • The 820 is almost perfect size, the navigation is great and the screen is clear and easy to see in the bright sunlight.
  • GPS easier to use than cell phone which can have gaps in coverage.
  • My impressions about 820 after some rides: Acquires GPS signal very fast. The touchscreen works flawlessly. Very easy to configure and operate
  • Its difficult to use the touchscreen while riding, software still needs some work when used with utilities of a strava premium account such as beacon and call and text display.
Size & Weight
3.7 in.
2.9 in.
2.0 in.
1.9 in.
1.0 in.
0.8 in.
3.5 oz.
2.4 oz.
Display Size
1.4" x 2.2"
160 x 240 pixels
200 x 265 pixels
3D-Map View
What customers say about "Display"
Garmin Edge 810 Bike GPS
  • This unit is head and shoulders above that for visability/readability.
  • You can adjust the various screens (which you could with the 500) but the color and higher resolution makes it so much more readable!
  • Large screen for easy viewing while on the ride and touch screen makes it easy to navigate pages.
  • Following directions is easy and the large display makes it easy to see all your stats.
  • Touch screen is easy to use and change views on the go. Will recommend!
Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycling/Bike Computer for Performance and Racing
  • Great display readability day and night.
  • I also like the size of the device and the screen.
  • My sweat also seems to trigger touches on the display - randomly going into settings menus and changing things.
  • Slow reaction in displaying new course direction after a turn.
  • It works fine but the screen size is just too small.
Maps & Memory
Waypoints/favorites/locations 200, Riding history up to 180 hours, Routes: Limited by memory space available
Waypoints/favorites/locations 200, Routes: 100 Courses, Riding history up to 200 hours, Ability to add maps, Basemap
Realtime Map Updates
Smartphone Compatible
USB, Bluetooth
USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Environmental Protections
Auto Pause, Customizable data pages, Interval training, Advanced workouts, Auto Lap, Virtual Partner, Auto scroll, Cycling Courses, Time/distance alerts, Garmin Connect, Compatible with Vector™, Power meter compatible
Customizable data pages, Auto Pause, Interval training, Advanced workouts, Auto Lap, V02 max, Virtual Partner, Auto scroll, Cycling Courses, Time/distance alerts, Cycle Map, Compatible with Vector™, Power meter compatible, Foot pod capable, Garmin Connect, Automatic sync, Compatible with Varia™ bike radar and lights, Edge® remote compatibility
What customers say about "Features"
Garmin Edge 810 Bike GPS
  • I am cycling for fitness so I made an "Interval Training" workout on Garmin Connect and took me about 15 minutes.
  • They also made it easier to sync your ride to Strava. After uploading my ride to Garmin Connect thru my phone app my ride is already on Strava by the time I get in the house.
  • It's a bit pricey, but well worth but it has so many design features that none of the wireless or wired computers have.
  • The feature that I wanted most was to have the live tracking as I ride alone most of the time. It provides a peace of mind for others to know where I am and for myself.
  • The downloadable and free OpenStreetMap GPS maps work very well.
  • As noted by others, the Edge 810 freezes and stops navigating frequently. I would estimate that about 20% of my rides are associated with a malfunction of the unit before the ride is complete.
Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycling/Bike Computer for Performance and Racing
  • Varia radar, bluetooth, wi-fi and incident detection. They all seem to work well.
  • Integration with the Varia radar is, actually, pretty cool and useful.
  • It's small and a good-looking unit.
  • The Varia Radar taillight is the best reason to own this expensive computer.
  • I COULD NOT get this thing to connect to the included sensors or bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy S8+.
Battery Life
17 hours
15 hours
Battery Type
Rechargeable lithium-ion
Rechargeable lithium-ion
What customers say about "Battery"
Garmin Edge 810 Bike GPS
  • I went on a long ride and was concerned about the battery lasting long enough while using the maps. So far it was about 10 hours of use and had 34% left when the ride was complete.
  • Good battery life, easy to read in the sun, and waterproof.
  • The device itself is very nice. Battery life, with GPS running, is solid.
  • The battery life seems pretty decent. Highly customizable but it takes some learning.
  • I have had zero problems with it. The battery lasts seemingly forever. It has never frozen.
Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycling/Bike Computer for Performance and Racing
  • Battery life is good to good-plus, but not great, and, of course, depends a lot on the features you have activated.
  • Battery-wise, on a recent 75 mile ride, the Explore 1000, with navigation, remote and bluetooth on, but wi-fi and Varia off, I would have gotten about a total of 12 hours
  • The best feature is the battery save. I rode in a 175 mile ride for about 11.5 hours in battery save mode. When I finished, still had a bit over 50% battery left.
  • After round about 7hrs of Screen On Time the 820's battery is drained.
  • Works when battery is charged but it’s only been less than 6 mos. and it seems I’m not getting the full life of the battery. Only 4 hours into a ride and battery is in RED.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
399.99 $
349.99 $

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